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Dawn of Demons By Evan Rice
Paperback: $15.48
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Lo and Behold, a tragic story of death, love, and acceptance in a world that despises the unnatural. Kal, a one winged adventurer must cope with the harsh truths of his destiny, while desperately... More > searching for his past. His search for understanding is filled with the unnatural and the unsuspected, and his journey will ultimately shatter the meaning of fate and destiny...< Less
Demon's Torment By Rachel D. Thompson
Paperback: $10.99
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Lately Ally's been haunted by disturbing dreams of women being chased by an unseen demon, leading to their violent deaths. When she learns of her father's grave illness, she heads for home, not... More > knowing she's heading straight for the demon of her dreams. Somewhere in purgatory Daemon awakes. He has pursued Ally in each of her reincarnations, only for her to choose death rather than open her soul to save him from his endless torment. He knows he must tread carefully if he is to have a chance at saving her immortal soul. Rachel D. Thompson brings a different kind of tale and this tale will touch your soul and satisfy your desires.         --Bitten by Books This is an extremely thrilling tale that will send chills down your spine. Exceptionally written, you will be ensnared from the beginning and clutching your seat by the end.         --Wateena at Coffee Time Romance< Less
Demonic Royalty By JAE
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Dominic L'Creaux is a demon who's sick of being one. He's sick of hiding in the daylight for fear of being recognized, he's sick of eating humans, and he's sick of being separated from the people he... More > loves. So he moves. He finally does something about it, and he gets out of his tiny town to go find some one, or something, that wont make his life crap. He hopes.< Less
Demon in the Dark By Paul Weightman
Paperback: $14.94
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World renowned archeologist, Professor Reginald Winston Tavistock receives a letter from his nephew, Doctor Benjamin Patterson, to consult on an archaeological dig in Derbyshire, he has no idea that... More > the trip will lead to the uncovering the of an ancient evil demon. The historical dig is being done on the Arbor Low Mounds. The evil that lies within the mounds increasingly begins to gain strength and power, and its emergence transforms the quaint little area to a scene of horror, death and destruction.< Less
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The Demon Slayer By Richard Grzela
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A demon hunter could find romance. Unless the nasty job of killing evil gets between love and duty.
Demons and Angels By Andy Half
eBook (PDF): $8.00
Mary is plagued by voices of demons until actually meeting one in person. The angel of the offspring of one of those who will help curse her comes to get redemption for the regrets of his fathers. ... More > He gives the choice to Mary to die or live a cursed future.< Less
Demon's Door By R. Christopher Tait
Paperback: $20.46
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From an encounter with the succubus Hecate came the gift of the Ouija board. Carlo hoped that the board would bring changes to his life and it did, taking things from bad to worse. He was a man... More > without a set of values to guide him through the behavioral maze of social interface so he cast his lot with demons and the unclean beasts of a metaphysical world that he did not understand. His soul was sold and the mark of the beast was upon him.< Less
Dealing With the Demonic By Joda Collins
Paperback: $8.99
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To read FREE on line, click on the word "More" or "Preview" under the book cov er photo. Demons do not cease to attack if we deny they exist or try to ignore them. Is your home,... More > business or church held hostage because of the unreasonable or perplexing actions/opinions of one (or a few) and are you having a hard time emotionally "keeping yourself together" because of the actions of that one person (or those few) individual(s)? If so, you are NOW under demonic attack. Deal with the demons or they will increase their assault against your home, business or church. Learn what has been keeping you from success, then SUCCEED!< Less
Hardcover: $27.63
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A story of demons, magic, relationships and enlightenment. The story is set in the Appalachian mountains of S.E. Kentucky. Demon In The Mist is a novel-my first novel-about woman who sets out to... More > find answers about the disappearance of her next door neighbors. The story is set in Appalachia. After a stranger comes to her door seeking the same answers they embark on a journey into horror and legend. In this story several other notable characters come forward, who also learn more about the truth behind the legends of the Demon that lurks in the mountains. It is a story of magic, shamanism and nightmare which sets Karen Ison and her companions on their true path to destiny. In the end not all of Karen's companions will survive the horrors of the Demon in the mist.< Less

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