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Djinn are magical beings. Whereas most mortals were formed by the Creator from earth mixed with other elements, Djinn were formed from smoke and fire. In the distant past, the different tribes of... More > Djinns had lot of interaction with mortals. It is a very lucky mortal who walks Away with only a curse. Some occult practitioners used black magic to summon Jinn; others use white magic. Black magic Rituals must be avoided as they can bring very devastating consequences for caster. Do not summon Jinn for evil or harmful purpose as this may lead to negative consequences for some one. They can be bound to any object like ring, pendant, and stone etc These invocation rituals are safe as long as you follow the instructions and must have good intention. A paranormal activity can occur as a result of the rituals. If you are afraid of paranormal occurrences then do not perform these rituals. Also no one under 20 years should perform the rituals.< Less
Djinn By Max Overton
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Born of the smokeless flame in the wilderness of prehistoric Arabia, a djinni comes into being. A creature of pure energy, he takes the form of a green-tinged blue flame that feeds off the life... More > forces of human kind, taking pleasure in death and terror. A chance encounter with a shepherd on a mountain alters the course of his existence. The man mistakes him for a god and offers up an act of worship. Amused, Djinn maintains the deception and the god al-Ilah is born. Over hundreds of years, he bends the tribes of Arabia to his will until another man and another god oust him from his place of pre-eminence. Cast back into the role of demon, Djinn wanders the Islamic world, from Spain to India and beyond, bringing death and despair to those whose lives he touches. Then he encounters a Raksha demon in India and finds himself fighting for survival against the gods themselves.< Less
DJINNS By Michel Delsarte
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Les Djinns ont enfin pu quitter leur bouteille. Septante-deux djinns pour être exact. Normalement, vous devriez en trouver des bienfaisants et, comme dans toute société, vous y... More > découvririez des mal embouchés. Mais voilà, ces djinns estiment avoir été enfermés dans cette maudite bouteille bien trop longtemps et veulent le faire savoir. A travers les trois voeux qu'ils vont vous proposer. Alors vous voilà prévenus. Méfiez-vous !< Less
The Book of Djinns By Belida Uckun
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An overview of the life and behavior of various djinns, how to interact with them in war and love.
Djinn Summoning By Dalida Carta
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In this book you will read of Djinns, solomon, Summoning a Djinn Spell, Enchant your Personal Djinn/Genie, More Djinn Binding Spell, Hou to contact with your Djinn, Hou to do a contact with a Djinn... More > incense, Hou to do a Astral Travel Incense, Colors of Orbs, Hou to do a Meditations Incense, Hou to do a Dream Incense,Exorcism.< Less
Princess Of The Djinn By Teejay LeCapois
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Meet Halima Abdulmajid, an embattled superhero leading a secret life in Toronto, Ontario. Born in 890 A.D. to an Arab father and a Somali mother, Halima slowly discovers a whole new world. Turns out... More > her father, Baabur the Traveler, is a Djinn. A race of inter-dimensional beings who sometimes go about disguised as humans. Baabur blessed Halima with incredible abilities. Powers which Halima must use to protect Toronto from the non-humans secretly living there, preying on ordinary mortals. Halima's existence as a protector is a lonesome one, until she meets Elisabeth Julien-Ramos, a lovely Haitian-Dominican tomboy who accepts Halima as she is. For the 1125-year-old superwoman, letting someone into her heart is not easy. Halima and Elisabeth find themselves up against ultimate evil. Can their love overcome ?< Less
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Djinn on the Rocks By Dante Elgin
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Countless emigrants hitting the shores of New York have long since made it a practice to Americanize their names and buy into their new culture. That’s just what half-breed djinn, Rabriel,... More > does when he suddenly finds himself in Manhattan. He changes his name to John Denny and sets up shop, selling wishes to those who can afford them. Only when the gods come calling does he learn that he’s violated some very core rules of the universe. Now he’s faced with becoming indentured to one of them, and who it will be depends on how he performs on a test they’ve created just for him--one he hasn’t the faintest idea what to do.< Less
Djinn and Tonic By Dante Elgin
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Djinn Rabriel, a.k.a. John Denny, has a new master after the gods have duked it out to see who’d get his marker. The gig doesn’t seem too bad and life moves smoothly for him—at... More > least for the first twelve hours. Then he tanks his first assignment, alienates his boss, gets kidnapped by a rogue cop, and has his wishes hijacked. To complicate matters, he’s dogged by an evil god, a scornful one, and a vengeful third, all trying to snag his marker for themselves. Oh, and he can’t forget about his bank representative, who’s still the hostage of an enemy who holds all the cards.< Less
Djinn of the Pines By Michael Parker & Raequel White
eBook (ePub): $2.99
The first issue of the interview of the Jersey Devil himself. Told from the viewpoint of interviewer, Michael Parker. In this issue we first meet the monster and learn of his desire to tell his tale.... More > Is he really a spawn of Satan? Does he hate mankind? Or, does he just want to live in peace? Hear it straight from the devil's mouth!< Less

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