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The Gifts Of Hockey By tommie holmes
eBook (PDF): $1.95
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PEARSON PRIZE-FICTION,2010.TEEN CHOICE AWARD. Over 100 high school students rated books sent in. SIX HOCKEY STORIES THAT WILL BRING A TEAR TO YOUR EYE AND EACH HAS A HAPPY ENDING. 1) Chris has never... More > known his father. Through kindness of a school bus driver and a tattered Canadien hockey sweater Chris has the best Christmas ever! 2) A bitter old black man finds redemption by giving a young black boy hockey lessons and his Boston hockey sweater. The friendship helps the boy to continue his studies. 3) A father refuses to let his son play goalie. However through a terrible accident the father learns the true value of life. And at Christmas he finds a way to become his son's best friend. 4) A young girl wants to play hockey with the boys;leading to many problems. Through hockey the girl finds her long lost father.5)At Christmas a boy gets the wrong(Chicago)hockey sweater. However he learns that its not the sweater but what's underneath that counts.6) THE dream of a Toronto Hockey sweater.< Less
Floppy the Mophead By Todd Tibbetts
Hardcover: $27.90
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(Hardcover) Floppy the Mophead was a little rag doll that came to life. He made himself a friend out of clay and set out to build a spaceship. But he didn’t expect to see the bad little boy... More > with green hair. Floppy the Mophead was the first children's book I ever wrote. I had just bought a Mac IIsi in 1991 and I wanted to experiment with scanners and Photoshop. As I look at it today, it definitely feels retro and low-fidelity. But the story is fun and the "old timey" computer graphics actually seem refreshing when compared to today's slick, polished 3D animations. Many of us have had dreams (or nightmares) about our dolls coming to life. This theme has been the basis of many books and movies for kids. My take on it is a little weird and dreamlike. I tried to re-create some of my childhood daydreams and I think I captured a little of that odd magic.< Less
ORCA'S TALE By Samantha B Dupre'
Paperback: $9.99
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Orca's Tale is the heart wrenching story of a young, prideful orca who is stolen from his pod, taken from his ocean home and captured at sea by humans he didn't know he should fear. He is then... More > brought to a new home at an ocean park. He meets his trainer, and learns to entertain the masses; although his thoughts are often with his family back in the deep blue ocean he dreams of swimming in once again. He does wish you to heed this warning, "This is not a happy tale, but the truth is sometimes sad," and that is true, this is not a happy tale. But there is hope, and that hope lies with you and me. Orca's tale has been featured in PETA'S Prime Great Reads for Grand kids and I am so excited to have been included and recognized! Visit ORCA'S TALE on Facebook to learn how this story came about, view original art work, and hear news on how others with the same goal strive to stop orca captivity.< Less
Sophie, Milo and the Great Change By Jody Walker & Shannon Benson Illustrator
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.00 | You Save: 20%
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Have you ever seen a willabee? “What’s a willabee?” you might ask. Well, if you’ve ever been outside chasing a butterfly or climbing a tree or hiking through the woods,... More > I’ll bet some willabees have probably spotted you! They love children most of all and want your world to be beautiful and exciting. Willabees have been with us for a long time. Their story begins when Sophie and her brother, Milo, discover the Magic Clay. Sophie dreams her little creatures to life with her potter’s hands and her kind heart and Milo gifts their minds with the ability to think and to reason. Things go along quite well for all 
these new, fun loving creatures until....until.... well, that you must discover for yourself. But when you step into their crazy, mixed up world, you’ll meet a little willa named 
Eshon and you’ll be there when he make an amazing discovery that changes everything!< Less
Puri (Indonesian Translation) By Robin Craig Clark
Paperback: $21.18
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This is the Indonesian Translation. A spiritual book for children on how a single act of kindness can change the world. Puri teaches that all living creatures are the same. We all need love, we all... More > need a companion. A true story of a child’s compassionate act of kindness towards a homeless and pregnant dog. The story takes place on the beautiful island of Bali, where Sam and his new canine friend, Puri, embark on a ‘high seas’ adventure that takes them beyond their wildest dreams. Every page is beautifully illustrated, inspired by the rich, warm and abundant colors of Bali. Most pictures also contain a hand-drawn Indonesian word taken from the story such as love (kasih), friend (kawan), family (kaliuga) and happy (senang) with a full glossary and pronunciation included at the back of the book. LIMITED FIRST EDITION-Send a signed copy of Puri with your very own personal message to a friend or family for only $14.95 with free shipping. Contact Robin with you message and details.< Less
