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The Accidental Addict By Di Porritt, Di Russell
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Finally Real Answers for People Suffering with Tranquilizer and Sleeping Pill Addiction. I know your pain! I have walked and lived in your shoes! You now have answers to the pain and suffering... More > associated with benzo addiction. There are millions of people just like you experiencing the dreadful symptoms of benzo addiction and getting help. I am happy to tell you that our book 'The Accidental Addict' has been an answer to prayer for many folks and it will be for you too. Here is What You Will Learn The truth about the benzo business. Everything you MUST know about benzo addiction How you get addicted? Damaging things you should avoid during withdrawal. What is the best method to wean off benzos? Should you stop right away or do it slowly? How long will it take to recover? Discover what your doctor is "not" telling you. A-Z of Benzo Symptoms. Discover the 50 benzodiazepines withdrawal symptoms< Less
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Trại Hoa Đỏ By Di Li
eBook (ePub): $1.50
Trại Hoa Đỏ”- tiểu thuyết trinh thám kinh dị VN đầu tiên Tiểu thuyết trinh thám kinh dị đặc... More > biệt phát triển ở Âu – Mỹ và có những tác gia nổi tiếng được biết đến khắp thế giới, được dịch và đọc nhiều ở Việt Nam, song chưa được các tác giả trong nước chú trọng khai thác. Diên Vĩ được chồng tặng một trang trại nằm giữa vùng núi hẻo lánh. Ngay khi bước chân đến đây, cô đã có dự cảm chẳng lành. Một bộ tộc kỳ dị, những con người kỳ dị, những vụ sát hại bí ẩn và truyền thuyết về dòng họ Quách khiến chuỗi ngày ở Trại Hoa Đỏ trở thành một chuyến đi kinh hoàng… Trại Hoa Đỏ được xuất bản do NXB Công an Nhân dân và Công ty Cổ phần Văn hóa và truyền thông Phương Đông, vừa được ra mắt khá trang trọng tại Trung tâm giao lưu văn hóa Nhật Bản tại Việt Nam (27, Quang Trung, Hà Nội). Tác phẩm này nằm trong số hơn 30 tác phẩm đã dự thi một cuộc thi do Bộ Công an và Hội Nhà văn VN phối hợp tổ chức.< Less
Seascape, 2009 By Di Jenkins
Calendar: $19.75
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Images of the dramatic ocean beach at Sorrento, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria.
The Adventures of Big Ted By Di Loveland
Paperback: $15.88
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Come and meet Big Ted and join Polly and Peter as they listen to the stories of his amazing adventures!
TEST KITCHEN Measurements By Di Lettante
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Free Kitchen Measurement Conversion Charts
Commercial Sausage Roll Manufacture for Cafes, Bakeries and Diners By Di Lettante
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Want to make more money from your Cafe, Bakery, Deli, Lunch Bar or Diner? This commercial sausage roll recipe was developed over 6 months in our busy cafe/diner; we now make two batches a week, a... More > total of 168 sausage rolls every week. This converts to a weekly profit of $503. The motivation for developing this product was not only one of profit margin, but quality and customer satisfaction/perception as well. What is provided here is the recipe, cost analysis and a detailed photographic storyboard of every step in the production and baking process including all the production and storage tricks we have developed and ideas for developing your own flavour variants (we produce a curry, bacon/cheese and chilli versions). This is a full commercial bakery recipe and can be scaled up or down to suit.< Less
2010 German Shorthaired Puppy Calendar By Di Borer
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2010 Calendar of original prints of German Shorthaired Puppies 6-9 weeks old. Bred & Born in Northeast Nebraska July 2009.
Tarkington Wolf By Di Roach
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An unearthly wolf prowls in the English town of Tarkington and is killed by two brothers, Theo and Ben Cathmore. But, instead of a wolf, they discover that they had mistakenly murdered their own... More > father. After spending ten years among a gypsy caravan, Ben returns to Tarkington to discover that Theo has become a local dictator and that the wolf is alive and more vicious than ever. Worst of all, he finds himself falling hopelessly in love with Hazel, his brother's estranged wife. Driven by betrayal, and unable to stay away from the woman he loves, Ben seeks out the links between his tyrannical brother and the murderous Tarkington Wolf.< Less
Split in Ha/lf By Di Westfall
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Maria and Christine are identical twins. The similarities between both girls winds in and out of their young lives. Both girls look alike. But that is where the similarities often end. A large... More > Irish-Austrian family. Her father is a loving though troubled man. Her mother holds the family together, with the help of her older brothers. Maria would like to be close to her sister. But Tina keeps her wall up. Maria chips away at her twins wall, and once in awhile breaking through. This is a coming to age story in an era where morals and family life begins to crumble. Will this family be able to withstand society's norm? Humor is a large part of the Donnelly family. Book number one, features life from the 1950's to 1968. Parochial school and family trips. Love and laughter.< Less