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Dear Disappointment By Scott Carless
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Another idiosyncratic book from author Scott Carless. Claiming to have found a series of letters written by an individual called Boy, Carless provides the reader with an insight on an oddly insane... More > and yet ever hopeful mind. Quirky, original, and strangely challenging.< Less
Disappointing Hell By Tara Meddaugh
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Van ends up in an altercation with his soul, and is disappointed with the results. This very short dark comedy play is approximately 3 minutes long with minimal set and costumes. Cast: 1 male (with... More > optional additional cast up to 10 male/female)< Less
The Great Disappointment By Box Brown
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The Great Disappointment collects work from Box Brown's web and print comic, Everything Dies. This first volume features the non-fiction and auto-bio stories such as: The Great Disappointment, The... More > Great Upsucking, Alpha, Omega, Ben Died of a Train and many others. "More than anything, Everything Dies’ chief success is that it is an exercise in theological reverse-engineering, breaking down theunfathomable whole to better understand all of its working parts. Until Moses comes down from Mt Sinai with the instruction manual, I, for one, am more than happy to watch Box Brown work on it. Martin Steenton, Avoid the Future blog" *Notable comic in The 2011 Best American Comics Anthology *Winner of two 2011 Ignatz Awards (Best Series, Best Mini-comic for Ben Died of a Train.)< Less
disappointed, but not surprised By rhiannon mcmahon
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for people who like social media, crying in bed and vaguely relating to other people liking social media and crying in bed
A Series of Disappointments By Peggy Knutson
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Doris Johnson is a middle-aged woman stuck in a gray-cubicle job and an absent-husband marriage. One really bad day propels her on a journey to revisit the decisions she's made in her life. She packs... More > up her cat, Mrs. Palmer, and together they set off to explore the forks-in-the-road not taken. She rekindles a relationship with old friend Tim Woodman, who is in need of love. She seeks out her old flame, Zeke Lyons, who, she discovers, is afflicted with a lack of integrity. Finding her first love, Jack O'Lent, reveals that he has become a brainwashed activist. Along the way, she finds that she herself has mysteriously become the object of a government manhunt. (cover photo -< Less
How to Deal With Disappointment By Diani Gernandt, Ferdinand Gernandt
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The reality is - we are all human. We will face obstacles and we will face challenges, so facing disappointment is inevitable. The best medicine for a time of challenge or difficulty is to digest... More > as much inspiring and uplifting material as you possibly can! Use the time to increase your own knowledge and skill, to find stories that inspire you and to find hope during a time of disappointment.< Less
It's OK To Be Disappointed By Bennyness
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'It's OK To Be Disappointed' is a collection of writings, ranging from diary entries, lists, projects (which include film reviews), memoirs, and even an e-mail. All of these writings are by a guy on... More > a journey in a mundane life. He's known to friends as Bennyness, and this is an insight into how his mind works.< Less
Life is Full of Disappointments and Happiness By Melissa Edmunds
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Poems about life and the things that happen to us on our journey through life
Disappointment at the Gate of Aesir By Joseph Santiago
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The Casino in Connecticut is the capital building for those of us in the Great Game who live in New England. My friend Matt is a professional gambler who thought he discovered a game full of high... More > rollers to crash, but it wasn't that simple. Since friends invite their friends along when they do stupid things I came along for the ride. What we discovered is that there are people betting on what utter strangers will do next. These Architects of behavior have the money and power to do more than make you disappear. They will make you live a life that the average person believes can only be fantasy, and the alternative is often worse. This mostly true story will make you doubt the facts and make you question if someone really is pulling your strings. Even the paranoid are right sometimes...< Less
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The writings of the Revelation of John and the gospels of Mark and Matthew unequivocally link Jesus' return to rule as Israel's Messianic king with the destruction of the Temple; however, the gospels... More > of Luke and John deny this teaching. Why is this so? Because the Revelation and the gospels of Mark and Matthew were all written prior to the Great Disappointment of 79 A.D, and the gospels of Luke and John, were written afterward. This is why Matthew and Luke's virgin birth stories, their genealogies and their prophecies of Jesus' return [Mt.24; Lk.21] differ so much; and John's gospel differs from all of them. They were each claiming to have the 'true gospel' at each other's expense! In this book: “THE GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT OF 79 A.D.” we will discover the answer to all of these difficult questions of Christian doctrine and many more!< Less