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Arabic Language Dynamic Techniques By Alfaoz Institute
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This book will dynamically simplify learning modern standard Arabic langauage for you.
Dynamic Language Embedding By Lukas Renggli
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In this dissertation we present Helvetia, a novel approach to embed languages into an existing host language by leveraging the underlying representation of the host language used by these tools. We... More > introduce Language Boxes, an approach that offers a simple, modular mechanism to encapsulate (i) compositional changes to the host language, (ii) transformations to address various concerns such as compilation and syntax highlighting, and (iii) scoping rules to control visibility of fine-grained language changes. We describe the design and implementation of Helvetia and Language Boxes, discuss the required infrastructure of a host language enabling language embedding, and validate our approach by case studies that demonstrate different ways to extend or adapt the host language syntax and semantics.< Less
Dynamic Web Development By Prof. Hardik K. Molia
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This book presents a theoretical as well as practical approach to the Dynamic Web Development. It is intended to provide the readers not only with a good understanding of all the components of ASP... More > programming, but also with a real sense of how they actually fit together to make a web application. The simple yet strong, easy yet effective, compact yet complete descriptions of every topic will surely help students to build confidence and interest towards the web programming. The book gives a large number of ready to code examples in a simplest language which helps students to digest well.< Less
Dynamic Web Development with Seaside By Stéphane Ducasse et al.
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Seaside is the open source framework of choice for developing sophisticated and dynamic web applications. Seaside uses the power of objects to master the web. With Seaside web applications is as... More > simple as building desktop applications. Seaside lets you build highly dynamic and interactive web applications. Seaside supports agile development through interactive debugging and unit testing. Seaside is based on Smalltalk, a proven and robust language implemented by different vendors. Seaside is now available for all the major Smalltalk including Pharo, Squeak, GNU Smalltalk, Cincom Smalltalk, GemStone Smalltalk, and VA Smalltalk.< Less
A Beginners Guide to Dynamic Websites By Nancy Baker
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A dynamic website design uses high-end programming languages to create stylized and sophisticated websites. Such programming enables a website to perform various actions on its own and guide users... More > through the site. In this age of online marketing, website design should be such that it responds to the user's needs, while performing multiple tasks at the same time. Today, the role of websites has undergone a sea change. They are no longer static medium for dissemination of information. Instead, websites are today required to sell products to people, interact with users and conduct live chats, show videos, run high quality graphics, games and what not. This book covers several aspects of dynamic websites such as: - How It Works - The Code Explained - Basic AdSense Sites - Creating Your Dynamic Template - Step by Step Simplified and so much more!< Less
Green State Dynamics By Alan Perez
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This book is a theory of everything and it is based on a very simple concept. Everything from atoms to gravitation, psychology, economics and sociology to name a few are all easily explained in terms... More > of equilibrium and disequilibrium. This book is about how re-examining the use of the word "force" and "disorder" can solve the biggest problems in the sciences and social sciences today.Written in simple everyday language Green State Dynamics will help you to understand the validity of any theory you apply it to. If you are involved in any type of sciences, social sciences or in any type of research the question is not if you will read this book, but rather when.< Less
Programming Dynamic Websites Using ASP By Mike Young
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A simplified guide to the ASP (Active Server Pages) language used commonly to make websites and communicate with databases, search records and display them to the user. Learn from over 50 scripts the... More > essential art of this powerful programming language. Only the knowledge of HTML is needed before starting. A great way to add more skills to your CV. Can be used at home, or in the classroom, also as part of an IT course such as BTEC in computing or a HNC/HND. This book is A4 in size.< Less
Al-Qur'anul Kareem Dynamic Reading By Alfaoz Institute
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This book would teach you how to read Modern Standard Arabic, and specifically, Al Qur'anul Kareem.
A Grammar of the Ithkuil Language By John Quijada
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Ithkuil is a constructed a priori philosophical language developed by linguist John Quijada. It is designed to be a human-usable language that allows a speaker to succinctly express far greater... More > levels of cognitive information, exactitude, and semantic nuance than can be found in natural human languages. Ithkuil’s complex, systematic and hierarchical grammar allows for extreme transparency and flexibility in expressing, describing, and distinguishing gestalt conceptualization; the evidential basis and cognitive intent of an utterance; objective vs. subjective descriptions of objects, events, and phenomena; holistic vs. componentially structured phenomena; mechanistic vs. synergistic interpretations of phenomena; the causal dynamics of complex states, acts, and events; and spatio-temporal phenomena. Ithkuil has achieved notoriety among various academics in Russia and Ukraine, and fans have developed social media pages and discussion forums devoted to the language.< Less
EXPLORING THE DYNAMICS OF A PANICKING BRAIN: A System Dynamics Simulation Model of Biological and Psychological Theories of Panic Disorder By Junaid Hassan
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The book translates the contemporary biological and psychological conceptualizations of panic disorder (PD) into a computer simulation model using system dynamics (SD) technique. It makes explicit... More > the dynamic processes implicit in the narrative presentations of the literature through elaborative diagrams which provide a “blue print” for the stock and flow model development. The simulation tests of the model show that the proposed structure (the brain system) in the PD theories is capable of generating the expected panicky behaviour. Though these tests further testify these theories, however, they also highlight some interesting “grey areas” that need further research. This whole effort serves as a facilitator for the PD discussion as it provides an easy-to-understand and illustrative language (the SD diagrams and model) for laymen and students to understand and researchers of related fields to critically examine the biological, psychological, social and cognitive aspects of PD.< Less