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Ecumene: Global Interface in American Ceramics By NCECA 2012
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Ecumene: Global Interface in American Ceramics invites us to investigate essential questions about the nature of creative action in the early 21st century. In computer science, interface refers to a... More > point of interaction between components that allows them to function independently while communicating and working with other parts of a system. The range of ideas and approaches to clay working in this exhibition demonstrate that while this confluence of interconnectedness and independence is pervasive, it can also be discomforting. Artists influence culture, but what influences artists? Why and how do we create and what are the consequences of our work? Although it has been widely held that art has always shaped the culture around us, how can art serve as a vehicle for social criticism, reveal notions of identity or ways of living in empathy with the planet and its inhabitants?< Less
2014 TCC Calendar By Richard Halliday
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The Transferware Collectors Club is pleased to offer this beautiful 2014 calendar produced by member Richard Halliday. Each month has a transfer-ware-themed image to reflect the many different colors... More > and styles of the genre. Key holiday dates are included for the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK. All profit from the calendar will be used to support the club's educational programs.< Less
The Art of Clay By By Jean Church
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This is a great little coffee table book full of color photographs of works done in stoneware, porcelan, earthenware and micaceous clays.
'A Corpus of Magic Bowls: Incantation Texts in Jewish Aramaic from Late Antiquity' and 'Curse or Blessing, What's in the Magic Bowl?' By Dan Levene
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This book is a unique collection of Jewish magical texts from Late Antiquity. These consist of spells for protection against a wide variety of supernatural entities, demons, ghouls, and ghosts that... More > were thought to be the cause of humanity's misfortunes. The magic bowls from which the incantations in this book have been transcribed are a form of amulet which was peculiar to the Mesopotamian regions of modern day Iran and Iraq of the fourth to seventh centuries A.D. These magical texts were individually commissioned by people whose names are usually mentioned within the texts. After having been written by sorcerer -scribes on the inside of earthenware bowls these were buried upside down under the floor of the client's house. To this reprint is added Levene's general introduction, 'Curse or Blessing, What's in the Magic Bowl', making this an ideal volume for any wishing to study Late Antique Jewish magical literature.< Less
A Beginners Guide to Making, Decorating and Collecting Pottery By Poppy Mahoney
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Pottery also includes ceramics, earthenware, stoneware and porcelain, all of which are made in potteries. Pottery is made from clay, mostly formed by the hand while it is still soft and wet, and... More > then heated in a kiln at high temperatures to change its material quality, making it hard. The clay itself varies from region to region to produce pottery with varying characteristics. Furthermore, the clay itself can be mixed with different minerals to create different effects. The earliest known pottery was produced 25 to 29,000 years before Christ in what is now modern day Czech Republic (where I was born), of a figurine of a naked woman named Venus of Dolni Vestonice . This book covers everything you need to know about making pottery such as: - Great Uses For Pottery - Finding A Great Pottery Wheel - Paint Your Own Pottery - Wood Fired Pottery - Pottery For Jewelry and so much more!!!< Less
Eggs, Cheese and Butter in Old Regime France By Jim Chevallier, Pierre Le Grand d'Aussy
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Green eggs were popular once, and long before Dr. Seuss, in France. Poached eggs were served with orange juice and spices. Easter eggs inspired not egg hunts, but loud, raucous processions. Cheese... More > might be eaten with sugar and even cinnamon. Brie and Parmesan cheese were popular long before modern times. Butter could be preserved with salt, but also by being melted and put in earthenware jars. On fast days, when meat was forbidden, sometimes eggs were allowed, in other periods they were not; the same thing was true of milk and cheese. These facts are all found in the brief but wide-ranging chapter the eighteenth century writer Le Grand d'Aussy included on eggs and dairy products in his three volumes on the history of French food. Two hundred years later, modern food historians still turn to Le Grand's work for information on various foods, and this new translation gives a sample of the varied and colorful information they find there.< Less