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From A to Believe By Paul Sands
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Herein lies the essence of a man willing to be honest about himself. No puffery or hollow euphemisms. Simply the grime of everyday existence filtered through the Sands. (Tasty Wax Recordings)
Make Me Believe By Lia Costa
eBook (ePub): $3.00
Lara is a young, beautiful and well-succeeded woman, who is about to experience the happiest day of her life. However, everything changes when the man she loves runs away from her, leaving her alone... More > at the church's door. After many days of deep sadness and loneliness her luck changes again and she gets her love back. Unfortunately, not for long... And one day, coming from nowhere, love strikes again. But nothing seems to be easy in her life. She faces a choice that might change the course of her life and while that happens she is haunted by the past. She doesn't believe anymore, does she? Little by little, she will find something worth to believe: love!< Less
Alex Zuvini's Third Engagement By dean memmott
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Set in 23rd-Century Utah, "Alex Zuvini's Third Engagement" presents a story about a Zat man wanting to take a third try at marriage. A divorced father of four children, Alex Zuvini has been... More > dating fellow Zat Cherrie Shuttah for three years, and in June 2238, he proposes marriage to her on Strawberry Island in Eastern Utah. A divorced mom of three teenagers, Cherrie accepts the proposal. The betrothed couple's minds become filled with expectations of them sharing a long, happy marriage together. However, strong challenges soon rise against those aspirations. First, Cherrie's three kids become opposed to the engagement, because they don't want to be stepsiblings of Alex's blue daughter Belinda. The situation becomes more complicated when a tragic accident forces Alex to move his four kids to Pretoria, Utah, which Cherrie has long hated. So Alex struggles to keep his engagement from snapping to pieces before he can marry Cherrie.< Less
barefoot charlie and the book of dreams "the director's cut" By mike malchow
Paperback: $11.64
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Psalms of the sidewalk, tales from the avenue, talks and thoughts of poor folks, the unwashed and unwanted, street preachers and ones who listen. barefoot charlie and the book of dreams is made up... More > of stories of people who stay in a homeless shelter or on the streets, told through a series of vignettes by the author. these vignettes show how the coarse reality of poverty combined with addiction and in concert with mental illnesses can lead to a person losing their housing. The struggles presented by these problems show the full-spectrum of human emotions and serve as a reminder that most of us are but a series of misfortunes away from the harsh reality of homelessness.< Less
The Spirit of the New Frontier By dean memmott
Paperback: $17.28
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As distant cousins in the early 1960's, Cade and Parker Griffith have one thing in common: a strong desire to make it big as journalists. Cade aspires to cover historical events as a wire service... More > reporter. Parker, meanwhile, wants to win a huge collection of Pulitzer Prizes. The two distant cousins, however, face circumstances that could erase their journalism dreams. Cade, for one, has trouble finding bigger newspapers willing to hire him away from a Utah weekly where he works as a sportswriter, and he is involved with a divorcee who wants to remain in their hometown of American Fork. Parker, meanwhile, has a tendency to take up as girlfriends lady co-workers at newspapers where office romances are taboo. Through Cade and Parker, we relive a vivid recreation of the early 1960's.< Less
IT IS SO LONG... (A Love Story) By Yinka ADEBOYE
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IT IS SO LONG A Love Story... Lara, an undergraduate student was love-blind and this made her to chase her shadow by loving Segun, a promiscuous philandering man. Segun in turn gave her the slip and... More > the centre could not hold together for her any longer…< Less
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Love and Despair By Barbara Daniel
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A set of poems that recount the life and expectations of the author and her attempts to meet these challenges. The joys of love and of being loved are treated equally with the despair of loss and... More > remembrance.< Less
My Books' Bad Day By Vicki Dennis
Paperback: $9.99
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Seven year old Eloise loved her book. She recieved the book when she was four years old. Her favorite book had gone on many journeys with her, to school, the park and grandmas house. The journey ends... More > when her book is mishandled by friends, a bad kitty, a playful puppy and her younger brother Edward. The book is run over by a dump truck, falls in a sink filled with soap and water, colored in and even ripped. Despite all her mothers warnings about the book being ruined Eloise shares her book with others and forgets to place the book on the shelf when not reading it. In the end Eloise and her mom try effortlessly to repair the book before they cuddle in the rocking chair and develop a plan to get Eloise a new book for her birthday. My Books Bad Day deals with feelings, responsibility and friends. A must have!< Less
Memoirs - With Chapters By Emuemu Sakura
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Memoirs of love, challenge, disappointment, and despair.

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