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With the Night Mail By Rudyard Kipling
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1905 Dystopian Science Fiction, in two stories ‘What under the stars are you doing here, you sky-scraping chimney-sweep?’ he shouts as we two drift side by side. ‘Do you know this... More > is a Mail lane? You call yourself a sailor, sir? You ain’t fit to peddle toy balloons to an Esquimaux. Your name and number! Report and get down, and be ——!’ ‘I’ve been blown up once,’ the shock-headed man cries, hoarsely, as a dog barking. ‘I don’t care two flips of a contact for anything you can do, Postey.’ ‘Don’t you, sir? But I’ll make you care. I’ll have you towed stern first to Disko and broke up. You can’t recover insurance if you’re broke for obstruction. Do you understand that?’ Then the stranger bellows: ‘Look at my propellers! There’s been a wulli-wa down below that has knocked us into umbrella-frames! We’ve been blown up about forty thousand feet! We’re all one conjuror’s watch inside! My mate’s arm’s broke; my engineer’s head’s cut open; my Ray went out when the engines smashed; and... and...< Less
Sing Along Songs By Peter Walsh
eBook (PDF): $4.70
A compilation of lyrics of all popular songs and ballads. All the song you wanted to sing but did not know the lyrics. American Pie,The Green Fields of France,The Last Night As I Roved Out,The... More > Parting Glass,Fields of Athenry,Piano Man, Danny Boy,Yesterday,Dicey Reilly,Let it Be,Don't Forget your Shovel,Love me Do,Fiddlers Green,Yellow Submarine,Finnegan's Wake,King of the Road,Flower of Scotland,Lucky Lips,Four Green Fields,The Dog Shite Song,Leaving Nancy,Black is the Colour,The Mountains of Mourne,Hotel California,Only our Rivers Run Free,Green Green Grass of Home,Raglan Road,Don't Look Back in Anger Red is the Road,Seven Drunken Nights,Spancil Hill,Mrs Robinson,The Cobbler,The Boxer, The Dutchman,Sound of Silence,The juice of the Barley,Crocodile Rock,The Ould Triangle,Stuck in the Middle with You,The Rare Ould Times,Help,The Spanish Lady,Imagine,The Town I Loved So Well,Bye Bye Love,The Wild Colonial Boy,Cliffs of Dooneen, Three Score and Ten,The Voyage,The Band Played Waltzing Matilda.< Less
The Magical Pup By Sarah Ashworth
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All about a dog that escapes to survive the terror but he made a mistake.And now lost his best friend and spreads his ashs this is the start:Once in a pet shop where nobody cared for layed a pup.His... More > name is otis.Otis was white with dark brown eyes wating for another person to arrive.Hello id like to buy this pup here.You mean scooby YEAH.Ok that will be two hundred and fifty two dollars please.Why did i not get picked im a pup too.Mabye another day otis.Caramal said to me caramal why don't you stop talking for a while.okay i just wanna say.Caramal just caramal leve me alone.No look theres a person here hes comming towards us.Hey little fellows hi.No not you ugly guys hey little parrot lets go home.Well i just feel like to give up.No we need to stay ok.HORRaaaa...horrAAAA.If i can't get a home i might as well live my own ways.Goodnight caramal .otis blew a white kiss.Well bye GRAAA.Stop snoring caramal im just gonna go then.Two days later i don't think im going to survive wish i stayed there.< Less
Blues Guitar Vol. 1 (1908-1915) - 20 Tabs By Dorian Henry
Paperback: $7.99
