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In Earthen Vessels By Chandler Davenport
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He was only fourteen in 1950, but he had to take on manhood early. The depression that the rest of America had clambered out of a decade earlier still hung on in rural Oklahoma. A lot of people had... More > solved that problem, in a way, by taking to the road west, lured by the golden promise of a better land; but those who were too poor or too proud or too stubborn to leave held on. Those who were poor, proud, and stubborn, like his family, managed to build a life out of corn bread, poke greens, labor and hope. It made them a special breed. But Jody didn’t know that. Jody had to grow up in a hurry. His maturation fell into the hands of some damaged human vessels, who had to show him the difference between what's legal and what's right, between adulthood and manhood, between appetite and love, between respectability and integrity.< Less
Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium By Getty Conservation Institute
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During this three-day colloquium, presented by the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), a group of professionals with expertise in earthen conservation, materials science, construction, building... More > standards, and earthquake engineering gathered to discuss the current state of knowledge and the challenges of preserving our earthen cultural heritage in active seismic zones. This publication contains a selection of papers presented at the colloquium, as well as several later submissions by participants. For more information on the Getty Conservation Institute's work with earthen architecture, visit the Earthen Architecture Initiative Web site at< Less
Cities of Earth By Ronald Rael
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A diary and photo essay of the earthen architecture of Yemen
Escape from Planet One By Danuta Kwiatkowski
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At that very moment, the earthen fires burst high into the air and a horrible vibrating sound reached our ears. In the distance, a satanic paw came out of the ground with its fingers extending and... More > twisting into what become a tornado! And it was becoming bigger and bigger by the second .Panic struck all of the people simultaneously and it was every man for himself with everybody darting off in different directions. Only now did it become known to me how many people there had actually been among the ruins, as the buildings were vacated ahead of the tornado by a veritable sea of humans. A one group of people fell into the nearby swamp, which swallowed them up waist deep. They cried for help and tried to escape, but they did not have the strength for it. Just then, the tornado roared across the swamp moving horizontally with the ground, but curiously, it completely spared the people stuck in the muck. lt did, however, turn its attention and direction to the people that were facing off in battle.< Less