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Evan on Drums By Chalan Thibodeaux
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I took these photos of my son who was 18 months at the time. The pictures depict his love and excitement for drumming.
Melodic Drumming By Raul Valdes
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The objective of Melodic Drumming is to stimulate creativity and musicality. The book provides challenges but at the same time it contains terminology that is easily understood. The exercises focus... More > on the development of control, speed, and technical facility around the drum set. Through the study of melodically designed exercises, as well as hand and feet coordination exercises, you will be able to develop an unlimited amount of new musical ideas for grooves and drum fills to be used in a variety of different tempos and/or genres.< Less
Drumming With Colours By Sean Palmer
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Drumming with Colours provides a simple, easy and fun way for people to learn how to play the drums Illustrated with photographs and musical notation throughout, the lessons take a visual and... More > kinaesthetic approach IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: This book also includes online access to download the audio tracks of each lesson to make sure what you are playing sounds correct! All you need to do is email with proof of your purchase (your receipt) to receive your complimentary downloadable audio tracks. To receive your free Complimentary sticker pack, please email with your proof of purchase (your receipt) along with your shipping address. Your stickers will then arrive within 5 working days.< Less
Perspective on Snare Drum & Drum Set By Matt Thompson
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Perspectives on Snare Drum and Drum Set is an instructional text written by musician and instructor Matthew Thompson. The curriculum was created over the course of Mr. Thompson’s more than... More > twenty years of private and group instruction experience as well as from his experience as a student. The text is written as a general overview of the art of playing both the snare drum and the drum set with the goal of getting a student to a point of literacy and musical awareness as efficiently as possible. This goal is balanced with another: giving enough detailed information to allow the reader historical insight into the practical aspects of these instruments. All of this is done in a tone and language that will resonate with most anyone. After completion of this book, the reader should understand all the basic concepts and techniques to move into any other more specialized course of study without difficulty.< Less
SPIRITUAL DRUMMING: Jamaica's African and Indian Musical Heritage By Maroghini
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To many, Jamaica is synonymous with sun, sand, sea and Reggae. However, one of this country's best kept secrets is its rich drumming tradition. Armed with pen, paper and an indepth knowledge of the... More > total art of Jamaican and World Percussion, this writer has embarked upon the mission of revealing to the world that Jamaica is a repository of some of the most EARTH SHATTERING drum rhythms on this planet. This book provides a brief introduction to these rhythms along with their transcription. For those interested in doing research or having a first-hand experience a guide map showing the principal areas of drumming activity is also included.< Less
Carol of the Drum for Trumpet & Organ. Sheet Music. By Tarnhelm Editions
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Carol of the Drum (The Little Drummer Boy) for C or Bb Trumpet & Organ. *** "L'Enfant au Tambour" pour Trompette en Ut ou en Sib & Orgue.
Learn to play drums with Swayseeker By Eddie Miller
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Quick way to learn drums
Freestyle Community Drum Circles By Rick Cormier
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With both passion and humor, Rick Cormier pokes the eye of convention and makes the case for freestyle drum circles. He advocates building a safe container where creativity, human connection and... More > spirituality may thrive. He argues for the benefits of "shared leadership" and the relinquishing of control. Here is the first book dedicated to the least written about, least understood and yet, the most prevalent type of drum circle in the U.S.: the freestyle community drum circle. ~~Rick's drum circle stories (often hilarious... sometimes moving) effectively capture the joy and connectivity experienced in drum circle communities and will likely engage all readers to seek out a local drum circle to attend. Rick's years of experience and success provide sound advice to help present and future freestyle drum circle hosts to create and maintain successful drum circles.< Less
Drum Techniques of Avenged Sevenfold By John Dundon
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Note for note drum transcriptions of all tracks from Avenged Sevenfolds self title album. The book also features a full notation guide, tips on making the most of the book, notes on reading drum... More > notation and notes on style.< Less
A Collection of Rhythms for Conga Drums By Ralph J Martin
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A collections of some of the most used and popular rhythms in music This book is designed to help you gain a greater working knowledge of rhythms for playing congas, bongos or almost any percussion... More > instrument. Among the many patterns presented are, Samba, Clave, Latin Rhythms, Afro-Latin, West African, Middle Eastern and many more. Included is an instruction and basic hand technique for congas. Case wrapped hardcover binding.< Less