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The Division Bell By Andy Evans
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Warning - Contains adult themes Bogdan is a simple man whose essence is enveloped within the love of his family. A simple but happy man whose life is shattered and forever changed in one horrifying... More > night of murder and brutality he will carry with him for the rest of his days. Age old scars of indifference and hatred are opened yet again with the violent act of Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia. These deep divisions will find Bogdan plunged into a life of never ending bitterness and a deep rooted desire to seek out revenge and retribution against the neighbours who have soaked the mountain landscapes with blood and loathing. Family man to fighting man, Bogdan will now take the fight to the very epicentre of man's inhumanity to his fellow man. A new band of brothers set out to embark on a journey which will inevitably lead them to a horrifying crossroad of despair and never ending sacrifice. For King and Fatherland, Freedom or Death will herald a dawn of no return of what they always loved and lost.< Less
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Interested in the Cold War? Then this book is for you. 80 recollections of brief snapshot moments from the Cold War by a vast range of people who lived during those tense years. American and Soviet... More > servicemen; ordinary men and women from Germany, Hungary, the USA, the USSR, Switzerland, Britain, & childhood memories of moments of crisis, hope and despair....battlefield memories....nuclear much in one book. With over 230 images and brief descriptions of the background events, this is a unique book. For teachers: see the full-colour version of the book, with the stories expressed as original modern poetry. Also available as download and CD, with full permission to copy for teaching purposes. Richard Gibbons also gives talks, seminars and lectures on World War II and Cold War topics to schools, clubs, museums and societies. For details ring C20 Studies on 07757 310455 or visit< Less
In Their Honor - The Collector's Edition By Diane Janowski
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HARD COVER. Michel Fortlouis, a young Confederate soldier, weary of war, was captured by Union troops at Clinton, Louisiana, thirty miles from his home of New Roads. It was August 1864, in the last... More > year of the War Between the States. Corporal Fortlouis was shipped north to the Union Prison Camp at Elmira, New York, where he died of pneumonia within ten days of his arrival. More than 12,000 young Southern men passed through the camp. Nearly 3,000 died. In their Honor – Soldiers of the Confederacy – The Elmira Prison Camp respectfully remembers these men and boys, and tells their stories. Research by the author has brought awareness of the soldiers’ relationships - brothers, fathers and sons, cousins and friends. Descendants of the soldiers have contributed harrowing stories of survival or despair. They were captured together. Some made it home. In their Honor includes narratives from prisoners’ families, and a complete revised list of the Confederate dead at Woodlawn National Cemetery.< Less
Certificates of Doom By David Onjala
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Certificates of Doom is a novel that strives to elaborate Marvin Harris' theory of cultural materialism by showing how the economy influences culture. Kepha, a young, educated African man marries... More > Selina and suffers a strained relationship with her because he has no well-paying job. Kepha fears to have a child with Selina because of their miserable life circumstances. Kepha must fight norms that associate marriage with conception. Later, he clashes with pseudo-feminists who put much effort into criticizing men while ignoring the fact women also need to change their perceptions of gender. Every youth around him is experiencing the same challenges. Young men are not marrying, while young women, out of despair, are increasingly turning to older men. Kepha symbolizes youth disillusionment across the African continent where countries fail to create employment or improve the living conditions of their populations. In the end, Kepha’s brother contemplates suicide, something that must have also crossed his mind.< Less
Anounet (Your Name) By Jean Ipdjian
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Love poems depicts the author's changing moods of despair, hope, joy and sadness.
Reflexiones By Idis Dariela Jiménez Ospino
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Spanish poems; reflections on life's daily situations: childhood, loneliness and sometimes despair. Reflexines de la vida diaria: soledad, niñez y a veces desespero.
The Ranger Life of Luna and Tiffany By Jasmine Wang
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Boom! The elephant fell to the ground at the firing of the gunshot. Luna and Tiffany froze in despair as they watched their beloved mother get dragged away by the hunters. That was the last time the... More > sisters ever saw their mother again. After that terrible tragedy, the sisters managed to climb out of the hole of sadness and continue their lives as orphans on the African grasslands.< Less
''B'' (BUSCAR SE LA VIDA; EXITOR) By Martina Smrzlić
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''B'' is a book containing a a stream of consciousness, philosophycal, existential novel ''Buscar se la vida'' about life and traveling around the word and inside one's mind and a short sf story... More > ''Exitor'' about a parallel reality world, chaos, lack of control on global issues, despair, hope and friendship.< Less
Amour d'adolescence By Anne-Marie Moscatelli
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Gaud is a 16-year old schoolgirl from Paris. During her lycée "classes de neige" snow school in the French Alps, she falls in love with Stéphane, the mountain guide in... More > charge of alpinism. She cannot bear his professional indifference especially because she notices that he seems very fond of her French teacher. Her emotions are typical of a teenage girl's: she oscillates between happiness and despair, exhilaration and depression. Jealousy and despair will make her decide to take her own life. But things will not go as planned…< Less
亿万富翁和爱情 By Vladimir Nicolas
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Mister Wong,地球上最富有的男人,有一个大毛病:... More > 寻找真爱。 虽然有钱,但是他不能幸运地找到真爱,因为姑娘们同他约会是为了得到他的金钱而不是对他本人的真爱。 所以,他将绝望地决定,寻找爱之神,从而幸运地得到爱情,不计较他的行为将给整个世界带来的灾难。 Mister Wong, the richest man on Earth, has a big problem for finding true love. Despite his fortune, he is unlucky to find true love because girls dated him rather to get his money than for his education and personality. So he will decide with despair to capture the Goddess of Love in order to be lucky in love without thinking his actions will be disastrous for the whole world.< Less

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Cardboard Cardboard By Patrick G. Redford
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