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The Complete Book of Demonolatry By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $44.99
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HARDCOVER EDITION: Discover powerful rites, magick, and practices that honor Satan and the Demons. Learn how and why the Enns, Demonolatry Sigils, ascension and many other Demonolatry methods are... More > becoming standard practice among many Theistic Satanists. This unmatched work of Demonolatry guides students from pre-initiate to adept. It even delves into the depths of Demonolatry sex magick, necromancy, blood rites, and blood sacrifice. This text, used by the traditional Demonolatry Priesthood to train members of their covens, is part workbook, part textbook, and part reference book. It includes thorough chapters on demonology, history, Demonic Holy Days, offerings, prayers, Enns, sigils, religious rites, and an introduction to Demonolatry Magick. It is, irrefutably, the most complete book of Demonolatry ever written.< Less
Gates of Lucifer By Scott E. Hobbs
Hardcover: $27.99
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The Gates of Lucifer by Scott E. Hobbs combines Daemonolatry and Luciferian path working, meditation, gate opening, and energy work for magicians who are just delving into the art of gate opening.... More > Hobbs has created an effective lesson plan to ease Daemonolatry students (and those interested in Daemonic Magick) into the basics of gate opening and ascension in a balanced and structured way. Hobbs' style is conversational and encouraging, making his method highly workable and non-threatening. The workbook takes the reader through the elemental gates into a series of color coded gates wherein students will discover various Daemonic spirits, including those unique to the practitioner. The hardcover's journal format encourages the student to record each experience.< Less
Demonic Divination: A Guide By J. Thorp
eBook (PDF): $6.99
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This book is about divination with Demons. It has a hierarchy that has never been written about before from the Abramelin texts. This book is full of practical advice with different devices of... More > divination, recipes to enhance divinatory ritual, and other helpful things that a lay person or Demonolator might enjoy and need for their practice.< Less
Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $21.64
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This book covers the techniques and practice of Daemonolatry Necromancy covering everything from working with the Daemonic in tandem with the dead, speaking with the dead, coping with loss and death,... More > to communing with the death energy and divination techniques.< Less
Paths To Satan: A Guide to Contemporary Satanism By Martin McGreggor
Paperback: $7.99
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Paths to Satan: A Guide to Contemporary Satanism, guides non-Satanists and those considering Satanism through varying types of Satanic practice and beliefs. This book, written by a practicing... More > Satanist, can be used as a starting point for Satanists to help open a dialogue or educate their family and friends about their spiritual path. So many books of this nature are unnecessarily verbose or are written by Christians or Satanists attempting to push their own agenda. McGreggor is concise, practical, and provides an open viewpoint from inside Satanism itself without the speculation and conjecture found in similar books written from a Christian perspective.< Less
Nuctemeron Gate Immersion Workbook By S. Connolly
Paperback: $10.00
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A workbook to accompany The Nuctemeron Gates by S. Connolly, made specifically for the Nuctemeron Gates 12 Month Immersion Course.
Abyssal Angels: Infernal Colopatiron Redux By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $24.99
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The Abyssal Angels: Infernal Colopatiron Redux is a stripped-down-for-public-consumption version of the limited edition grimoire Infernal Colopatiron. While this version doesn't include the more... More > dangerous parts of the text, nor the detailed intricate instructions, it does give the advanced magician enough information about gate opening, theophany, and magick to facilitate personal experimentation. The Nuctemeron Gates is a good companion to this text. Publisher's Note: This text does *not* include some commentary, one chapter, and two key rituals from the original Infernal Colopatiron, all of which will never see a reprint.< Less
Kasdeya Rite of Ba'al By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $45.00
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Kasdeya Rite of Ba'al is a complete ritual for the Daemonolatry adept not to be taken lightly. It is Daemonolatry specific. This five month ritual can be extremely dangerous. Persons who have... More > discussed Kasdeya with someone who's done it, or who have completed the prep workshop can get a private link to a discounted edition of this work by writing to . This book outlines all the preparation, the entire ritual, and gives helpful advice and suggestions on "The Work". For those looking for a book with all the rituals clearly spelled out for them, this may not be what you want. Some creativity and personal motivation is required by the magician. The back of the book also includes additional extended ritual so that the adept may work their way up to longer duration rituals.< Less
Drawing Down Belial By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $29.99
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Being a manual of Daemonic Divination, Ascension and Channeling for Daemonolater mediums and seers who wish to learn how to communicate and divine with the Daemonic. For the experienced, the text... More > will help fine tune the practitioner’s senses, honing better communication skills with the Daemonic Divine. This book includes methods to prepare divination devices as well as tips and exercises to facilitate strong communication, as well as rituals to charge and dedicate tools and enhance each divination session. Included throughout are bits and pieces of Daemonic wisdom regarding the art of divination and Daemonic communication. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to divine, connect and communicate or you just want to sharpen your skills, this is the book for you.< Less
Necromantic Sacraments: A Book of Ritual for Daemonolatry Necromancy, Necrosophy, & Invocation By S. Connolly
Hardcover: $17.99
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This chapbook is a companion ritual and invocation book to Honoring Death: The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy. It also serves as a supplement to Keys of Ocat: A Grimoire of Daemonolatry Nygromancye... More > and completes the Daemonolatry triad of necromantic texts. All three books are currently being used for Funerary Priest Seminary Training within TTS.< Less