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of desire and the lesion that is the ego By David McLean
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Here are words to somewhat deconstruct your daily lives. McLean delivers sermons of a beautiful nothing(s) enriched by perceptions that pervasively cover the very lives you follow inanely day in, day... More > out. He dissects the mundane and the superfluity of existence (if any) with a hacksaw and without much anaesthetic. His language is cutting, divisive, insightful, deploring, archaic but strong with a fleshy boldness that should and will be revered. David McLean seeks out the plastic and then tends to look underneath the plasticity of what man has made; the absurdity of god, the hilarity of societal values and the hypocritical agenda of righteous folk. The lesion of what McLean explores in this collection is indeed the nonsense that dominates us all whether aware or unaware however, after you read this blistering book, you’ll be sure to be angry at something in this dying world. Craig Podmore (Author of The Origin of Manias, Oneiros Books)< Less
The Life Death Drives By Cengiz Erdem
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It is only in and through a position of non-mortality within and without mortal life at the same time that the exploitation of mortality can be brought into the spotlight. It is only through such a... More > subtraction of the absent presence of death within life that the productive interaction between Deleuze’s transcendental empiricism, Foucault’s bio-politics, Badiou’s theory of infinity, and Kant’s reflective mode of judgement give birth to the immortal subject as the womb of a new thought, a new life, and a new mode of being, free of the exploitation of mortality and engagingly indifferent to this mortal, all too mortal life. Cengiz Erdem< Less
The Other Kind of Sense By Colin Griffith
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The Other Kind of Sense is collection of poems and prose. It is a philosophical and poetic exploration of the roles of the self and the other in society. This book searches for an artistic solution... More > for post-modern culture's current existential crisis.< Less
mass Intimacy By keith peiffer
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"mass Intimacy" explores how methods of packaging (subjectification) and tracking (surveillance) are reconfiguring the relationships between institutions, subjects, architecture, and... More > material culture.< Less
Henrietta Remembers By David McLean
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A novel without plot about a murder rising from the emptiness that is words. David McLean's first novel demonstrates that the form is neither dead nor the exclusive province of literary... More > establishment windbags. "A very nasty book. The repetition, rather than diminishing the effect, served rather to hammer home the innate nastiness and bleakness until it rang like a heavenly bell." (David Mitchell - author)< Less
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Say “Yes!” to the Demon: amor fati in the eternal hourglass By Jeffrey D. Lucas II.
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Say “Yes!” to the Demon reformulates and extends Nehamas’ Proustian exegesis, as developed in Nietzsche: Life as Literature, while postulating a radical resolve between the literal... More > and parabolic sense of the Eternal Recurrence. Nietzsche’s early perspectivism and later metaphysical relapse is similarly analyzed and expressed as a core inconsistency at the heart of these competing interpretations, i.e., whether ET represents a literal rotary cosmology or a perlocutionary parable? Jeffrey D. Lucas II. is a former student of Hubert Dreyfus. His interests include topics in the Philosophy of Language, Literary Theory, Metaphilosophy, and Post-Structuralism.< Less
Cinema 1: The Movement-Image Study Guide By
eBook (ePub): $9.99
Cinema 1: The Movement-Image Study Guide consists of approx. 41 pages of summaries and analysis on Cinema 1: The Movement-Image by Gilles Deleuze.
Spinbitz Volume I - Interface Philosophy, Mathematics, and Nondual-Rational Empiricism (print) By Joel Morrison
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SpinbitZ is a philosophy of vision-logic interfaces for the percept-based illumination of abstract concepts. In tracing a nondual thread of rationality to its pre-Socratic roots, we find the... More > axis-mundi hidden within Zeno’s paradox, and within nondual rationality. With the help of a hundred illustrations, we trace this embryogenesis of rationality, as it reconnects to the alternative lineage of Deleuze, with a nondual fusion of Spinoza and Leibniz. We also find that mathematics mirrors this embryogenesis and holarchical structure. Interface Mathematics transitions from the “oppositional forces” of dualism, ultimately again to the “intensive” truths of the nondual. In making mathematics visible and understandable, the two fundamental axes of conceptual thought are shown. Spinoza’s “three infinities” are then seen as the triune interface between these axes, for illuminating and reconciling the many paradoxes of infinity as they wind their way into the truths of modern mathematics. See FREE ebook.< Less
The Ninth Hour By Harrison Mujica-Jenkins
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The ninth hour is the hour in which the sun possesses us and we abandon ourselves to its burning, blinding flame to think with a light so bright. At noon we come out of Plato’s cave and stare... More > into the sun: the unknown gazing into the unknown. These writings do not owe anything to the philosophical sun, the good sun of Plato that erases all differences, the good sun of enlightened reason that is oblivious to the knowledge of the “madman.” They are writings born beyond the sun, on the “rotten” side of the sun, unprotected by the shadow of logic; writings come out of darkness, of the spiritual umbra of he who stares directly at the sun. And, more specifically, writings begotten out of the spiritual nigrescence of whom writes at the ninth hour, at high noon.< Less

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API Security API Security By Lee Brandt et al.
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