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DEMONS is a fictional novel that draws upon the authors experiences as a diagnosed schizophrenic. The novel reveals a world of chaos and confusion, but offers hope and inspiration to those who suffer... More > from a serious mental illness in the modern era. The novel also shows us that goodness always prevails. That evil exists in the world, but that we as individuals can choose to see the good in ourselves and in humanity. As individuals living in a complex world we struggle everyday to maintain our lives. But for those who develop a mental illness, the simplest tasks can become overwhelming. This novel offers hope beyond the ordinary. It teaches us to believe in ourselves and forces us to dream bigger.< Less
Demonic By Jayson Veley
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When Spencer and Cara fell asleep inside a clock tower the night after a college party, they had no idea that they would be waking up to a world so dark, so desolate, and so dangerous. Initially... More > thought to be the result of a contagious and virulent virus, people everywhere begin transforming into ruthless killing machines immediately after death. With the reapers roaming the streets and violent gangs taking advantage of the new lawless society, Spencer and Cara are forced to do everything necessary to survive... even if it means living with dire consequences.< Less
Demons By Nia Cannady
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This book is for any person battling something where they feel alone; trust me, you are not. From anger, to love, to lust, to admiration, to pain, I invite readers to go on a journey through poetry... More > with me. I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it.< Less
Demon By Mike Marty
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Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living destroying nothing.
Demon's Collection Volume 1 By Davis Demon Chartier
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A collection of seven short stories written over several years. Finally bound together in a single book. Most of which are vampire stories, but also includes other fantasy stories. While not the... More > greatest things my mind has created, I hope someone will find enjoyment in reading them. Outcasts of the Blade The Natural and the Unnatural This City's Guardian Of Peoples and Their Blood Me and Human Child My Demon's Black Aura The Vampire and the Girl May contain violence, harsh language, and sexual themes.< Less
13 Factions: Nathan Rainer and the Grease Monkey By Davis Demon Chartier
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By the year 3126 man had finally colonized the stars. Giant starships capable of traveling through subspace made zipping to distant solar systems possible in a matter of weeks instead of hundreds of... More > years. Nathan Rainer is a Magister for one of the outermost factions or the human empire. A Magister is a civilian soldier with ties to a single ship or person and functions much like a mercenary. Rainer has a dark past that causes problems with the people around him. While his known past is dark and mysterious, the truth is far more sinister. Rainer is a man who survived a nightmarish fate and must battle the scorn of his peers as well as his own memories. Caution: This story may contain violence/gore, strong language, and sexual themes. Suggested readers: 13+< Less
Reverse Psychology: the Hate between Me and Life By Matthew J and the Demon
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The journals in this book tell the story of the last year of my life and how I ended up here today. In that time- I went to India, graduated University, went to Europe, broke up with a girl, took the... More > love from my family for granted and mentally abused myself daily. I wish this wasn’t me, but it is. Damn. I wrote this book instead of my suicide letter. If you ever wanted to look inside the mind of someone with suicidal thoughts, here is my gift to you. If you knew someone who took their own life and could never understand why, I cannot give you answers, but I can give you ideas. (the book is better than the preview, I promise...It's f'n pressure writin a preview)< Less
HPI: The Night Stalker - What Would Kolchak Do? By Paul Dale Roberts the Demon Warrior
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Kolchak - The Night Stalker was the inspiration for X-Files and many of the real life paranormal investigators of the world. This book is dedicated to Kolchak. Enjoy the paranormal adventures of... More > HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) - HPI International.< Less
Demons By Micaela Baccarani
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Demons, il mondo visto con gli occhi dei malvagi. Se l'eroe non fosse un paladino, un cavaliere o un principe senza macchia e senza paura. Se l'Eroe della storia fosse un cattivo, una creatura nata... More > dagli abissi ed emersa in questo mondo? Demons unisce il fantasy classico con un'ottica diversa a quella a cui siamo abituati. Gli eroi, i protagonisti sono i cattivi, il mondo visto coi loro occhi, pensato con la loro mente e vissuto con le loro vite. Un mondo dove il nemico comune viene affrontato dai cattivi per la supremazia finale. Maledizioni, tradimenti e guerre nelle terre di Gulfing. Demoni e Draghi uniti contro un nemico comune che nemmeno la luce riesce a fermare.< Less
Démon By Valentine Bayol
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"DEMON" est l'histoire d'une lycéenne de 17 ans, Vickie, qui fait la connaissance d'un garçon spécial et terrifiant, Dann. Très vite, un autre garçon... More > entre dans sa vie, prétendant être le Diable. A la suite de ces deux recontres, sa vie va se baser sur ces deux hommes particuliers, qu'elle apprendra à aimer et à détester, à désirer et à craindre. Partagée entre sa vie d'humaine, et la vie qui se dessine brusquement sous ses yeux, Vickie vivra une aventure hors du commun, mélant larmes et rires, sang et peurs, et haine et amour...< Less

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