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The Description of Wales By Geraldus Cambrensis
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This edition of The Description of Wales by Geraldus Cambrensis is given by Ashed Phoenix - Million Book Edition
Description of Wales By G. Cambrensis
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No description supplied
Description of Wales By G. Cambrensis
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Descriptive Ethics By Daniel Deleanu
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An exploration of the descriptive side of moral philosophy from a logosophistic perspective.
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When he took the job with the phone sex company, he had no idea that pretending to be a girl would lead to REAL changes!!!
The Description of Life By Howard Alan Lantzer
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Herein you will find questions for all your answers.
The Description of Wales By Geraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales)
eBook (PDF): $7.98
Translated from the Latin, originally entitled Descriptio Cambriae written in 1194. Gerald of Wales, archdeacon of Brecon, was a medieval clergyman and chronicler of his times. Gerald's writings were... More > based on a thorough knowledge of Classical authors and reflect experiences gained on his travels as well as his great knowledge of the standard authorities. He was highly respected as a scholar during and after his time. It is generally agreed today that his most distinguished works are those dealing with Wales and Ireland, with his two books on his beloved Wales being the most important - Itinerarium Cambriae and Descriptio Cambriae, which tell us much about Welsh history and geography and reflect upon the cultural relationship between the Welsh and the English.< Less
30 Descriptions By Lisa Arnold
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The question. It's the question, really. There is a universe hidden inside of a paper box on a white canvas; an entire multiverse of possibilities. This could lead to nothing and everything at the... More > same time, or on after the other. Endless possibilities and the relentless pursuit of the questions. The most complex idea laying on the simplest slate, it’s almost like a paradoxical horizon. It would be a shame to open that box, in fact it should never be touched from the outside. Let the cat have its party for a little longer.< Less
42 Descriptions By Lisa Arnold
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"Love is something that you grab at here and there…sometime you miss and sometimes you get a handful so enormous that you can hardly contain it in your palm. When you do, it seems to be... More > consistently overwhelming and almost impossible not to share – whether it’s directed at a partner, family, a passion, a philosophy, land, a god or anything else. It makes your heart swell and opens you to new experiences, new feelings and new beliefs. Love is one of few things that can fundamentally change a person."< Less
Sixty Descriptions By Lisa Arnold
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"I think it looks like Frankenstein getting an MRI. But seriously, it spooks me out a little bit- I'm not sure why, but it does not make me feel really calm or peaceful. The blurry swirls give... More > it some motion or movement somehow, and those dark holes are always kind of just ominous and scary, haha. Plus the red at the top looks or reminds me of blood. Maybe Frankenstein had an aneurism. Oh well, that's my take."< Less

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