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The Invasion of 2020 By Ami Blackwelder
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Best Selling author in romantic suspense and science fiction romance This is Book #1 in the Shifter Evolutions series. 1-The Invasion of 2020 2-The SCM of 2030 3-The Shifters of 2040 4-The Hybrids... More > of 2050 5-The Hunted of 2060 6-The Revolution of 2060 This series begins in the middle (Shifters of 2040, Hybrids of 2050) and then the reader decides to read the past (Invasion of 2020, SCM of 2030) or the future (Hunted of 2060, Revolution of 2060). 85,000 words. Set in Alaska in 2020, Uri Petrov and Dr. Samantha Croon find their lives intertwined when the shifters first land on Earth. Both motivated by love for their families, each is taken down a different path that will change the course of their lives forever. "… I liked the story, especially since it has such unusual shifters and a good plot." -Wild About Bones "I loved this book... at one point my heart was literally racing. " -Becca @Goodreads< Less
Alien Invasion: Reptilians, Cetaceans, and Frequency Wars on Planet Earth By Cynthia Hodges
eBook (PDF): $2.98
In the distant past, Reptilian star-travelers conquered humanity. These demon-possessed body-forms cruelly exploited the subjugated humans. Another race of beings called Cetaceans came to help humans... More > liberate themselves from Reptilian domination. This is a true-story account of Cetaceans’ efforts on Planet Earth. The narrator is Wuono, a Cetacean who has infiltrated the humans by merging with a human body-form. In this book, you will discover deep secrets that have been hidden from you for centuries, namely, that there is a frequency war being waged between Reptilians and Cetaceans on Earth. Reader Reviews - see< Less
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The Second Mongolian Invasion By C. B. Murphy
eBook (PDF): $2.00
Imagine you are a street artist in the future after a strange mystical race of Mongolians has invaded and occupied the earth. You are trying to figure out what they are, the Chakra Flashers suffering... More > from Vampiric Regression, et al.< Less
The Second Mongolion Invasion By C. B. Murphy
Paperback: $8.99
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Imagine you are a street artist in the future after a strange mystical race of Mongolians has invaded and occupied the earth. You are trying to figure out what they are, the Chakra Flashers suffering... More > from Vampiric Regression, et al.< Less
Galactic Stelars: Threat of Invasion By JC McMillan
Paperback: $10.37
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This is one caravanning holiday a group of friends will never forget. From the peaceful escapism of a lovely lakeside retreat, these unlikely heroes become embroiled in a fight, not just to save... More > themselves, but the entire planet. A series of strange occurrences on Earth eventually sound the alarm bells as army of unmerciful creatures plot their invasion. With our heroes already captured and locked away at the edge of the galaxy, can anyone save Earth? This is good versus evil. And with all of humanity at stake, there can only be one winner. Galactic Stelars is a gripping, life-changing adventure that brings out the best in a bunch of mates as they battle to save everything they have ever known.< Less
Invasion from Nowhere By Zoreslav Stepanov
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Invasion from Nowhere is the second book of the science fiction novel The Alien Consciousness. The heroes of the novel, Max and Jennifer return on Earth. They are pursued by FBI agents. At the same... More > time, strange creatures appear in Kiev. It’s Cragls. They very aggressive and for some unknown purpose are looking for Max and Jennifer. The first who became on the way of strangers were the soldiers of the Special Forces. The first battle showed that it would not be so easy to cope with strangers. More and more Cragls appeared on Earth. Intelligence agencies are preparing for the possible invasion of aliens. The forces are unequal. The civilians of the capital and not only the capital are not yet aware of the impending disaster. (Book in progres)< Less
The Invasion That Never Happened By Udi Menashe
Paperback: $13.80
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This is a story of an alien invasion of California, USA in 1970. Twenty Thousand funny looking, purple aliens invading Earth for a single reason - to acquire a large amount of “Double... More > AA” batteries. Why do they need so many batteries? Well, they are desperate to revive a Tape Player obtained by them during the height of our space program. What make this Tape Player so important to them is its content - a cassette with the music of 1967 Earth’s rising star - Jimi Hendrix, which they became addicted to. When this device batteries died, the aliens left with no choice but to invade our planet in a search for a new stock. While on Earth, they would encounter California’s varied population of the early 70’s: Hippies; Black Panthers; the rest of us; and Jimi Hendrix himself. This exposure to our “Culture” will force them to make a crucial decision about their future. If you wonder why this 1970 invasion of California, USA never happened? The answer is quite simple – We ignored them…< Less
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The Scout Brooks Story: The Freshman Invasion By Scott Donnelly
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Scout Brooks and his pals are starting their high school careers off just as they thought they would...not good. They are being picked on and they are finding themselves in various awkward social... More > situations. Upon joining 'The Astro-Nog's', an after school Astronomy club ran by Professor Ed Nog, Scout finds himself thrust into a world he never thought possible. He soon discovers that Professor Nog belongs to a top secret government unit called The E.I.A. (Earth's Intergalactic Ambassadors), and they have been in an interstellar war with a race of aliens 6,500 light years away for quite some time. Filled with awkward alien encounters, quirky and nonsensical humor and a deep space rescue mission, 'The Freshman Invasion' is only the first crazy adventure in 'The Scout Brooks Story'.< Less

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