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A Fort to Divide By Katie Graham
Hardcover: $17.02
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Stacy is a elementary school student faced with a conflict that pits the girls against the boys and escalates out of control.
Dividing Lines By Camille Michaluk
Hardcover: $20.00
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"The Soviet Union belongs to every country that is a part of it, and one day they will know that and I am looking forward to the day where I see you fall." 1932-1933: Damien; the ethical... More > and selfless. Isaiah; the kind and dependent. Daniil; the unfeeling and loyal. As the reign of Joseph Stalin continues, the people of the Soviet Union are kept in the dark. As these three men pursue their orders they come to the realization that more lives are at stake than they could have dreamed. It comes down to the simple question for the these three citizens: When in the face of uncertainty, who are you loyal to? What is right, or your country?< Less
A Divided Heritage By Margaret S Goldthorp
Paperback: $12.53
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Prejudice, tragedy and the barbarity of war. 1928: Theo, Arianna and Enid arrive in England with their Malayan mother and English father. The family settle in rural Oxfordshire, where they encounter... More > racist attitudes, leading to a life-changing tragedy....... 1938: Theo and Arianna return to Malaya, where they both find love and happiness. But the storm clouds of war are gathering and Japanese Imperialism has its sights on South East Asia. As war and occupation tear their lives apart, Arianna is faced with a momentous decision and Theo's powers of endurance are tested to the limits......< Less
Divided Races By Don Edmundson
eBook (PDF): $4.99
The "Big One" shook the entire Earth in the year 2128 and reshape its surface and gave those who lived there another kick in the behind. Its effects were felt globally. The poles shifted... More > enough to cause the Earth to wobble in very specific cycles. The continents shifted and the United States broke into several pieces; earth continued to reshape itself. However, the Biotrons; who were built to make up for the lack of humans now living in the United States, and then became sentient which caused fear among the people. The European Consortium still allowed their biotrons to be free, the Biotrons in the States were gathered up and imprisoned on one of the Hawaiian Islands. On a cloudy and warm day, Donavan Ballardo the 5th went wind surfing. The wind began to blow as a static storm appeared swiftly. Four days later, he stunned his rescuers when they realized that he was a human. Donavan found himself on the Florida Tip along with thousands of discarded Biotrons.< Less
Divided Worlds By Jennifer Ridge
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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Alexis and Molly return to the Faery Realm, this time to confront monsters. Mutated creatures that move through the Wilds are endangering the fae and threatening the balance of the Realm. Meanwhile,... More > another kind of monster is stalking Molly at home, sending her twisted little gifts as signs of his affection. With their problems bleeding into the Mortal Realm, Alexis and Molly have no choice but to fight back. Teaming up with the fae monarchs, the girls venture into the Unseelie Court to find a way to defeat these demons. However, their new allies are just as frightening as the beasts they will be facing …< Less
A Kingdom Divided By Christopher Mark Piper
eBook (PDF): $29.88
It is possible I have created a new genre of writing with this work - A work of large proportions, practically 12-months in the accomplishment thereof. 60,000-words in theatrical-action and... More > dialogues; a further 60,000-words in scholarly-footnotes immediately accessible throughout the work, and affording greater comprehensibility to the text, in lieu of tragicomical undertones and/or historical overtones. The entire work tends to be an expose of the so-called "Golden-Age of Elizabeth ('Gloriana') the First", with character-portraits worthy of the "historian" throughout - and I would stylize myself such, in lieu of Maritain's wonderful definition quoted as a summary text-header prior to one of the Act-Chapters in this book. Melodrama and humorousness are present throughout this "intended for theatre" work; and its history puts our present "modernity" into truer perspective and a more informed and understandable context - I found it entertaining in the writing. I hope you will find it the reading!< Less
Divided Together By Michelle Mead & Eric Mead
Paperback: $14.00
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A poetry collection inspired by the artwork of the poet's deceased brother.
Divided Pools By Erik Sternberger
eBook (PDF): $1.65
A short collection of poetry written during the process of maturing.
An Instrument Divided By Carter Callison
Hardcover: $120.00
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The double bass has used numerous tunings throughout the course of its history. The standard fourths-tuning of the double bass did not settle until the 1920s and bassists have neglected to explore... More > tunings that were previously used. Recently, a small faction of the bass world has explored tuning the bass in fifths (C’ G’ D A) for the first time in over a hundred years. At the same time, a bassist in Germany has begun to experiment with another fifths-tuned bass tuned G’ D A e. Since the bass has a limited amount of repertoire and is arguably one of the most difficult instruments to physically play, this paper proposes that by combining these two tunings, a player will be able to execute music in a more efficient and musical manner. The foundation for a substantial amount of this research was obtained through a workshop as well as interviews with many renowned bassists. The insights discovered through this project led to the development of a new work for piano and double bass that is included in this paper.< Less
Divided Pools By Erik Sternberger
Paperback: $15.96
Prints in 3-5 business days
A short collection of poetry written during the process of maturing.

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