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An Organized Student - Your School Life By Margie Heisler
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Empower your child with the essential organizational skills needed to achieve a future of personal and academic success! Life can be out of control for a student lacking organizational skills.... More > Today’s kids are over-programmed, overwhelmed and over-stressed. This innovative, kid-friendly book will instill fundamental organizational skills and positive time management strategies needed to meet the demands of today's challenging world. "Your School Life" can be completed independently by the student, guided by a parent or incorporated into a teacher’s curriculum. Every student can benefit from these invaluable lifelong organizational skills! The benefits of an organized life are: Less Stress, More Confidence, Strong Focus, High Productivity, More Free Time and Better Grade Potential. Be proactive in your child's organizational future! (Ideal for middle and high school students.)< Less
Coping with ADHD By Robert Mijas
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As recently as twenty years ago, the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was virtually unheard of. It’s not that the malady wasn’t around; it’s just that the label... More > hadn’t been coined back then. In the 1980’s, ADHD kids were the problem ones in school. They couldn’t pay attention in class, they were constantly disorganized, and recess was a time of joy for them. They were always being yelled at and reprimanded and felt frustrated 95 percent of the time they spent at school. Due to lack of activity, hyperactivity manifested itself, these days this would probably have been labeled as ADHD. In the past decade, the amount of ADHD diagnoses has skyrocketed. It seems like every single classroom has at least one child on medication for ADHD. Adults are even being diagnosed with Adult ADHD. This ebook offers options in dealing with individuals with ADHD.< Less