The Gift Of A Wish By Adam Leeming
Paperback: $7.24
Prints in 3-5 business days
Two Stories. Catch The Dance:- Fairies humming tunes and dancing in the moonlight? A pet rabbit spending his first night in his new home joining in? Is seven year old Ellen really seeing these... More > things? The following day her questions are answered. Then that night a wish. A wish she didn't make or even knew she wanted came true. For the second night in a row Ellen couldn't believe what she was seeing. It was more than just a wish come true. It was the chance to say good-bye to a loved one. If by chance you were able to catch the dance the fairies would send to you a dream set to come true too. Pocket Watch:- It had been handed down to the eldest son for generations. losing it had been a mystery for ten year old Paul. Finding it had been a mystery too. Paul didn't believe in fairies, but it seemed they saw and heard him. Profits from the sale of this book will be going to various children's charities< Less
Unknown By Jaylin Flanigan
Paperback: List Price: $6.99 $5.94 | You Save: 15%
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Alaska, braves the challenges of life as she struggles to find out why anything could exist. The days seem to go on without point, living just doesn’t makes sense. Do we just try to survive day... More > after day, following our impossible dreams just to die in the end of it? Everything around her seems content with the fact that nothing lasts forever. Christianity is a laugh to think about. Being created with no purpose to worship something that isn’t there. May her close friends braves the shadows in front of them along with a mysterious boy she falls in love with, Ryan- a believer. The tragedies she braces herself seem to drag her down closer to the depths of Hell as she wonders how people live their lives alone. Is the key to keep breathing independence, or is it something entirely different? What happens when you die? When will you die?... How will you die. Are the things we don’t know be the life we are fated for?...< Less
CORN SONG By Joseph Whittington
Paperback: $14.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
PARENTS: Corn Song is the first song I’d ever written back in 1988. Later, I began to sketch the Corn Song characters to teach my 
kids how to draw. I remember the day I came up with... More > the melody to the Corn Song out of desperation to entertain my daughter Ashia and her cousins who were visiting us on the 
weekends, and we had nothing to do. I was recently divorced 
and depressed, but my love for my family was my strength. My purpose in this story is to share the power of 
creativity in a when life gets rough. There may be times when parents become very sad and lonely and they don’t want to burden their children with their sadness. Sometimes they can reach way down inside of 
themselves and be creative through art, music and other ways. This book is dedicated to families struggling to stay together, perhaps with little more than nothing but a song, perhaps a story and the dream of a better day to come.< Less
The Power of Change : The Machines of Mind and Heart By Khaled Benbouzid
eBook (PDF): $0.99
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What would happen if the world has become ruled by one king where people share the same fate? And what if we can control the minds and hearts of human beings? This story tells about Sami, a young man... More > dreaming of changing people's concepts for the better. Sharkaban is the king who succeeded to dominate the whole world with his mysterious ministers, he used everything for his own purposes; his palace exists on the moon. While Sina, the last inventor/scientist, stands in the way of injustice, he invented The Remote Mind Machine, and The Remote Heart Machine to fight Sharkaban, especially when fighting became no more efficient, but this scientist got killed by the soldiers of Sharkaban, he turned into a lost soul/ghost, later he meets a young man of twenty, Sami, to carry out this task. Sharkaban could only find the Heart Machine, and Sami tries to find the Mind Machine to change the effects of evil left by Sharkaban, and to fight Sharkaban, with the ghost of Sina.< Less
Ocean View Terrace By Greg Weston
Paperback: List Price: $12.30 $9.23 | You Save: 25%
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“Emily sat bolt upright in bed. She looked at her curtains. It was still dark outside. As she turned something caught her eye. In the centre of one side of her room was a fireplace. On the... More > mantel stood her clock, which was in the shape of a pink pig. The pink pig said that it was half past midnight. But what caught her attention was a tiny sliver of light, which she could see down the edge of the fireplace, between the black fireplace and the white wood surround. “What was that?” she wondered. She walked up to it and pressed her hand against the fireplace. At the touch of her hand it swung back, the sliver of light grew wide, and a passageway opened up.” Life is boring in Ocean View Terrace, or so Emily thinks, as the school holidays draw to a close and a new school term looms ever closer. But in this sleepy little town on the East Anglian coast strange things are happening … and Emily could never imagine in her wildest dreams the whole new world she is about to discover.< Less

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