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Quick & Easy Salads and Breads with Style By Edie Hand, Darlene Real, Debra Lustrea
eBook (PDF): $6.00
Quick & Easy Salads and Breads with Style These innovative cookbooks are devoted to celebrating wonderful food and a contemporary sense of style on a budget. Provided are recipes for delicious... More > and easy holiday treats, entrees, and salads and breads that take fewer than 20 minutes to prepare and present with flair. Appropriate for both novice and experienced cooks, all of these recipes use ingredients commonly found on supermarket shelves. Each recipe is accompanied by nutritional information and diabetic food exchanges. The fun presentation ideas suggested use basic supplies found in supermarkets and mass merchandise stores, enabling cooks to create meal presentations worthy of Martha Stewart on a family budget.< Less
Bread First By Stuart Silverstein, Alan Priest
eBook (PDF): $6.75
Bread First is a book for beginners. Everything a beginner needs to know can be found here. You can expect to bake great bread the first time. The process is simple, and the ingredients are readily... More > available. "No knead" baking is for everyone. No experience required. Clear instructions with photos make everything extra easy.< Less
Breaking Bread By Paul Harthan
Paperback: $9.99
Prints in 3-5 business days
During the holidays is when a lot of people set out to make homemade bread. You inhale the freshly baked aroma coming from your oven in your kitchen. Making and baking bread can be healthy for you... More > and it doesn’t cost a lot for you to make it. Once the dough bakes in the oven and is done, you won’t want to wait until it cools off to eat it. Plus, you won’t want to go back to the store to buy anymore. Making bread is easy and once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to keep doing it. There are different ways that you can make and bake bread. Some people prefer doing it from scratch. Others prefer using a bread maker. In order to start making and baking the bread, here are the items that you would need to get started:< Less
Homemade Bread Recipes - A Simple and Easy Bread Machine Cookbook By Cathy L. Kidd
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Homemade Bread Recipes, A Simple and Easy Bread Machine Cookbook contains 137 easy to make bread machine recipes using common ingredients. This book is designed to give you what you want – the... More > recipes! No fluff, no repetitive information that you already know, just the ingredients and quantities to make unique homemade bread in your bread machine. Any unusual instructions are included with the recipe so the results will come out just right. Try Bailey's Irish Cream Bread, Yorkshire Spice Bread and Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread to amaze and delight your friends and family.< Less
How to Make Homemade Bread: Simple and Easy Bread Making Tips and Recipes By Cathy L. Kidd
eBook (ePub): $6.99
How to make homemade bread does not have to be a mystery anymore! With this book you’ll get the basic information you need, some expert tips and the recipes so your hand made bread will be... More > delicious right out of the oven. You’ll find the instructions you need to make traditional yeast, unique quick and fancy braided, filled and twisted breads. Try your hand at Decorative Lemon, Apple Pie, Nut Orange with Honey Filling and an author’s favorite, Pimento Olive (pictured on the cover). It’s easier than you think with no special equipment necessary.< Less
How to Make Bread: Secrets for How to Make Dough, Baking Bread & Easy Recipes for Types of Bread - A Quick Start Guide On Baking Bread and Bread Making With Easy Recipes for Homemade Bread from Banana Bread and Sourdough Bread to Cinnamon Bread Rolls By Julia Stewart, Malibu Publishing
eBook (ePub): $7.99
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How to Make Bread: Secrets for How to Make Dough, Baking Bread & Easy Recipes for Types of Bread - A Quick Start Guide On Baking Bread and Bread Making With Easy Recipes for Homemade Bread from... More > Banana Bread and Sourdough Bread to Cinnamon Bread Rolls Bread has been a staple food of human beings for hundreds of years. However, almost majority of people still do not know how bread is made. The process is actually very simple, although more advanced techniques are also used to make special kinds of bread. Overall, the principles are very much the same. It is important that you practice safety at all times and watch how the experts do it to get the most benefits. Here are some tips and tricks. Find out more about bread and see how much more you can add to create your own special taste and design.< Less
