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The Dark Domain By Marc Alexander
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The Dark Domain Martin Winter first meets the Auber twins on holiday beside Derwentwater – where their great and mysterious house looms over the lakeside. They strike up an immediate... More > friendship... and when they come together again as adults, the old bonds seem to remain. Geoffrey is now a leading figure in the glamorous London art world, and Martin's earlier passion for the beautiful Leila now matures into an adult love affair. But an ancient curse shadows the Auber family. And when Martin steps over the threshold dividing past from present, the worldly from the supernatural, he understands at last the danger threatening the doomed House of Auber – and himself.< Less
Demon Lord IV: Lord of Shadows By TC Southwell
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A captive goddess, a doomed domain and a young dark god who must save the light… Even with his spirit father, Kayos, to guide him, Bane struggles to deny the dark power’s corrupting... More > influence. A tar’merin may stray from the light if his heart is weak, and the darkness will try to seduce him. In order to retain his sanity and fight for the light, Bane must become the Lord of Shadows…< Less
Forbidden Worlds 3 By Gary Wheeler
eBook (ePub): $3.07
Supernatural Stories from the 1950's Lair of the Vampire The Vengeful Spirit The Domain of the Doomed Giants of the Earth Skull of the Sorceror The Witch's Apprentice
Demon Lord VI: Son of Chaos By TC Southwell
eBook (ePub): $2.99
A Grey God’s impregnable shield sphere is his last defence, but a domain Key might unravel it and force him to flee into the unknown, for to Move in the God Realm is to be lost… Bound... More > and powerless, the Demon Lord is doomed unless a light god comes to his aid, but he can no longer wield the shadows. Kayos waits for his dark son to free him, and his time is running out…< Less
Kabbalah, Hermeticism and M-theory By Michael Faust
eBook (ePub): $5.79
M-theory, the latest attempt by scientists to formulate a grand theory of everything, is doomed to failure from the outset. Why? Because it ignores the unextended domain outside space and time, the... More > domain of zero and infinity. M-theory explicitly sets out to prevent the appearance of zero and infinity in any of its equations. It is the last will and testament of materialism, its concluding grand folly before it confronts the truth of an immaterial partner to the material world. So, here is the tale of the cosmos. We will take you on the strangest journey from Kabbalism, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Rosicrucianism, Platonism, Neoplatonism, the Emerald Tablet, the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, the “perennial philosophy”, genies, Aristotle, entelechy, Forms and matter, mind and matter, universals and particulars, all the way to M-theory. Judge for yourself who has the better answers regarding the true nature of existence: scientists or the Pythagorean Illuminati.< Less
Golden Agers: Strange Creatures (in color) By Mini Komix
eBook (PDF): $2.00
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Experience the Golden Agers: Strange series with this special "Creatures" edition! A Lovecraftian collection of some of the most bizarre public domain monsters, aliens, and abominations... More > ever put on the printed page. A scientist enters the reality of the Nightmare World, the Snowman comes to life to fight the fearful Fang, Kongzilla takes a bite out of the Big Apple, crab men creep around in They Crawl By Night, a clockmaker makes an unholy pact with invading demons in Walpurgis, a murderer is hunted by a giant Bird Of Prey, underground dwellers bust loose in Gateway To Horror, Spacehawk swats Uranian bats, and a wicked witch unleashes the ghouls of Hell with the Star Of Doom. Creepy crawlies and marauding monsters a plenty in these classic creature comics!< Less
Sides in a War By Seth Giolle
Paperback: $18.50
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Angelina, Gordon, and Simon grew up in a town gone mad, in a world bent on Stalking and killing all wizards, young and old. Born magical, the fourteen, ten, and seventeen year olds escaped Iroquois... More > Falls with the help of a strong wizard, StarBen and started their journey north to a wizard school where they can train and live free, magical lives. They’ve survived the dangers of the Kasheteh, a great dark eye that’s now a burgeoning Dark Domain. They fought their way north reuniting with StarBen to reach the Canchock, a portal bringing them leagues closer to their ultimate goal. They’re closer now than ever though they’re all wounded, winded, or exhausted in one way or another. No part of their journey’s been simple yet. Will this last short jog around a few arctic peaks be different or yet another brush with certain doom?< Less
Lord of the Mill By Henry Harvey
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Among the children, it is said that he is the Lord of the Mill...Potter’s Mill, which is an abandoned ruin that squats in the middle of the O’Hanley River. He talks to the fireflies and... More > has a snapping turtle for his watchdog. But his kingdom is a troubled one. A woman, perhaps a witch, has intruded into his domain. The sign on her Model A truck says, The Cake Lady. She delivers her cakes and candies and pastries door-to-door. But the children know differently. A vulture follows along behind her, watching and guarding. Her cottage in the woods is a repository not only of chocolates, sugar, and flour, but also of beetles’ legs and jars of moss, and the scales of butterfly wings. Her pastries change people forever. Charlie and Bobby follow the Lord of the Mill back to his ruins on the river. Though they’re frightened, they must warn him of his impending doom.< Less
Freedumb and Dumbocracy: Libertarians, Dogs, Goyim, the Internet, and Last Men By Ranty McRanterson
eBook (ePub): $7.03
"I may not agree with you, but I will defend to the death your right to make an ass of yourself." - Oscar Wilde Thanks to the likes of Wilde, the world is now overrun by asses. The Pope of... More > Fools has been unleashed to preside over the Dumbocalypse. No one needs to burn any books these days since no one reads any books. That would require intelligence and effort. Who needs such things in this time of the internet, the domain of cyber idiocy, of the global moronocracy? Every day on social media is a feast of fools, a bonfire of the inanities. We're never far from the sadding crowd. Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first give a Facebook account. The Pope of Dopes is elected at the Dinner of Dunces. The internet ought to appoint its Troll King of the Day, its Cyber Idiot, its Clown Prince, its World Wide Pleb. Plato thought it insane to entrust power to the mob. He compared them to a bunch of drunks on a party ship, a pleasure cruiser for dummies, sailing to its inevitable doom.< Less

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