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Dom By rhonda crawford
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memories of my middle is all too short!he recently turned 11.
Dom By Vladimir Gurvich
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ВЛАДИМИР ГУРВИЧ ДОМ Евгения... More > вышла из дома в сад и посмотрела на коттедж. Нет, это просто невероятно, что она завершила эту трудную, временами нудную, а временами просто изматывающую работу. Иногда ей казалось, что этот труд никогда не завершится, что она здесь так и умрет на этом объекте. Но ведь сделала, да еще как! Не случайно же владелец этой усадьбы даже вручил ей незапланированную премию. Он, наконец, после долгих объяснений с ее стороны понял, что получилось на выходе. А ведь не верил иногда до такой степени, что просто мешал ей делать то, что она считала нужным. [CODE-ART]< Less
Christmas Stories 2014 By Dom
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Christmas Stories. 2014. A collection of Christmas stories and poems written by family and friends.
Odwrócony Dom By Hanna Kulenty-Majoor
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Hanna Kulenty, a Polish-Dutch composer, is the author of more than a hundred compositions (solo, chamber music, symphonies, opera, theater and film). Her works have been performed on all continents... More > and she taught at many music institutions (Poland, USA, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Lithuania). In 1990 she was a guest composer of the DAAD in Berlin and now is a professor in Bydgoszcz, Poland. She is the laureate of many awards, incl. the first place in the 50th International Tribune of UNESCO Composers and Mozart Medal from UNESCO International Music Council for the First Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (2003). Kulenty's first book "Odwrocony Dom" /"Inverted House" consists of two parts. Initially, it was an attempt to quickly record a collection of strange dreams and visions. She added facts from her life, philosophical thoughts and fantasies. Is it surrealism or realism? ... The "Odwrocony Dom" is inverted or reflected in the mirror - as in an image by Magritte.< Less
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St Dom's By Miss Kiss
eBook (ePub): $4.56
When two older teenage brothers find themselves mysteriously in the bodies of two pre-teen girls at a school surrounded by a high fence and run by nuns, they begin to panic. Something has made them... More > different, but no one will listen to them and accept they were once healthy young men. They resolve to escape, but that is easier said than done. They hope someone will help them, someone who too remembers who and what they once were but not everyone can be trusted...< Less
St Dom's By Miss Kiss
Paperback: $9.53
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Two older teen brothers suddenly find themselves as younger girls in an all-girl's school, run by Sisters who refuse to accept they were once males. Don and Martin are bewildered and scared and soon... More > discover the discipline and demands of this unexpected place, and wonder what lies ahead for them with no way out...< Less
Jess and Dom's Wedding By Wanderlusting Artisans
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The best of Jess and Dom's wedding photobooth.
Jon, Tender Dom By Jon
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Freda has an itch that she can not seem to scratch. Her co-worker looks into her soul to find submission, and introduce Freda to her first experience, a mind blowing, painful and pleasurable evening... More > that draws her into a lifestyle many may call taboo, yet long to engage in.< Less
Cucked & Dommed - Volume Three By Melanie Sanders
eBook (PDF): $6.25
Volume-Three of the "Cucked & Dommed" collection continues with Melanie Sanders' "Into My Web". This cuckolding wife is not content to simply dominate and cuckold her husband... More > but fully intends to have an equally obedient lover. Even if the enslavement of the husband will take a far more humiliating form. WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL< Less

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Birth Log Book Birth Log Book By Emily Rumsey
Paperback: $20.00