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An analysis of the means to effect a simultaneous redenomination and devaluation of the currency of a member of the euro zone, enabling exit and economic recovery without damage to the remaining euro... More > economies.< Less
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88 grilles vierges pour évaluer les compétences, 33 élèves par page.
Formation de l'Arizona & examen profil Centre d'évaluation (groupe AZTÈQUE) By Lyndon Cooper
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Sur Depuis plus de 35 ans, AZTEC a toujours été engagé à s'acquitter de sa mission de "Partenariats mettant l'accent sur opportunités thru Person-Centered... More > vivant et emploi" (personnes) et à fournir d'excellents programmes et services à des centaines d'enfants et d'adultes ayant une déficience intellectuelle. AZTEC s'efforce de donner les meilleures chances aux personnes handicapées, qui comprend une approche multidimensionnelle et écologique à la croissance personnelle. Cela les aidera à s'impliquer profondément dans le choix de leur mode de vie, d'apprentissage et travaillant au sein de la société. Basé sur l'examen récent de l'organisation, cette approche révèle également l'interaction entre les individus dans leur environnement en ce qui concerne la Communauté, offres d'emploi, l'indépendance, participation à l'école, relations, droits et responsabilités, cotisations sociales et bien-être général.< Less
Sun in Flight Vol. ll SPOOK By Julian Knuckles
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SUN IN FLIGHT is tragi-comedy. Three generations of Kindlers inhabit a world lurching from Hiroshima to Woodstock to 9/11. Terror of the Bomb becomes fear of Terror. Dreamtime magic seeps into... More > daytime reality. The wider focus is on the arms race. In SPOOK, the second volume, Cal joins the new CIA, is posted to London and marries Vik’s sister, Maggie. Twins Harry and Sammy arrive in 1949. Cal, now undercover Air Force, ‘guards’ Fort Knox gold. He stays in touch with Cameron Sykes at the British Foreign Office and Burl Deavins, ex college roomie, ex Manhattan Project and now with Von Braun at White Sands. Burl keeps Cal posted on arms race lunacy and in 1953 they watch the DOD’s atomic show near what is now Las Vegas. Dreams loom, the Oakshotts visit Louisville and Cal wangles a transfer back to London, where he joins Gorms and grows fat. The book closes with Suez and Sputnik.< Less
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This is a discussion of the current currency wars and the possibility that the dollar will be seriously devalued because of large debts and over-extended industry and military.
Regulation By Lord Loveday Ememe
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This book, regulation, examines the current use or application of this sacred concept, regulation. The current political systems of government in the world are undermining this sacred concept using... More > it treacherously for organized barbarisms, for the devaluation of life.< Less
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African Literature - JAL 7 By Charles Smith (Ed.)
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Against the seeming devaluation of tradition by imperial cultures, this volume of African Literature showcases intellectual attempts to commit the process of African interrogation of postcoloniality... More > and postmodernity to the exploration of perspectives on black identities and the interaction of contemporary cultural expressions beyond the borders of Africa and across the Atlantic.< Less
Hypocritical Thoughts By David Ross
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A book about causation/determinism, the absurdity of human endeavors, the dual nature of the human animal, the devaluation of everything that follows from a worldview that is overly analytical and... More > overly scientific, and some suggestions for what can be done about the nihilism that comes from that type of worldview.< Less
The Euro is to Blame. Economics for Spanish people. By Luke Fog
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When the Spanish joined the Euro it was never explained to them that this meant an end to the mechanism of devaluing the exchange rate as an instrument for competitive adjustment of... More > the country’s economy during times of crisis. Greek and Spanish citizens should have received more information from their politicians about the risks involved in joining the Euro. Because once you are in, getting out is very traumatic and generates too many problems. Germany has financed itself with money from the peripheral countries and has had a currency which is much more devalued than the Deutschmark would have been. If Germany had been outside the Euro, it would have levels of exports as a percentage of its GDP which are much lower than those it currently has, and during the crisis its exports would have suffered more.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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