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The Destruction of Human Health: Birth to Death By Karen Newton, CHHC(AADP)
eBook (ePub): $9.95
This tell-all eBook is designed to unveil the many reasons that the American population is slowly dying from the inside out, especially over the past century. An eBook that will help you understand... More > what your food is doing to your body, who's responsible and how to reverse the effects for a better, healthier life. You will learn what chemicals in foods to avoid and health risks associated with them. Learn practical tips to improve your nutrition, achieve optimal health and lengthen your life.< Less
Sharing Bears – Weapon of Mass Destruction By Andrew Hoffmann
Paperback: $10.00
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Hey kids! Stumpy and Lumpy are the Sharing Bears, a pair of well-meaning, demented hosts, here to share their wisdom and make the world a better place! Hooray! Written while G. W. Bush was in office,... More > Sharing Bears is a collection of more than 100 strips from the popular satirical and sarcastic Web comic. So, eat your vegetables and look both ways before crossing the street! Oh, sweet merciful lordy! Sharing Bears has appeared in Shannon Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man Magazine and the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society Anthology books. Introduced by Jamar Nicholas and featuring pin-up pages from the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society.< Less
An Order Suppressed: The Destruction of the Knights Templar By Frederick W. Hamilton
eBook (PDF): $2.99
An Order Suppressed by Frederick W. Hamilton is the story of the Knights Templar and their suppression at the hands of Pope clement V and the French king Philip Le Bel in the years between 1307 and... More > 1312. Starting with a brief account of the origins and rise of the Order, the author quickly moves to the Templars' arrest and torture ending with the execution of the last Grand Master of the Order - Jacques De Molay.< Less
A Journey of Self Destruction, Pain & Redirection By Alyssa Michelle
Paperback: $3.38
Prints in 3-5 business days
Some of the most personal events that take place in our life, can be some of the most hardest to bare in our lives. However; in this book I will take you down some of the most difficult times in my... More > life. Through healing, inspiration and love I was able to share this with you.< Less
Navy Blues: From Production to Destruction By Angel Ramirez
eBook (ePub): $8.99
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There are many typical reasons why people join the military service. It’s usually because they want to wreak the benefits of what the military has to offer from medical to education. Some join... More > to serve our wonderful country and become proud veterans, and for others, it’s just another job. I joined because it was a life changing decision and if it were not for the U.S. Navy, only God knows where I would be. This is my story…< Less
IN FAITH: My Tornado of Death and Destruction By J G
Paperback: $2.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
May these short messages encourage and inspire you. May you hear GOD speaking directly to you!
IN FAITH: My Tornado of Death and Destruction By J G
eBook (ePub): $1.99
May these short messages inspire and encourage you. May you hear GOD speaking directly to you.
Toronto Blessing Diary Destruction of Churches By K B Napier
Paperback: $22.89
Prints in 3-5 business days
Dealing with the 'Toronto Blessing' (TB) was one of the most traumatic periods of my life. It only lasted a few years, but its vileness still last 25 years later, because though the 'Blessing' left,... More > it morphed into countless other movements and fake 'revivals' which continue even now. True charismaticism is ungodly and unbiblical, and damages thousands of souls a year. Wherever the TB came to town, it brought with it a circus of evil that destroyed huge numbers of churches. So, though this is an archive book, it is highly pertinent. Christians MUST know how the charismatic movement arose and what it did, because it is a fake movement claiming to be of God. It is not! It is a vile deception that ruins lives.< Less
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Self-Destruct: A Novel of Re-Creation By brent posada
Paperback: $21.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
Ever wake up and look in the mirror and realize how great your life is? How much you love being alive? How happy you are? How many people care about you? Me neither. This is not that story. This... More > is the story of a life. Not so much lived as destroyed. Not perfect but tainted. This is my life as it ended. This is my life as it began. This is my life. This is my rampage. My road-trip to the heart of chaos. This is what it’s like to know you’re so far gone even God can’t find you. This is the destruction of civilization as we know it. Sit down. Strap in. And enjoy the ride. I dare you.< Less

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B Inspired B Inspired By Brandon Warren
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Full Count Ministries Romans Journal Full Count Ministries... By Carter Reese et al.
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