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Modern mentalism By Giochidimagia
eBook (PDF): $53.96
For the modern mentalist finally a complete treatise on the methods of mentalism that speaks to you! The book aims to practice, the way in which achieve the effects. In this book you can find the... More > principles used in mentalism, forcing, multiple outputs, the choice of magic, the technique of step ahead of the viewer, the dual reality that the subliminal suggestions. You will learn the effects of the great mentalists, touch a person at a distance, revealing the pin of a credit card or the phone of a friend and other information. You will know all of the tools used by mentalists and an incredible pre-order the deck of cards (SI Stebbins)'ll pass then to the metal bending, spoons, keys and forks. You'll get cold reading scripts and hypnosis to be used immediately. You'll discover the art of pseudo hypnosis and finally to improvise a version of Berglas Effect. If you are looking for something really practical that you talk about methods and get straight to the point "Modern Mentalism" is what's right for you.< Less
"Do you want to change your mind?" The Facebook Opener for the working stage mindreader By Chris Beard
eBook (PDF): $23.42
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Imagine asking somebody in the audience to change their mind as many times as they wish, before they name a Facebook status. They name one. After being invited onstage they are given one last chance... More > to change their mind. They do. Yet still, after all this, their decision matches your prediction. Nobody touches the prediction. The effect is completely hands off - nobody needs to be onstage at the time the prediction is opened. Demo Video -< Less
The Art of Cold Reading By Steven Peliari
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Discover the Secret Art of Cold Reading. How to perform mind reading tricks and give stunningly accurate psychic readings using proven psychological techniques. In other words... How to be the next... More > 'Derren Brown'!< Less
The Chair Test Without Chairs Version 2.0 By Kevin Cunliffe
Paperback: $37.93
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Chair Test Without Chairs by Kevin Cunliffe, is not just one knockout routine, but collection of several methods of performing a four person chair test that fully predicts numbers, freely chosen... More > colors and also freely chosen positions all within the fairest and cleanest manner. This book also discloses the secrets to a never before disclosed method to that of a chair test that can be performed close-up at a restaurant table. There is also a pocket version great for all impromptu performers and also the secret to the stage size performance. you will receive all details as to how to construct the items required and full details as to how to perform the routine.< Less
One in a Million By Kevin Cunliffe
Paperback: List Price: $25.76 $15.46 | You Save: 40%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Kevin Cunliffe has done it again, this time with an amazing effect he names ‘One in a Million’, and it truly is. This routine has been taken straight from Kevin’s 2012 show titled... More > ‘Inside your mind’. This is a dynamite divination of a freely selected word. The props are easy to prepare but to save you time, they are included in part, to facilitate performing this effect right away. This is new and totally different. The effect is almost self-working; this is so that you will be able to concentrate on presenting it perfectly. Note that the words are different, diversified, and seemingly unrelated. Only one envelope is ever used, no trick wallets or envelopes in any way, there are no switching of envelopes, nor is there any secret writing, loads or steals. The prediction is typed and printed, and genuinely sealed inside an envelope held by an audience member.< Less
king of the crib sheet By Kevin Cunliffe
Paperback: List Price: $13.39 $10.71 | You Save: 20%
Prints in 3-5 business days
Know real thoughts of the people around you. Dates on coins, places, Random thought of objects, Playing cards, even their star sign.
Paperback: List Price: $19.57 $14.68 | You Save: 25%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This is the new official brochure of the world renowned Italian Mentalist Luca Volpe. Pictures never seen before, info about shows and a lot more in a beautiful collector photo book!
Mentalismo moderno Vol 2 By Giochidimagia
eBook (PDF): $68.14
(1 Ratings)
Sommario: •Introduzione •Previsione di una forma geometrica pensata da uno spettatore •Predizione di un colore pensato da uno spettatore •Suggestioni subliminali •La... More > forzatura subliminale visiva •Restringere le possibilità di scelta •Indovinare una carta pensata dallo spettatore con i segnali del corpo •Lettura del pensiero sfruttando le emozioni •Verità e bugie •Questa è suggestione ? •La scelta subliminale •Il pre-show •Scoprire in quale mano sta un oggetto leggendo le palpebre -Memoria e amnesia •Amnesia di un numero •Amnesia di un’immagine •La trasmissione del pensiero •Restrizione di possibilità e suggestione subliminale visiva •Controllo dello spettatore •Lettura del pensiero sfruttando le probabilità •Trasmissione di un colore alla mente degli spettatori sfruttando un equivoco •Proiezione di un’immagine nella mente tramite suggestioni verbali •Epilogo< Less
Domina la realtà con l'ipnosi conversazionale By Gianluca De Angelis
eBook (PDF): $45.43
Svelati i trucchi dei più grandi Mentalisti moderni - Ecco cosa trovi in questo ebook: -Introduzione -Creati un personaggio -Sicurezza, pensa positivo! -Avere il controllo su tutto e... More > tutti -Creatività, apri la mente -Fattore critico -Ancora -Creare un amnesia, senza tecniche Adesso! (break state) -Specchiamento o mirroring -Tecnica di confusione – Come confondere e ottenere ciò che vuoi -Tecniche di confusione non verbale – (pattern interrupt) -Richiamo emotivo – Fare seccare la bocca a chi ti ascolta! -Creare un amnesia con un semplice tocco alla tempia -Qual’ è il tuo nome? E la carta che pochi secondi fa hai visto? -Come poter pagare chiunque con un semplice pezzo di carta! -Come superare ogni resistenza -Conclusione< Less
Mastering Memory By Toby McCartney
Paperback: $16.08
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Revolutionary Memory Techniques - a practical guide to improving your memory with amazing, revolutionary results! Enhance your memory and remember names, numbers, words, lists and memories.

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Rayisms Rayisms By Ray Shufelt
Paperback: $9.99
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