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The World's Desire By H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang
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This edition of The World's Desire by H. Rider Haggard and Andrew Lang is given by Ashed Phoenix - Million Book Edition
Le Désir By Jean de Mazac
eBook (PDF): $3.33
Le Désir / The Desire - pour piano et orchestre de chambre - for piano and chamber orchestra (printable) The 2nd part of 'Piano Triptych' (Le Cygne-Le Désir-Adieu)
Existence Volume 2 Chapter 1 By DESIRE GNANI ZORO
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"Existence" is a feuilleton that chronicles a fictional story of the Creation and the destiny of humanity. Through a delicious cocktail mixing science fiction, political intrigues, affairs... More > of states, espionage, terrorism, wars, religions, spirituality and romance, the feuilleton presents an alien civilization similar to human society, but differing from the latter under several key aspects. Full of suspense and twists, "Existence" is a long and fascinating journey occurring through time and across several worlds, a voyage in which the happy and privileged readers will be taken to exhilarating escapist moments, a journey that will also be sometimes perhaps embellished with subjects for reflection or meditation. "Existence" is finally a work that tries to offer some suggestions of answers to fundamental questions concerning certain religious beliefs and principles, questions which are most often subjects of intense controversies between followers of different beliefs or ideologies.< Less
I Love You Baby Girl By Desire Night & Melody Laughlin
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“I Love You Baby Girl” is the heart wrenching true story of a girl we will refer to as Sarah. Sarah endured long term physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. Her abusers were many.... More > Her father that became violent after drinking too much, her mother’s female lover, a pediatrician, and the list goes on. Sarah not only had to endure her own tortures, but the hardest thing for her was to witness the severe physical abuse of her youngest brother Scott. Scott who was diagnosed with ADHD as a toddler, was treated like an animal, tied to a chair, blindfolded and gagged. These daily atrocities became what Sarah considered as a normal life.< Less
I Love You Baby Girl By Desire Night & Melody Laughlin
eBook (ePub): $1.99
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What are some of your childhood memories? Could they be things like a special birthday party, a family trip, a reward for an achievement? Sarah had her own set of childhood memories, a boy tied to a... More > chair, a dark leather belt, forgotten birthdays, being hungry, vacant eyes, and lost innocence. These are the memories that put dark clouds on her days, and caused her to cry out in her dreams. These are the memories of a child living a life enveloped within child abuse. "I Love You Baby Girl", is the true story of the adversity and triumphs one girl faced as she fought against those that threatened her very survival. Cry with Sarah as her pain is described, wonder how she could survive the constant abuse, cheer her on as she fights back, and rejoice with her when she finally breaks through to freedom from a life of heartbreak.< Less
A Twisted Desire By Rose Lannen
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Cora Bexley was a quiet and shy girl, who kept to herself. She never cared for people, so she never talked to them. One day her one teacher asked for her help to direct a play on the story of Medusa.... More > She loved that play and was honored to be apart of it. She wasn't looking forward to being around all those people, but writing plays were her life. During rehearsal, she never thought she would meet someone that she could have such a connection with. This was no normal connection either. This was a twisted passion of two girls and snakes, which could either end good or deadly.< Less
Wilted Desires By Saint
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Bryson is stuck with 2 kids to raise. Both of them are the age of eight. He and his partner of a year are at odds with each other. Falco is hiding something from Bryson and he is not a fan of it.... More > But the mother of the two kids comes around demanding them back after the little girls have adjusted to Falco and Bryson as their parents. Can the two guys let it happen? Or will they fight for the chance to adopt the little girls and continue the life that is set before them? And can Falco handle being a parent and putting up with the drama?< Less
The Translation of Desire By Owen Ransen
Paperback: $12.99
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This is a novel about the end of one world and the start of another. A failing astronomer makes a discovery which will change his life and that of all those around him.
The Desire Of The Soul By Silviu Aiftincai
Paperback: $8.95
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The drama of a child named Richard aged 5 years and a half, which was shot at a better life after years of suffering. Support coming from a person who in turn passed through the same suffering and... More > understanding very well the situation of the child decided to help him< Less
The Heart's Desire By Andries B. Louw
eBook (PDF): $5.99
A book of +- 143 Poems

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