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Oceanic ontology and problematic thought By Matt Lee
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This is my doctoral thesis on Deleuze - currently self-published in order to get feedback and comments. The book is undergoing revision for possible independent publication, hence this is v1.0 of... More > the text. This an account of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze which argues for a Nietzschean ontology of forces as the core 'oceanic' ontology of Deleuze and which then attempts to understand sense on the basis of this ontology, developing a concept of character which is then applied firstly to the conceptual case of aporias and secondly to the textual case of Wittgenstein's Tractatus.< Less
of desire & the desert By David McLean
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a collection of poems written after rereading "Mille plateaux" by Deleuze & Guattari.
Spinbitz Volume I - Interface Philosophy, Mathematics, and Nondual-Rational Empiricism (FREE ebook) By Joel Morrison
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SpinbitZ is a philosophy of vision-logic interfaces for the percept-based illumination of abstract concepts. In tracing a nondual thread of rationality to its pre-Socratic roots, we find the... More > axis-mundi hidden within Zeno’s paradox, and within nondual rationality. With the help of a hundred illustrations, we trace this embryogenesis of rationality, as it reconnects to the alternative lineage of Deleuze, with a nondual fusion of Spinoza and Leibniz. We also find that mathematics mirrors this embryogenesis and holarchical structure. Interface Mathematics transitions from the “oppositional forces” of dualism, ultimately again to the “intensive” truths of the nondual. In making mathematics visible and understandable, the two fundamental axes of conceptual thought are shown. Spinoza’s “three infinities” are then seen as the triune interface between these axes, for illuminating and reconciling the many paradoxes of infinity as they wind their way into the truths of modern mathematics. See print book.< Less
Fantezi Makinesinde Hakikat Sızıntısı By Cengiz Erdem
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Fantezi Makinesinde Hakikat Sızıntısı ironinin doruklarında gezen teorik bir anlatıdır ve dünyadaki tüm televizyon ekranlarının yanı... More > sıra daha başka ekran mekanizmalarının da bilinmeyen bir sebepten ötürü bir anda beyaza bürünmesi neticesinde gelişen düşündürücü ve bir o kadar da kaygı verici hadiseleri anlatır. Tekvin adındaki baş karakterimiz, yazılmış ama henüz yayımlanmamış kitabında tüm bu olanları öngörmüş bir bedbahttır. Televizyonsuz dünyadaki sistem hızlı bir biçimde çökerken, Tekvin de kitabıyla gerçek hayat arasındaki bu kaygı verici benzerliğin kaynağını araştırmak üzere Amsterdam şehrine doğru yola koyulur. Acaba Amsterdam’da neler olmuş, hangi doğaüstü güçler işin içine bit yenikleri serpiştirmiştir?< Less
'The Logic Of Sense' An Inverse Translation By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $16.98
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An inverse translation of The Logic Of Sense by Gilles Deleuze with additional translated passages from A Thousand Plateaus.
Poems for Jennifer V By David C. McLean
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This is the fifth book of poems and prose poems by David C. McLean about his wife, Jennifer S. Chesler. They are heavily influenced by the writings of Gertrude Stein, and the thought of Bodhidharma,... More > Lyotard, and Deleuze & Guattari. McLean here again asks his muse, "Come, Muse, let us sing the insolent nipple!" Published by Nickel Hole Press.< Less
On and About Film By Tony McKibbin
Paperback: $15.01
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Tony McKibbin writes for magazines and journals worldwide. He teaches Lifelong Learning classes in film, and also in literature, at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Articles unavailable on the... More > website, Tony, can be found in various other places, including in The List, Senses of Cinema, the Edinburgh Review, Experimental Conversations, Last Tapes and Studies in French Cinema.< Less
CODE 4 TEXTS By Michael McAloran & Aad de Gids
Paperback: $8.52
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The corrosive marriage of texts by Irish poet Michael McAloran and Netherlands poet Aad de Gids.
Inverse Translation, A Compendium By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $21.49
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A collection of Inverse Translations of a variety of texts including The Aeneid, The Odyssey, The Logic of Sense. and more.
Merddyn By Colin Griffith
Paperback: $15.51
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An instructional book on sorcery. This book provides a philosophical perspective on education in the use of magic.

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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