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Dynasty By Klaudio Zic
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A New Dynasty rises on November 3rd 2008. Inauguration map for Obama, the WTC and holy war.
The Dynasty By K. D. Cordice
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Love, drama, twists, and secrets are what the Cauldon's know best. What will be the end all tell all of the emotional roller coaster the Cauldon's call their life? And does Tisha have a secret of her... More > own that she burried so deep it's going to take more than her husbands lies to dig up? She seemed perfect, but maybe too perfect to the man she calls her husband. Tisha was trying to enjoy her life as a loving wife and mother. But her husband's secondary life was getting in the way of her happiness. Coming from a past she hates to relive, she wanted to leave that lifestyle behind. Could she save her marriage that is being destroyed by her husbands' lies, promiscuity and threats? Muray was a devoted husband, but to whom he was devoted to was another story. His secret life was destroying his wife but if he left it behind, it would destroy his future. What is going to be Muray's next move? Is he going to give up his alternate life to make his wife happy?< Less
Dynasty By Rodrigo Carmona
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Dynasty is a science fiction book, made for any reader who likes to go for a ride. From in depth battle scenes to Dramatic finishes, this book grabs you and doesn't let you go. Does love conquer all?... More > Is knowledge truly power, or do you make your own destiny, with the strength of your heart, the will of your pride and the tip of your sword. Find out who you are as you get lost in the chapters of Dynasty.< Less
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With the advent of the fifth dynasty-there were signs of political difficulties: the Pharaoh’s officials, the nobles who served as district governors, became important figures in their right... More > and a threat to his omnipotence. This combination of strains grew during the reign of Pharaoh Misaphris. When he was killed by his own half brother, centralized rule died with him and peace and prosperity gave way to disorder and hardship. Pharaoh Misaphris’ daughters were chased, meant to be destroyed along with their loyal servants, but they run to Upper Egypt and began a guerrilla war. Not to be undone, the leaders in Egypt sent thousands of soldiers into Sesebi territory to quench the rebellion. With the advent of total war, the organization necessary for keeping the Nile harnessed broke down; crops suffered and shortages of food, and disease plagued Upper Egypt.Ushering in the first intermediate period. Only through the resilience of Pharaoh’s warlike daughters was order restored.< Less
The Dynasty of Dragons By Samuel Vanzo
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When a young apprentice stumbles upon a book on lycanthropy in her master's shelves, it should have proven a pointed read for the girl - but it was the start of a path which led her into the heart of... More > the most seclusive and powerful domain in the realm. A path that would tear her life apart, and force her to make the choice between her soul, or her people.< Less
Silicon Dynasty By Charles Forest
eBook (PDF): $1.99
In a future ruled by intelligent machines, one young woman's quest for personal growth threatens to topple the Silicon Dynasty with the power of her unique perspective.
The Rubens Dynasty By Robert Richardson
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During wars through the ages there are soldiers and sailors who served their country with distinction. The Rubens Dynasty was no exception. Each era from the Romans in AD120 to the valiant soldiers... More > of the second world war in AD1940 produced sons born to be warriors.< Less
Two Dynasties By Robert Alexander Buff
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Longing to know what has happened to his firstborn Richard, last seen in Kabul years ago, the Duke of Grantley is crushed by despair. In order to bring the old man peace of mind, his friends decide... More > to investigate. Their discoveries have far reaching and shattering implications. The Duke’s unconventional sister Anne has married a German industrialist, uniting their two families. Estate worker’s son Jamie fights to be accepted in the class bound world in which he grows up. But aided by Anne to break out of his confines, he embarks on a path of love, dramatic naval exploits and personal adventures which is interwoven with the story of the two great families, to reach a destiny as exciting as it is unexpected. Set at the turn of the 20th century and in the years leading up to the Great War, Two Dynasties is a sweeping story of adventure and intrigue set against the backdrop of a world descending into conflict.< Less
Dynasty of Ghosts By P.L. Nunn
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Illya has always been different - fey, quiet, and cursed with the ability to see the lingering spirits of the dead. A younger son of a younger son from a backwater mountain province, he is a nobody... More > in the king’s army until he comes to the notice of the Prince Knight himself, the spoiled, stubborn heir to the kingdom of Aldania. Caught up in a war that has raged for generations between Aldania and a neighboring kingdom, captured and imprisoned by a mad king, Illya and Prince Ashe discover a history of lies, betrayal and assassination, and the ghostly truth beneath it all. Opposites in every way, they forge a common bond that pain, war and betrayal will test to the very limit of their strength. To end a dynasty of madness and suffering, Illya must embrace the ability he has always hated, and look to the dead for answers.< Less
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