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GSM TECHNOLOGY FOR ENGINEERS begins with basic radio concepts, understanding "analog radio" and "digital radio", then covers fundamentals of mobile communication networks: base... More > stations, cells, handoffs and mobility. With this in place, we go more advanced discussing on GSM and covering every aspect of the technology in depth, including GSM signaling, SS7, Call Handling, Dimensioning and Optimization.< Less
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After computers , television and radio transmission ,internet , mobile phones ,news , cameras and photography , memory devices , printers , medical equipments etc -all had the digital technology... More > in them. What if a software code, for developing hundreds of programming languages and software’s existed. How to create that kind of software or hardware? What’s an encryption ? what’s a password protection in net banking using digital technology ?can a robot be made to speak ? If yes , how? Although technology has improved in today’s world , has the art of communication developed while using the digital equipments like radio, tv and mobile phones. Thus this book is an example of solving a given problem through analysis and research on an existing technology or science ,and the art of questioning and raising ideas of improvement ,ultimately innovating new concepts in software programming and hardware desighning . It shows a step by step approach in creating a new digital product .< Less
Digital Technology Studio By Henry Runus
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This publication is dedicated to digital photography, pocket cameras and digital SLR's. Laptops and applications will also be included with a focus on Olympus pocket cameras, Canon digital SLR's and... More > HP laptops because I currently have and use these products. I will be adding more stuff to this publication in future editions as time allows.< Less
Andrew Thurlow - Digital Technologies By Andrew Thurlow
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Digital Manufacturing, Advanced Computing and Introduction to Computing projects developed by Andrew Thurlow's students at Roger Williams University and the University of Tennessee.
An Introduction to Digital Project™ By Gehry Technologies
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An introduction to Digital Project™ providing an overview of the primary methods and tools.
Quick Start Guide in Digital Project™ By Gehry Technologies
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Beginner's guide to Digital Project™ by Gehry Technologies for producing rapid results.
TrendSiters - Digital Content and Web Technologies By Sam Vaknin
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Essays dedicated to the new media, doing business on the web, digital content, its creation and distribution, e-publishing, e-books, digital reference, DRM technology, and other related issues.
Project Manager Training Manual in Digital Project™ By Gehry Technologies
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Training for Building Project Managers in Digital Project™ developed by Gehry Technologies.
Architecture & Structures Training Manual in Digital Project™ By Gehry Technologies
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Introduction to Architecture & Structures in Digital Project™, a Building Information Modeling environment based upon CATIA and developed by Gehry Technologies.
Digital Signage Power: An Experts Guide to Mastering the Technology By Justin Ryan
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This Easy-to-Read Book Tells You Everything You Need to Know to Put the “Digital Signage Revolution” To Work In Your Business – And Make More Money Than All Your Competitors... More > Combined! The Digital Signage Revolution Is Here! Now YOU Can Make the MOST of it – with the EASY Instructions in this new up-to-date book! And now, instead of trying to learn all about Digital Signage the hard way – you know, attending expensive seminars… researching web sites… reading trade magazines… devouring white papers, case studies, newsletters… or spending your “free” time on expensive webinars… all you have to do is DOWNLOAD AND READ ONE BOOK…< Less