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American Eagles - The Illustrated History of American Aviation in World War I By Narayan Sengupta
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American Eagles is the thrilling history of the United States Air Service, US Naval Aviation and US Marine Aviation during World War I. It is about the aviators, their aircraft, their aerodromes and... More > their lives before, during and after the war. The book covers the Lafayette Escadrille, the United States Air Service, US Naval Aviation and US Marine Aviation and aviators such as Eddie Rickenbacker, Frank Luke, David Ingalls and Quentin Roosevelt. This book weaves fascinating stories, official histories and interviews of the brave, and sometimes not so brave, American pilots. The book features an extraordinary collection of 237 maps and photos. Many of the photos are newly discovered. All photos have been painstakingly digitally restored so that they are as beautiful as the day they were first taken. American Eagles also incorporates down to earth technical explanations to make an entertaining, compelling and extensively researched page-turner. 354 pages, 8.5 "x 11", 237 photos, maps and paintings.< Less
Disruption Des Journalismus By Magdalena Taube
Paperback: $10.36
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Today, public interest in journalism seems greater than ever. Buzzwords such as 'fake news' or 'click bait' indicate that we are dealing with a polarising political issue. Anyone who dares to... More > investigate journalism in this intensified situation also wants to better understand the world in which we are living. After all, journalists play a decisive role in this scenario because they have a strong influence on how we perceive the world. How has their role changed since the advent of the internet? What does it mean that there is both a new generation of readers and a new generation of journalists called digital natives who were born in the 1980s and raised on the Internet in the 1990s? Searching for answers, the book paints a multi-layered portrait of the Internet generation. It above all shows one thing: though the far-reaching transformation of media set in motion by digitalization often appears like an uncontrollable force of nature, we can actively shape this process even in our everyday journalistic work.< Less
Revista Foto DNG Nº 16 By Carlos Longarela
Paperback: $19.30
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Número 16 (Diciembre 2007) de la revista mensual de fotografía Foto DNG. Contenido (72 páginas): Redacción. [Página 5]Noticias. [Página 6]Fujifilm... More > Sonimagfoto 2007. [Página 18]Reflecta Sonimagfoto 2007. [Página 22]Joan Ubide (China). [Página 30]Fotografía de Fran Berbel. [Página 46]Cable Woman. [Página 54]El Digital Matte Painting . [Página 58]Segundo Concurso Fotográfico Foto DNG. [Página 86]< Less
Revista Foto DNG Nº 17 By Carlos Longarela
Paperback: $20.10
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Número 17 (Enero 2008) de la revista mensual de fotografía Foto DNG. Contenido (76 páginas): Redacción. [Página 5]Noticias. [Página 6]Viaje a Israel.... More > [Página 14]Cuba, el calor y Varadero. [Página 34]Fotografía de Florin Cojoc (Talavera). [Página 44]Pintando con Luz - Light Painting. [Página 52]Historia de la fotografía. [Página 56]Poesía y Fotografía. [Página 62]Segundo Concurso Fotográfico Foto DNG. [Página 64]< Less
Artbook Ulystrator #2 By Ulysse Dautrême
Hardcover: $37.20
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Deuxième Artbook d'images et illustrations en tout genre réalisées à la peinture numérique par Ulystrator de 2012 à 2014.
The quadruple witching day By Nadia NADEGE
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Le jour des quatre sorcières présente une série d'oeuvres miniatures, composée de toiles en techniques mixtes et d'estampes numériques, créées de 2004... More > à 2014. The quadruple witching day presents a miniature series, made up of mixed media paintings and digital prints, created from 2004 till 2014.< Less
cartoon campus By wonyoung lee
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One of Wired magazine's "5 Must-Have iPad Apps", the Autodesk® SketchBook® Pro for iPad™ drawing app is a professional-grade paint and drawing app. It combines high-quality... More > digital pencils, pens, markers, and airbrushes with a Multi-Touch gesture-based user interface, enabling you to create everything from quick sketches to high-quality artwork on the iPad. A Natural Sketching Experience SketchBook Pro is your virtual sketchbook. Designed specifically for pen-based interaction, SketchBook Pro enables you to transform your desktop computer, laptop, or tablet PC into a digital sketchpad. The intuitive interface makes it easy to access a host of tools and features, including pencils, markers, brushes, colors, guides, layers, and blending effects.< Less
Wirtualne modelarstwo: Materiały i tekstury By Witold Jaworski
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This is Polish version of “Virtual Airplane: Materials and Textures” guide. (You can find its English edition on this site, among the other books by this Author). It teaches how to... More > "paint" digital model of a historical aircraft. This "picture-based" guide is usable to some extent even in a foreign language! Treat it as the trailer of English edition. You can download this guide and skim all its pages! An English translation of its table of contents (a PDF file of the cover and first pages) may be also useful in such a case. This third edition describes Blender 2.7. To get it, visit *>>< Less
To Go To S'pore. Contemporary Writing From Singapore. Edited by Kirill Cherbitski By Various Authors
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Поехать в С-пур. Современная... More > сингапурская литература. Антология / Составление, перевод с английского, справки об авторах и предисловие Кирилла Щербицкого. — New York, Ailuros Publishing, 2013. — 98 с. ISBN 978-1-938781-17-9 Первая русскоязычная антология современной литературы Сингапура. Составление и перевод с английского Кирилла Щербицкого. В оформлении обложки использован рисунок Ng Xi Jie «Sea Song». Редактор Елена Сунцова. To Go To S'pore. Contemporary Writing from Singapore. Edited by Kirill Cherbitski. The Anthology / Translations, compilation, information about the authors, and preface by Kirill Cherbitski. — New York, Ailuros Publishing, 2013. — 98 p. ISBN 978-1-938781-17-9 The book cover is based on the painting «Sea Song» by Ng Xi Jie. Publishing and final editing by Elena Suntsova. A printed copy of the book can be delivered worldwide. A digital copy in the PDF format can be downloaded freely from the publisher's webpage at:< Less
Reflexioni V.02 By Peter Vetter et al.
Paperback: List Price: $114.02 $57.01 | You Save: 50%
Prints in 3-5 business days Reflexioni v.o2 Reflexioni Malerei / Dichtung/Collage/Mixed-Media Dieses Projekt ist eine dreisprachige Gedichtsammlung composta in tre lingue (ted, it ed eng). Il sottotitolo è... More > „Post-Modern / Avant-Guardian“. Le poesie riguardano le questioni principali attorno a cui ruota il movimento artistico „Ein_Wir / Ich_Freie Welt“:the relationship between “Ego-You-We”, “the World”, life, Being and Coming in to Bein", and all that "Is" and will "Be". this is the first digtalized collection of poems which is printed and then reshaped (repainted and so on) and digitalized again. For instance: The first printed version of "Reflexioni" is a BOD-published and printed book and was bought by the authors themselves. This released book was then painted and collaged again and then scanned in and republished as a second version (v.02) of the original-version. The "Coming in to Being" of any Copy which becomes the unique Original Copy of all copies. The end is reached.< Less

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