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Tribes of Danu: A Lesson Learned (Expansion Module #1) By Mythic Design
Paperback: $12.00
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Ancient gods, giants, fey spirits, and a mysterious fog-veiled isle where a long forgotten dark magic lurks... Based loosely on ancient Celtic mythology, Tribes of Danu is a series of OGL 3.5... More > Adventure Modules. The modules and expansions are designed so each may function as stand-alone adventures, but are intended to be played as a serial. In A Lesson Learned, the PC's rescue a lady in distress (a forest fey), and find out her reward is a double-edge sword. If they can out-smart the cunning vixen, there's plenty of treasure to be had, however if they aren't clever then they might just end up permanent residents of the Isle. This module is intended as an expansion to “Heart of the Neolith”. However, it is also a stand-alone adventure appropriate for up to four characters of 2nd level or higher.< Less
TDM508: Module SQ1 - Trouble in Nevermind By Jim Abbott
Paperback: $14.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
A mysterious tower randomly appears on the outskirts of Nevermind, an isolated rural village. Sometimes its appearance is fleeting; lasting only an hour or two, at other times it lingers for up to a... More > week or longer. All manner of strangeness occurs when the tower appears: livestock, and sometimes villagers, go missing and weird creatures are spotted in its vicinity. Adventurers and soldiers have been sent to investigate the tower but none that have entered ever return. Now it is the turn of the characters' intrepid party. What will they find in the tower? What power controls it? What trouble does it have in store for them and Nevermind? This is a challenging Classic Fantasy module designed for Ranks 3-4, and a very competent party of 4-6 adventurers, with a decent mix of brains, brawn and magical capability.< Less
Old School Adventures™ Module TM1: The Ogress of Anubis By Richard LeBlanc
Paperback: List Price: $5.95 $5.36 | You Save: 10%
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An old school RPG module for character levels 1-3; for use with 0e/1e/BX and compatible retro-clones. Recently, children from the villages around the Temple of Ptah in the Lower Plains have begun to... More > disappear. Rumors abound that the high priestess Azeneth is sacrificing them and cannibalizing them because she believes this will make her wealthier, more powerful, and more divine. The people of the villages have begun to refer to Azeneth as the “ogress of Anubis,”—believing it was Anubis himself that made this woman mad, and commanded her to consume the children she sacrifices. Someone must end this reign of fear and terror, and try to return the children alive—if it is in the will of the gods.< Less
Old School Adventures™ Module VA1: Valley of the Five Fires By Richard LeBlanc
Paperback: List Price: $10.95 $9.31 | You Save: 15%
Prints in 3-5 business days
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This mongol-inspired module is designed for use with 0e/1e/BX and compatible retro-clones in a single edition. It supports sandbox style play but includes several traditionally detailed adventures.... More > Includes: a history of the Lands of the Five Fires; an area map; hordes/tribes information; new steppe shaman character class; details on armor and weapons common to the area; 10-detailed NPCs & stats for 24 others; maps and details for the 2 major settlements; 4 new monsters & overviews for 29 others (+ a 1-page "monster index" with stats for the DM); wandering monsters by terrain; Quest of the Luuzhin Coins (including adventure seeds, maps and detailed encounters for 9 major locations in the quest); over 30 adventure seeds for other adventures in the area; 4 new artifacts/magic items; information to aid the DM in creating encounters throughout the Lands of the Five Fires, including nomad camps and religious sites (stupas and ovoos)... and much more!< Less
Old School Adventures™ Module PA1: Vault of the Faceless Giants By Richard LeBlanc
Paperback: List Price: $9.95 $8.46 | You Save: 15%
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Centuries ago, a temple set in the side of a cliff a few miles northwest of the village of Phoumi Sramol acted as the center of worship for evil adherents to the demon lord Rahb. During this time,... More > livestock died, villagers disappeared, and plagues befell the area. Suddenly, however, all of the evil and suspicious activity around the temple ceased. Now, hundreds of years later, an occurrence in the village has the locals questioning whether or not the evil is returning. A local woman, Kanya, claims her baby was snatched from her hands in the middle of the night by followers of Rahb. The chief dismisses the temple’s relationship to the missing child, suggesting the tale is a fabrication. If she is telling the truth, then there is much to be feared, and her story bears investigating—not just for the sake of the woman and the village, but for the sake of a world where this kind of evil can exist.< Less
SlaughterGrid By Rafael Chandler
Paperback: $6.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
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Created by genocidal halflings aeons ago, SlaughterGrid is a strange and gruesome dungeon, avoided by all save the bravest or most foolhardy of adventurers. This module features: * An 18-area... More > mini-hexcrawl to start you off * A three-level dungeon with 55 encounter areas * 32 new monsters, including stygiacs, gold-whores, progenitors, and necro-otyughs * Weird treasure, dangerous magic items, and unpleasant surprises * Rules for thieving abilities, schemes, and weaponized monsters If you thought Teratic Tome was pleasurably vile, then you will like this adventure module. If you are not sure that you want to experience something that is "pleasurably vile," then this is probably not for you.< Less
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Something Rotten in Riverton By Willoughby T. Goblin III
Paperback: $5.53
Prints in 3-5 business days
A beginning level dungeon module for 1970's era fantasy role-playing games suitable for 4-12 inexperienced gamers playing first level characters. The Challenge: stamp out a small but growing evil... More > in a small town.< Less
Eel's Head Brewery By Robert MacAnthony
eBook (PDF): $2.99
Something evil lurks beneath the Eel's Head Brewery. Four people are dead. Can the PCs get to the bottom of the mystery? The Eel's Head Brewery is a Castles & Crusades adventure for level 1 PCs.... More > It is readily adaptable to 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons and other d20 game systems.< Less
A Fabled City of Brass By Anthony Huso
Paperback: $35.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
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NOTE: You must own City of Brass Appendices to use this module! The Fabled City of Brass, proclaimed in legend to inhabit the deserts of Andalsuia—and elsewhere—was long ago conscripted... More > for use in fantasy role playing games. Its presence in the genre has arguably made it shopworn and tired. But if we return to the original text, most commonly associated with the Thousand and One Nights, we may be surprised to find something much different than a city of stomping Efreet. The setting of this module is one of spectral beauty and foreboding. It is a city with a lesson; filled with empty streets, great riches, automatons, illusions and death. Here is a module to hurl characters of 12th level and higher against. You will either break them or turn them into legends on par with the City of Brass.< Less

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