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On Manannan's Isle By Usha Kishore
eBook (ePub): $5.99
Usha Kishore’s debut collection of poems portrays the increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the Isle of Man, with the postcolonial palette of language, and culture. Usha’s evocative work... More > conscientiously explores many facets of the island like the landscape, the Celtic myth of Manannan and Manx culture, history and art. The spirit of Manannan permeates the collection; as the title poem highlights, he is but one more in the poet’s pantheon of 33 million gods. From an earthy point of view, Manannan is the Manx spirit of Quocunque Jeceris Stabit (Latin for the Manx Motto “Whithersoever you throw it, it will stand.” )< Less
Viola By Barbara Orr
Paperback: $21.97
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She was born among the Dolomite mountains where the histories of Italy and Austria meet....This is where my grandmother's - Viola's - story begins, of growing up amidst great love and the simple... More > beauty of a northern Italian village. The deep losses she bore, the discovery of her abiding love for Gino and then having to leave him, her family, her town to emigrate to America with a man who was a virtual stranger to her. It is a story of strength and personal transcendence, of how beauty enhances our lives, of the saving grace of deep love. It is the chronicle of one woman who lived her life with an earthy grace that touched in its own humble way the lives of countless others.< Less
Unseen Creatures By Garrison Benson
Paperback: List Price: $15.00 $12.00 | You Save: 20%
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“I’ll write you, Ultimate Poem, if it’s the last thing I do.” In Unseen Creatures, poet/cryptid Garrison Benson invites readers on a wild ride through worlds at once... More > fantastic and earthy, playful and melancholy. With the help of a lively cast of characters from Bigfoot to Old Man Bruggers to wannabe cowboy Jonah, Benson explores undiscovered regions of disillusionment, hospitality, belonging, and interbeing in this endearing and enduring love letter to the often-glimpsed, never-seen creatures moving inside us all. Cover image © Reno Martin.< Less
Don Juan (Illustrated) By Baron George Gordon Byron
eBook (ePub): $1.99
Byron’s exuberant masterpiece tells of the adventures of Don Juan, beginning with his illicit love affair at the age of sixteen in his native Spain and his subsequent exile to Italy. Following... More > a dramatic shipwreck, his exploits take him to Greece, where he is sold as a slave, and to Russia, where he becomes a favourite of the Empress Catherine who sends him on to England. Byron’s Don Juan blends high drama with earthy humour, outrageous satire of his contemporaries and sharp mockery of Western societies, with England coming under particular attack.< Less
Feed My Lambs: Mystical Poems of Earth and Fire By Carl Barbarotto
eBook (ePub): $4.95
This book is a collection of spiritual, mystical, modern poetry and meditations. For those inclined towards the Mystical Path, these may serve as songs of healing and joy. Appealing to lovers of... More > poetry with a wide range of themes from the mystical to the sensual, from the earthy to the inspirational, this work is really two books in one. Carl Barbarotto has a degree in philosophy and studied theology before leaving the seminary after nine years. He is still interested in the Christian Mystical Path and Non-Duality. Carl studied creative writing and a number of his poems were published in a University literary publication. His spiritual poetry has been read at spiritual gatherings, retreats and church services.< Less
ULTERIOR VISION(S) By Ivan Argüelles
Paperback: $12.50
Prints in 3-5 business days
The boundaries of time and form do not exist for Ivan Argüelles – they never have. While we’ve been occupied by the singular idea, trapped in a moment, Argüelles has refused... More > to play by the rules or even accept the need for the game. His poetry exposes that idea as the provisional, phony construct that it is. Where most find chaos he discovers and sings sublime music. Earthy, psychedelic, profane, divinatory and sacred, these Ulterior Vision(s) are another distinct verse in a song that began nowhere and never ends. Through the day after day practice of such poetry this poet is living his work, an other life, an ulterior existence “in the electric dazzling we are.” - Jake Berry< Less
Being.john.Sweet: Letting it Be By John C Sweet
Paperback: $7.96
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John Christopher Sweet resides in Lansing, Michigan with his son Forrest and cat Randy. The cat by the way was the inspiration of a “genius” poem that was too exclusive to be included in... More > this collection. The sketches in this pocket series are just a glimmer of the expansive works that John has created during his earthy existence. The sketches painted here are written as life unfolded in real time, a few of them are so-called tics, which resemble memories, recollected in real time too. Without the inspiration of Jack Kerouac, where would poets be today? Well, they self-publish today!< Less
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