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Pleistocene Dung Beetles By Frank-Thorsten Krell
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Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 5 Abstract. Nine aphodiine dung beetle species are recorded from Pleistocene sediments of the Ziegler Reservoir near Snowmass Village, Colorado, U.S.A.... More > Insect remains from this deposit range from 125,000 to 77,000 yr BP, and are unique in their species richness and in their occurrence at high elevation (2720 meters). Three extant species occur: Aphodius (Dialytodius) decipiens Horn, A. (Planolinellus) vittatus Say, and A. (Planolinoides) duplex LeConte. Six unidentified species are also described, belonging to the genus Aphodius. All species are relatively small coprophagous dwellers known as endocoprids. The faunal richness of this site suggests a speciose dung beetle fauna existed at high elevations in this region, and intimates the importance of this site as one of the richest Pleistocene dung beetle sites in North America.< Less
Strategies of the Serengeti - the dung beetle By Stephen Berry
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Strategies of the Serengeti seeks to learn business strategy from the experts - not the academics or the consultants, but the animals of the African Serengeti, the worlds best known ecosystem. Each... More > chapter is seperately available. The dung beetle is probably the least admired of all Serengeti animals - pointlessly shovelling dung every day - just like so many people in business. This lighthearted prologue is available free of charge as a 'taster' of what the Strategies of the Serengeti is like.< Less
The Life of a Dung Beetle By A.B. Long
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Donny the Dung beetle introduces himself and tells about his life. He deals with allot of comments from the readers because they think dung is gross.
Dung Beetle Disaster By Julie A
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Imagine shrinking down and getting caught up in an adventure in the insect world? Have you ever wondered about the world of tiny creatures living just beyond your vision and imagination? I... More > hadn’t until I’d been minimised into something smaller than a baby grasshopper, and on a hungry bird’s menu. I needed to hide. The only place was in a dark tunnel in a huge cow pat. So I made a run for it. Then danger came from deep within also, in the form of incredibly noisy dung beetles. Now I’m all bundled up and in a spin in a dung ball. I can only describe my situation as being in a Dung Beetle Disaster. And there's no way to escape. Or is there? And this time there is no proverbial "waking up from a bad dream"!< Less
Queefy Whispers from Becca's Sandy Vagina By Andrew Patton
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Becca skips on a beach sunset with her lover Douglas, as they poop onto the sand, and dung beetles roll their feces around for ages, which is as long as the love between them.
Splash, the Baby Hippo By Sue Hart
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When young Splash finds himself lost on land and all alone in the dark of night, he seeks friendship and help where the frightened little one least expects it! Guided by Whoo Hoo the wood owl, Hatty... More > Hyena and Roly Dung Beetle, they go in search of Splash’s mother. Will they find her and what welcome lies in store?< Less
Lesser Known Sayings By Zamari Chuku
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There may well be a reason that these are lesser known sayings. Written with tongue in cheek, and foot in mouth, may these pearls of wisdom make you smile. He who farts at a funeral should prepare... More > for a beating. Passion should be used sparingly. Give too much and your husband might confuse you with the harlot who lives next door. A man may crush a dozen termites but he cannot knock down a termite mound with his bare hands. Do dung beetle babies complain that their food is lousy? No, so shut up and eat what you have been given.< Less

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