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Perspective on Snare Drum & Drum Set By Matt Thompson
Paperback: $17.00
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Perspectives on Snare Drum and Drum Set is an instructional text written by musician and instructor Matthew Thompson. The curriculum was created over the course of Mr. Thompson’s more than... More > twenty years of private and group instruction experience as well as from his experience as a student. The text is written as a general overview of the art of playing both the snare drum and the drum set with the goal of getting a student to a point of literacy and musical awareness as efficiently as possible. This goal is balanced with another: giving enough detailed information to allow the reader historical insight into the practical aspects of these instruments. All of this is done in a tone and language that will resonate with most anyone. After completion of this book, the reader should understand all the basic concepts and techniques to move into any other more specialized course of study without difficulty.< Less
Setting The Drums On Fire By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $1.66
Introducing.....Setting The Drums On Fire ...... "Who doesn’t love a drum solo? It’s always the highlight of the show. Drums have got to be one of the coolest instruments both to... More > play, and listen to. But more importantly, the drums are the heart of the band. The drummer is the one who sets the beat for the rest of the musicians to follow ..."< Less
10 Beginning Solos for Drum Set By Michael Bettine
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This is a book of 10 beginning drum set solos that are designed to give the beginning drummer experience in playing to a song form. The first 8 solos are written like a typical drum chart you might... More > find in a band. The last 2 are written as melodic solos incorporating the whole drum set. They even have hummable melodies!< Less
Chordal Drumming By Maximilian Oepen
Paperback: $14.95
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Chordal Drumming is an innovative and exciting new method that takes drum set coordination to the next level. The term "chordal" refers to the simultaneous playing of sound, an increasingly... More > prevalent approach in modern drumming and a counterpart to the traditionally predominating linear styles. The Chordal Drumming system develops the simultaneous dynamic coordination and control of all four limbs, advancing hand-foot integration and strengthening the hi-hat foot as an equal voice. "Chordal Rudiments" are the basic building blocks of this type of coordination. The use of dynamics gives this system depth and turns it into a complete language, while the element of orchestration allows for adaptation into any style of time-keeping and soloing. Chordal Drumming provides a foundation for modern drumming styles. It offers a huge asset to all drummers wanting to take their playing beyond the standard skill set and into the 21st century.< Less
Melodic Drumming By Raul Valdes
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The objective of Melodic Drumming is to stimulate creativity and musicality. The book provides challenges but at the same time it contains terminology that is easily understood. The exercises focus... More > on the development of control, speed, and technical facility around the drum set. Through the study of melodically designed exercises, as well as hand and feet coordination exercises, you will be able to develop an unlimited amount of new musical ideas for grooves and drum fills to be used in a variety of different tempos and/or genres.< Less
Linear Drumming By Mike Johnston
eBook (PDF): $11.99
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This is the PDF version of my Linear Drumming book. If you wish to use this e-book on your iPad you will need to download a PDF viewer from the app store. Enjoy :)
Drum Set Concepts - Pop/Rock By Ryan Elwood
Paperback: $15.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Drum Set Concepts - Pop/Rock is a progressive method for learning drum set. As you expand your library of grooves, you'll also be improving your coordination. Don't yet know how to read music?... More > Towards the back of the book you'll find a reference guide for reading and writing drum notation and an introduction to basic music theory. Also included are checklists for good posture, holding the drumsticks, and using the pedals. The ultimate goal of this book is to give you the necessary tools to come up with your own grooves and fills, custom-made for whatever situation you happen to be in.< Less
10 Duets for Drum Set: Volume 2 By Michael Bettine
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This is the 2nd volume in a series of collected drum set duets. I needed some interesting material for my students to play and have composed some 30+ duets (so far). I also wanted to have them play... More > something more than exercises, so I started writing duets we could play together. Duets offer an added dimension to playing solos. With a duet, you have to listen to the other player and match your performance with theirs. There is a sense of team work you don’t find in playing a solo. But another aspect of some of the duets I’ve written is that the 2 parts are sometimes very different from each other, so you have to play together, but there isn’t the usual common ground. Things can be like 2 different solos being played at once. The challenge here is to play your part and match with the other player, while not really listening to what they are playing.< Less
Afro-Cuban Techniques for Drum Set & Percussion By Fidel Morales
eBook (PDF): $30.00
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Fidel Morales, Cuban master drummer & percussionist, has published his first book for all those interested in Afro-Cuban Rythms. In "Afro-Cuban Techniques for Drum set and Percussion",... More > Fidel explains fundamentals such as clave, patterns, interdependence, "3 against 2", and ostinatos, among other techniques. These will allow Afro-Cuban drum set students, percussionists, and all musicians who study this book to progressively internalize the concept of this music and incorporate it to their performances. Above all, they will be technically prepared to approach this style without limitations. [English-Spanish Edition / Edición en inglés y español]< Less
10 Solos for Drum Set: Volume 2 By Michael Bettine
eBook (PDF): $9.99
This is a book of 10 more intermediate to advanced solos for drum set that I use in my teaching. Each solo looks at a different aspect of drumming, and in doing so, the performer needs to master... More > certain skills and coordination to play them. While a few of them are groove oriented, the rest of them are more open and abstract, often taking an idea and playing it across different rhythmic aspects. If you are looking for something that is both challenging and enjoyable to play, then this book is for you.< Less

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