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Deep Space Doris: The Middle By Paul Woodward
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Doris finds herself on Earth 300 years in the future in a world very different from the one she left behind. What secrets would she discover here and was there any way to get home? This is the second... More > book in the Deep Space Doris trilogy featuring advanced 3D computer graphics to illustrate the story.< Less
Deep Space Gothic By Thomas Edward Smith
eBook (ePub): $0.00
In the future mankind has splintered into a thousand different interstellar races and powers. Keeping the trade routes between these powers going are the Trade Lords, mutants adapted to space travel... More > who live as feudal lords of space. They fight, live and die in the cold vacuum of space, all for the trade routes that are their lifeblood. A lesson that Simon Mai must learn the hard way.< Less
Deep Space Doris: The Trilogy By Paul Woodward
eBook (ePub): $4.88
This is the story of Doris Crowther, just another old aged pensioner who decides to take a cleaning job without knowing the adventure that lies ahead of her. In this compilation of the three books... More > you can follow Doris' adventure across time and space and find out if she really can save the world!< Less
Deep Space Gothic (Small print) By Thomas Edward Smith
Paperback: $20.06
Prints in 3-5 business days
In the future mankind is splintered among the stars. A thousand different races and powers all vying for dominance. All of them are dependent upon the interstellar trade routes controlled and... More > maintained by the Trade Lords, interstellar feudal lords bathed in blood and glory. It's a life that Simon Mai, last survivor of his family, was born into... ...and life that may eventually kill him.< Less
Deep Space Kolchak Enterprise Tremors Terminator Potter By Jim Fenn
Paperback: List Price: $12.99 $9.09 | You Save: 30%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Being parodies of Deep Space 9, Kolchak the Night Stalker, Star Trek: Enterprise, Tremors, The Terminator, and Harry Potter. Enjoy the zany adventures of Cisco Kid and Nurse Killer of the Deep... More > Spice Mine. Curl Ketchup and assorted monsters, Captain Jon Boy Acher and his buddy Topol, Oily Basset and Burp Gummer fight the Grabbers, All B. Bock, the Term-a-Paper, Airy Paw Uh, Wrong Weasel, and many more.< Less
Deep Flight By Joe Johnson
Hardcover: List Price: $39.50 $23.70 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Through the crystal clear light, pulled in by the great telescope her nice, safe world ended. What she saw that night could not be. Someone, or perhaps more ominously something, seemed to be calling... More > for help. How could something, neither she or her colleagues knew who, know to use an old, obsolete Morse Code signal of distress and how could something as frozen in position as a star wink it's light to them in call of 'SOS'. How would they answer the old call of Save Our Ship which winked at them across the vastness of space. Earth had never built a ship which could reach this winking enigma. It would take the most powerful ship ever built to reach this thing, which the few who knew of it, secretly called Stranger One. Would the trip tell of mysterious visitors from another system, would they be able to answer the call of distress? Or just perhaps was the SOS a warning? The only way to know was to build; Deep Flight.< Less
The Deep Sea Diver Goes on an Intergalactic Adventure By Kimberly Morgan Cummings
Hardcover: $24.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dave, the deep sea diver, is ready for an adventure. He makes new friends and gets into epic battles. Will Dave defeat the most terrifying monsters in space?
Pinky Visits Outer Space - Pinky Frink's Adventures By Granny J
Paperback: $17.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Pinky takes off in her rocket ship to explore the far reaches of outer space and makes some new, if unique, friends during her journey. When she runs into a dilemma, her new extraterrestrial friends... More > help save the day by providing a solution. As with every one of Pinky Frink's Adventures, she displays proper etiquette and relies on parental guidance to see her safely through her travels. Is Pinky the newest deep space explorer or has her adventure been an imaginative dream? You'll have to read the adorable rhyming story to find out!< Less
Anaiah's Trip to Space By Darshaun McAway et al.
Paperback: $13.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Anaiah is on another journey but this time she's going into space. Read along as Anaiah explores the great adventures of Deep Space. Find out what she discovers. 
Avianna and Rupert the Space Bear By Avianna Kabiito
Paperback: $8.20
Prints in 3-5 business days
Avianna is an inquisitive child. When she finds herself in the presence of a Space Bear after he becomes trapped on Earth, she is led on an adventure through space as she helps the bear return home... More > to the planet Pluto. Whilst she courageously helps, they both have challenges throughout the journey and Avianna must deal with the dilemma of sacrificing her own self-interests for the bear’s survival. Wondering if this was all a dream or reality, she later learns that deep within her is a selfless and courageous young girl. Throughout the story is a message about determination and self-belief, taking readers on a humorous and emotional journey. With its imaginative feel and out-of-this-world artwork from Shiela Marie, this is a reassuring, fun and exciting story for any child and young teen with an appetite for science and space exploration.< Less

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