Bread Greats: Delicious Bread Recipes, The Top 92 Bread Recipes By Jo Franks
Paperback: $19.94
Prints in 3-5 business days
You'll love this book, the recipes are easy, the ingredients are easy to get and they don't take long to make. Foodlovers turn to Bread Greats for information and inspiration. This is a very... More > satisfying book, however I would recommend you eat something before you read this book, or you won't be able to make it through without reaching for a skillet or saucepan! Bread Greats is packed with more information than you could imagine. 92 delicious dishes covering everything, each employing ingredients that should be simple to find and include Bread. This cookbook offers great value and would make a fabulous gift. This book will also give you enough inspiration to experiment with different ingredients since you'll find the extensive index to be extremely helpful. The recipes are superb. Wonderfully easy to put together and you don't have to make or purchase a ton of condiments before you have a chance to play with them. Yummy!!< Less
Whole Wheat Bread Making By Donna Miller
Paperback: $14.00
Prints in 3-5 business days
Learning to make fresh baked, whole wheat bread without all the chemicals, dyes and preservatives of store-bought bread is EASY with this book! We take you step by step from learning more about... More > each simple ingredient and how they interact with each other through options for hand kneading or using a bread-machine (while avoiding the weird shape) to how to slice your delicious loaf of healthy bread. Once you get this guide, you will be amazed at how easy it is to bake delicious and healthy home-made bread. You will discover firsthand (with lots of detailed pictures and instructions) of how the entire process of bread making works. From start to finish, you will be able to transform your baking, and likely impact your health forever. Look at what others are saying:< Less
The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook By Sameh Foukeh
eBook (PDF): $3.75
If you own a bread machine, this is the book you need, with over 150 fantastic recipes for every make of machine.The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook will enable you to get the best possible use from... More > your machine. In The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook you will find delicious, mouth-watering recipes like these: Anadama Bread, Absolutely Apricot Bread, Aloha Loaf, Amish Bread, Apple Cranberry Nut Bread, Bailey's Irish Cream Bread, Banana Bread, Beer Cheese Bread, Buttermilk Pumpernickel, Caesar's Sourdough Bread, Cajun Spice Bread, Dill Onion Bread, Easy French Bread, English Muffin Bread, Famous Onion Bread, Heavenly Whole Wheat Bread, Hot Jalapeno Bread, Luscious Luau Bread, Oreo Cookie Bread, Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread, Reuben Bread, Summer Fruit Bread, Sweet Potato Pecan Bread, Yorkshire Spice Bread, and Many More.< Less
Bread Sticks with a Twist By Brenda Van Niekerk
Hardcover: $27.77
Prints in 3-5 business days
Try making these delicious, easy to make, gourmet breadsticks. Some of the recipes in the book: Apple Cinnamon Breadsticks, Apple Raisin Bread Sticks, Blueberry Feta Breadsticks, Blue Cheese And... More > Walnut Breadsticks, Caramelised Red Onion And Chorizo Sausage Breadsticks, Cranberry Apple Breadsticks, Cranberry Pecan Breadsticks, Fig And Feta Breadsticks, Ham And Cheese Breadsticks, Honey And Dill Breadsticks, Lemon Almond Breadsticks, Parmesan Bacon Breadsticks, Parmesan Garlic Breadsticks, Potato, Leek And Feta Breadsticks, Roasted Pepper And Garlic Breadsticks, Spiced Pumpkin Walnut Breadsticks, Tomato, Feta And Basil Bread Sticks, 3 Cheese Breadsticks, Black Pepper, Strawberry And Feta Breadsticks, Cheddar Chili Twisted Breadsticks, Cheese And Onion Breadsticks, Herb, Garlic And Sea Salt Breadsticks, Lemon Poppy Seed Breadsticks and more.< Less