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Deer Demon By Roxy Mok
Paperback: $11.81
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Thrilled at the chance to explore into deep woods, the four teenagers had never predicted the journey would be a horrifying and unforgettable one. Nor had they prepared themselves to be tangled up in... More > an serial murder case as suspects. what's more, the teenagers are facing another problem.It seems like the murderer behind the curtains are trying to remind them what had happened in the deep woods are not over. Soon enough, the leftovers discovered the deadly truth. The murderer is still on their tracks.One by one, one after one.. Great thriller with lots of humour.< Less
deer rug By John M. Bennett et al.
Paperback: $5.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Generative/algorithmic texts based on two poems by John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich + prose text by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, and random material from else & where, to form 64 fragmental... More > variations of source material.< Less
PR By Marc Deering
Paperback: $7.00
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Michael has the best job in the world. Not only does he get paid to play video games, but he also gets to test new games before they hit the open market. When the International entertainment giant,... More > Brain Thrust, approaches him with an offer to test a cerebral chip for transmitting data directly into the human brain that enables a person to play video games in which they smell, taste and perhaps even feel things, it is an offer he can't refuse. But when the line between reality and the game begin to blur and people start dying, Michael finds himself at the center of a terrifying conspiracy.< Less
Live Tournament Poker Strategy By Samuel Deering
eBook (PDF): $2.53
I have been winning Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments for years now and decided to write an eBook to share my poker knowledge with you. This eBook contains my unique winning strategy to use in Live... More > Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments. There are two main sections, Section 1 covers important poker skills that I have picked up over the years. Section 2 contains advanced techniques, tips and tricks for the different stages of a poker tournament. Whether you are just playing with your friends or you regularly play poker tournaments for big prize money, 99p is a cheap price to pay to gain the competitive edge!< Less
Paperback: $105.50
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This is a diary that you can write in. I named it Apprentice Diary because I read a couple books in the Septimus Heap series and in the series Septimus gets a Diary called Apprentice Diary.
President Cush in: Protecting His Parents [PREVIEW] By John Deering
Paperback: $6.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
16-page preview of a brand-new play about President Cush going back in time to foil the Machine's attempt to assassinate George H. W. Cush and Barbara Cush before their son was born.
Change of Fortune By edwin deering
eBook (PDF): $4.99
A Civil War journal turns up in Brazil, in it is the story of a young Virginia riverman named Clayton Childers, and how he became involved in a Confederate plot to engage British help in their war... More > effort. A fortune in gold is gained then lost. If the story in the journal is true, the gold may be waiting to be rediscovered.< Less
How To Guide By Running Deer
Paperback: $7.44
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A How To Guide for children -how to make a fire, build a shelter and find wild food,
The Clan By Courtney Deer
Paperback: $10.47
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Welcome to The Clan, a dystopic male dominated society where women have no place but to breed. The Clan is still a relatively young society, founded only 50 years before after the previous... More > inhabitants were ousted in a violent uprising. From here branched the new leaders of the society, hoping to keep the secrets of the past covered. Despite their efforts, the talk of revolution still lingers, prominent among the king’s son, who wishes to shed The Clan’s isolationism and strict war society. Animaul is the daughter and only child of The Clan’s esteemed war general, who holds enough authority to disguise his daughter as a boy in order to train her to be a warrior. But when the king’s son, Messia, conveys his message of a New Way to the Clan members, the Clan finds itself divided right down the middle. Then the king and figurehead dies, and the division is complete.< Less
Florida Key Deer By Heather McDowell
Paperback: $21.20
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Wildlife Photo's of Florida Key Deer

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The CashPT® Blueprint: How I Built and Scaled a Successful Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice Even When I Was Told It Was Unethical, a Bad Idea and That No One Would Pay More Than Their Copay for Physical Therapy! The CashPT®... By Aaron LeBauer
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