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The complete blues published arranged for guitar (Tablature format, 20 tabs). Vol. 1 (1908-1915) : I Got the Blues 1908 - A. Maggio (p. 10) Dallas Blues 1912 - H. Wand (p. 14) Baby Seals Blues 1912... More > - B. Seals (p. 16) The Memphis Blues 1912 - W. C. Handy (p. 19) The Jogo Blues 1913 - W. C. Handy (p. 22) Medley Blues 1913 - A. Valentine (p. 25) Lasses’ Blues 1913 - L. White (p. 28) I’ve Got The Blues 1913 - P. Baxter (p. 30) The Original Blues 1914 - T. Barron (p. 32) Alamo Blues 1914 - P.L. Eubank (p. 34) The Railroad Blues 1914 - W. Carr (p. 38) The Long Lost Blues 1914 - P. Wyer (p. 40) Yellow Dog Rag 1914 - W. C. Handy (p. 42) The St. Louis Blues 1914 - W. C. Handy (p. 46) The Hesitating Blues 1915 - W. C. Handy (p. 49) Joe Turner Blues 1915 - W. C. Handy (p. 52) Kansas City Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 55) Colorado Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 58) Tipperary Blues 1915 - E. Bowman (p. 62) The Original Chicago Blues 1915 - J. White (p. 64)< Less
Diviertete Formacion Y Comprension De Su Staffordshire Bull Terrier Perrito Y De By Vince Stead
eBook (ePub): $4.99
1 . LAS CARACTERÍSTICAS DE UN BULL TERRIER PERRI-TO Y DEL PERRO DE STAFFORDSHIRE 2 . Lo que usted debe saber sobre los dientes del perrito 3 . Algunos consejos útiles para criar a... More > su Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy 4 . Son Rawhide Treats bueno para su Staffordshire Bull Ter-rier? 5 . Cómo entrenar a tu cajón de Staffordshire Bull Terrier 6 . ¿Cuándo se debe esterilizar o castrar a su perro? 7 . Cuando su Staffordshire Bull Terrier comete errores Potty 8 . Cómo enseñar a su Staffordshire Bull Terrier para Fetch 9 . Que sea más fácil y más saludable para la alimentación de su Staffordshire Bull Terrier 10 . Cuando su Staffordshire Bull Terrier tiene ansiedad por separación , y cómo lidiar con éste 11 . Cuando su Staffordshire Bull Terrier tiene miedo a los ruidos fuertes 12 . Cómo detener su Staffordshire Bull Terrier De saltar so-bre la gente 13 . Cómo construir una caja de parto para un Bull Terrier Staffordshire o cualquier otra raza de perro< Less
my best friend Translated into Hebrew By MIRI BLASS
Hardcover: $20.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
this is a children's book that deals with the friendship between humans and dogs, and in particular among dogs and children, the book highlights the incredible bond between human and dogs and remind... More > us the dog's ability to love and accept us just as we are.< Less
Oliver and the moose By Erik Erson
Paperback: $22.35
Prints in 3-5 business days
Hejsan! This is the illustrated story of the dog Oliver, the whitest, fluffiest little creature this side of the North Pole. Oliver lives in the Big City, in the Small Country, which is located in... More > the North, which is situated on the Western continent, which is on Earth, which rotates around the... oh! I think you got it. Anyway, this is what happened to Oliver one super sunny summer day. Did you know that dogs can fly? It's true! Here's how... (Japanese language version)< Less
EL ENTIERRO DE MI PERRO By Miguel Lundin Peredo
Paperback: $8.30
Prints in 3-5 business days
El entierro de mi perro es una obra teatral en 4 actos que fue inspirada por la nobleza que despiertan los perros en los seres humanos. Pertenece al llamado "Teatro Lundico" y su final... More > tragicomico nos hara acariciar las cabezas de nuestros perros.< Less
Paperback: $9.50
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ГЕННАДИЙ АБРАМОВ "ЕВРЕЙСКАЯ... More > СТОРОЖЕВАЯ" (а также "ТЕАТР УЛИЦ"). ПОВЕСТИ. От автора: "Сколько ни парь, ни утюжь, ни подвязывай собачий хвост, он все равно будет торчать закорючкой".< Less
eBook (PDF): $5.00
ГЕННАДИЙ АБРАМОВ "ЕВРЕЙСКАЯ... More > СТОРОЖЕВАЯ" (а также "ТЕАТР УЛИЦ"). ПОВЕСТИ. От автора: "Сколько ни парь, ни утюжь, ни подвязывай собачий хвост, он все равно будет торчать закорючкой".< Less

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