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Sparky and the Waarheid Camera By Stephen DeLuca
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Set in 1970, we follow Sparky Donnelly, a ten-year-old boy whose superficially idyllic home life is about to shatter. Sparky is aware that something is wrong—a feeling which he experiences as... More > an vague dissatisfaction and naively believes that other people are living far more fun and exciting lives. This idea obsesses Sparky and triggers an extraordinary dream of an entire day, during which he sets out through the neighborhoods of his city—at first, in a vain attempt to find his classmates, and later just to get home. Armed with a special camera that purportedly reveals the true essence of things, Sparky gets a taste of a wide spectrum of dysfunctional and perverse adults in his travels. The conversations that ensue from these encounters serve up slyly ironic and raunchy humor, including some unwittingly sardonic observations by Sparky himself. Sparky is given the opportunity to learn that adulthood has its own limitations and frustrations and that the fun and exciting life comes at a cost.< Less
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"At least you once had a life - and perhaps one day I'll have one," Seb tells his great-grandmother, but only occasional words draw a response. Her bitterness at being placed in an old... More > people's home is fading as her memory melts away. During Seb's visits she scatters hints of a life she has kept secret from her family. Did she once have another identity? What did she do in the war? Why does no one know? And what has she forgotten that torments her? Seb tries to unravel her past and reconstruct her life. At times she falls silent and drifts away clinging to a fragment of memory. Then Seb is left to soliloquise about the dissatisfactions of his own life. He describes his attempts to begin a relationship with a girl - any girl - and in desperation hits on the idea of an arranged romance. But his efforts are being sabotaged.< Less
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Alexei Savrasov: Paintings By Daniel Coenn
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Alexei Kondratyevich Savrasov was a Russian landscape painter one of the founders of the lyrical landscape style, called later by critics the mood landscape. The painting brought him fame. He... More > graduated in 1850 at the Moscow School of Painting, and directly began to specialize in landscape painting. In 1857, Savrasov became a professor at the Moscow School of Painting. Here among his best disciples were Isaac Levitan and Konstantin Korovin. In the 1860s he traveled to England. The painters who influenced him most were John Constable and Swiss painter Alexandre Calame. In 1870, Savrasov became a member of the Peredvizhniki group, breaking with government-sponsored academic art. In 1871, after the death of his daughter, misfortunes in his personal life and dissatisfaction with his artistic career he became an alcoholic. All attempts of his relatives and friends to help him were in ineffective. The last years of his life Savrasov led the life of a pauper, wandering from shelter to shelter.< Less
Radio Daze By Bob Stanhope
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According to Wikipedia a mid life crisis effects about 10% of the population and occurs at approximately the age of 46. It’s supposedly caused by a realization of one’s mortality,... More > dissatisfaction with a career, maturation of children, or some regret over a life situation. For men it can last from 3 to 10 years and the American stereotype is that the afflicted buys a sports car. Radio Daze is a description of what might have been Bob’s mid-life crisis when he left a stable, secure career as a high school math teacher for a job in broadcasting. It details his experiences in radio (and a little TV) that started in college and then, after an 18-year break, continued until he was almost 50. Included are stories of good and bad bosses, eccentric and funny colleagues, strange business decisions, and the general chaos of being live on the air every day. While the specifics might be unique to Bob, the book makes it clear that broadcasting is a medium that attracts a very unusual group of people.< Less

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