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Time of Knight By John Bohan
Paperback: $19.49
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The story centers around the main character Clayton Knight who had been a child prodigy and grew up to build a vast financial empire. As a child he built his own space program and discovered that the... More > Earth is vulnerable to invasion. Knight then spends the following years preparing the planet for a possible invasion behind the scenes in part through technological advances. Knight founded a security and law enforcement agency which becomes the enforcement arm of the United Nations. Being a hands-on person he also spends time as a field agent. A Satanic terrorist organization reemerges years after being dismantled by the main character and his law enforcement agency. His inner circle is comprised of other former prodigies including his wife who runs his business empire. To help counter the stressful situations he spends time playing the occasional game with one of the professional sports teams he owns.< Less
New London Masquerade By Rian Torr
Paperback: $6.66
Prints in 3-5 business days
When Gavin Callow moved to New London to take care of his grandson Devin Drake, after the boy’s folk perished in a fated plane crash one Halloween Eve--he never would have guessed where his... More > growing suspicions would lead him--and what his secret black arts would soon unleash. He would spend the rest of his days hunting down the monsters of his own conjuring--in a desperate effort to redeem his soul before the end times were over. Meanwhile, the Devilbilly Motherships began arriving--and all of Earth faced a long, dark reckoning. So the first wave of the Ichen Invasion began ...< Less
Apple Declined By Robert P. Wills
Paperback: $13.95
Prints in 3-5 business days
Earth is dying. Its population is down to a mere two million- a number not seen for 50,000 years. Earth sends probes to find a new home world. Several planets capable of supporting a portion of the... More > population are found. Then the paradise of Arcturus is found. A military contingent is sent to the distant world to eliminate the current population and prepare for immediate colonization. The force does not expect the Post Iron-Age civilization to be any threat at all. On Arcturus, peace reigns. The upcoming harvest festival and sacrifice is the foremost issue. As the Arcturians become aware of the arrival of their far-off brothers, they turn to the One that provides all their guidance. Thanks to a decision thousands of years ago, God still walks among His people. Even though they do not understand the intentions of their strange brothers from far away, they know they can trust in their Father as they always have. Earth's plans for an easy conquering of the planet are wrong. Very wrong.< Less
Diary of An Alien War of the Robots By paul gruzalski
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Mark Vararrif, an alien from a the planet Trothal 200 light years away, has been living on the Earth for fifteen years. He lives with his wife Peggy, also an alien, and their son Nathan who has super... More > strength. When Mark was seventeen Zarkoff, a killer and renegade alien, abducted him and together they crashed in the ocean near the south coast of England. Zarkoff resurfaces fifteen years later with a new face and identity now controlling the world’s largest company, Multiplixo Robots. Most aliens think Zarkoff is dead but Mark knows different and finds it difficult to warn them about the disaster heading their way. Finally, other aliens become aware of the danger but it’s too late to stop World War Three and the invasion of an alien spacecraft that threatens to destroy the major cities on Earth.< Less
The Walkways Awakening By Charmain Ingleton
Paperback: $8.71
Prints in 3-5 business days
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The walkways Awakening is a science fiction disaster story linking fracking, sinkholes and the Hadron Collider together that causes an alien threat to Earth. Who can prevent Earth's destruction and... More > the extinction of mankind? A Halfling; half Earthling, Half Historian warrior is our only hope of survival! This is a fictional book with factual elements. To alert and awaken you to what's happening on our planet and to what's already here!< Less
The Green Man By Harold M. Sherman
eBook (ePub): $3.99
How would you greet a man from another planet? With scientists declaring that manned rockets may, perhaps in the next ten years, be shot to the moon, isn’t it just as possible that some being... More > from a far-off planet might pay us earth creatures a visit—tomorrow, next week—at any time? In Harold M. Sherman’s exciting story, THE GREEN MAN, you get an advance idea of how the great men and women of this earth—how you, yourself, would react, when a CREATURE from ANOTHER WORLD arrives. Numar, THE GREEN MAN pays us a visit, traveling over a trillion miles from his planet, Talamaya, via space ship, to land on our world. This is quite possible the most amazing story you have ever read—more amazing still when you consider that it COULD happen!< Less
Thermaloids By Martin Husted
eBook (ePub): $1.99
(4 Ratings)
A blur is detected in deep space and what at first appears to be a comet with a 12 million mile tail, but without the orbit. After realizing it is not orbiting the sun an Air Force team discovers... More > what may be an invasion fleet of several billion space ships headed for earth. They must determine their purpose and military intensions along with the physical makeup of the Thermaloids and their ships. Several possibilities are determined and all must be addressed in order to save mankind. The military has less than two months to prepare for this possible attack. The equipment and defense in both space and on land is based on the ability to develop special weapon systems and tactics to withstand such a large attack force.< Less
Old School By K. Shawn Gibson
eBook (ePub): $0.00
A short amusing story of how I saved the earth with my I-Pod
The Master of Chaos By Peter Thompson
Paperback: $10.04
Prints in 3-5 business days
Lord Brutus, the new King of Caderia, was soon to learn that being king like his father before him carried a greater burden than he ever thought possible. With the invasion of his own realm by the... More > Master of Chaos (Krossos) almost nigh, he is forced to seek out and free the white wizard Megalin from a trap set by the black wizard Krossos. Only with Megalin’s help can the invasion be stopped and defeated. Megalin sends Lord Brutus help from an unlikely source, the Channi, warriors created by magic that started life as six-inch lizards from the swamps around the fabled City of Magicians. The leader of these creatures is Grogan, who brings a charm that had been worn by Brutus’s late father; this would protect him from dark spells and creatures from the Underworld. So begins his quest to free Megalin and take on the role of protector of Earth and humanity; and the start of his fabled chronicles. A new hero is born?< Less
Destiny Squad By Alexander Shah
eBook (PDF): $5.00
A thrilling tale of a group of friends who protect the world of crime and darkness. The team is known as the Destiny Squad. Using guns, bombs, fists, cars and more, they fight there way through any... More > trouble that faces them. Howevor when a corrupt government realeses 3 evil and powerful robots, they face there biggest challenge. The world is being invaded by the robot. Howevor, there is a Fnatasy Diamond hidden in the world, howevor find the diamond controls the Earth. The question is who will retreive it first, the Squad? or the Robots?< Less

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