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The Structural Geologist By Ashraful Ferdous
eBook (PDF): $20.00
It is a referrence book of geology. It has been written for the structural geoscientists, teachers, learners, and researchers.
Foundations and Earth Structures: NAVFAC DM 7.02 By Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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For over forty years, the NAVFAC DM (Design Manual) 7 Series has been the classic reference on geotechnical engineering. This volume (Foundations and Earth Structures, DM 7.02) is the second volume.... More > It covers a wide variety of topics, including excavations; compaction, earthwork and hydraulic fills; analysis of walls and retaining structures; shallow foundations, and deep foundations. Complete with glossary. Also with a new foreword and a cover photo by J. Ledlie Klosky.< Less
Soil Mechanics, Foundations and Earth Structures: NAVFAC DM 7 By Naval Facilities Engineering Command
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For nearly forty years, the NAVFAC DM (Design Manual) 7 Series has been the classic reference on geotechnical engineering. The end product of nearly forty years of research and practice, it contains... More > a wealth of information, some of which cannot be found anywhere else. Many of its charts and tables are still reproduced in text and reference books. This book is a scanned facsimile of the first two (and most important) volumes of the DM 7 series: Soil Mechanics (DM 7.01) and Foundations and Earth Structures (DM 7.02.) Packaged in an attractive and handy format, the book is ideal for reference. With a foreword by J. Ledlie Klosky.< Less
Doctrine of the Earth By Grigori Grabovoi
eBook (ePub): $5.00
In this seminar we should be considered in the given structure of the Teaching that the Earth is destined solely for people to live. That is, all the manifestations of the Earth in terms of, for... More > example, the external structure – the structure interaction, right, with the outer space - in the structure of the divine development exactly are meant for the man to live. Therefore, considering the given structure of the Teaching, first of all, we can immediately consider the option, including saving the Earth from a possible global catastrophe.< Less
the earth gods By Khalil Gibran
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The Earth Gods by Khalil Gibran The Earth Gods is a literary work written by poet and philosopher Kahlil Gibran. It was originally published in 1931, also the year of the author's death. The story's... More > structured as a dialogue between three unnamed earth gods, only referred to as First God, Second God, and Third God. As is typical of Gibran's works, it's a classic that focuses on spiritual concepts.< Less
Seismic Design of Waterfront Retaining Structures By U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
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This book deals with the soil mechanics aspects of the design of waterfront retaining structures built to withstand the effects of earthquake loadings. It addresses the stability and movement of... More > gravity retaining walls and anchored sheet pile walls, and the dynamic forces against the walls of drydocks and U-frame locks. It also contains one of the most complete descriptions of lateral earth pressure theory available anywhere. The effects of wall displacements, submergence, liquefaction potential, and excess pore water pressures, as well as inertial and hydrodynamic forces, are incorporated in the design procedures. Several new computational procedures are described in this report.< Less
Earth Chakras By Robert Coon
Paperback: $19.95
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Earth Chakras by Robert Coon is the definitive guide to navigating the Earth's energy system of Chakras, Sacred Sites, and Ley Arteries. It presents a dynamic and workable structure for improving the... More > quality of life for all beings across all cultures and environments in the 21st century. This book’s contents form the original source-point for all Earth Chakras related material. Chapters include: What is an Earth Chakra?; Earth Chakra Locations; 2 Great Dragon Circles; Functions of the Seven Earth Chakras; 4 Great Spinner Wheels; 12 Foundation Gates of the World; Earth Chakras and the Lunar Calendar; 4 Great Time Cycles of Earth Activation; Beyond the 13th Gate; Beijing Cycle: 2008-2027 AD; Form Your Own New Aeon Gate Now; 156 Planetary Circles; Easter 2065 AD; Easter Island Cycle: 2027-2046 AD; Bermuda Cycle: 2046-2065 AD; Beyond 2065 AD; Sacred Sites in Europe; Temple Mounds of North America; Techniques for Planetary Activation; Work to do 2009-2027; and Sacred Sites: Healing the Earth and Yourself.< Less
The New Upanishad: Structure and Cognition of the Absolute By Vladimir Antonov
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The author of this book is a scientist-biologist who dedicated his life to studying non-material forms of life in the universe and has published about thirty books on the methodology of spiritual... More > self-development. Being a theorist and practitioner, he has attained direct knowledge of the Creator in His Abode. In this book, he explains in a precise, laconic, and easy-to-understand language the meaning of life and the means of its realization, and — what makes this book unique — presents a scheme for studying the multidimensional structure of the Absolute. The latter has never been published before. This book is addressed to those who seek the meaning of life, who want to understand what God is and how we should live on Earth.< Less
Shifting Shelters: Materials, Structures and Mindsets of the Alternative Home By Lauren Friedgen
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Shifting Shelters: Materials, Structures and Mindsets of the Alternative Home examines the various alternative housing types people reside in throughout North America, specifically tiny houses, earth... More > sheltered houses, modular houses, and the natural building materials used to make homes. It looks at the reasons people live in these homes, the benefits of each, and examines how media has contributed to the rise in alternative living.< Less
Marriage: The Earthly Heaven By Bshara Salem
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This informative book is for all, married or single, to live a very loving, rewarding and pleasant life and to open our eyes so as to see the hidden problems that might lie ahead and solve them... More > before they destroy the family structure which is the basic foundation of the whole society and thus the whole country.< Less

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