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Man-Eating Vegetables By Brian Wigand
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This book started off as a Christmas present for my brother. The title says it all. It is full of scenes of vegetables growing, preparing, and eating humans. Each page includes a short narrative... More > of the scene. Don't worry, it's not too graphic- just silly. Enjoy.< Less
The Vegetable Diet By william Alcott
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great book for a countdown to good health. the vegetable diet will really help you .this text has added annotations from the author and a staff of doctors all specialists in good health . if your... More > serious about good health this is the text for you .my family has tried it for 3 weeks and all have lost substantial weight and feel better .You must try it if all else has failed this could be the answer it has been great for us! try this book you will be happy and healthier !< Less
The Vegetable Garden By John Sutton
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Recent legislation has focused public attention in no small degree upon the subject of pure food. Just what goes into the composition of the food we eat is becoming more a matter of inquiry by the... More > consumer. It is doubtful if the law requiring the constituents of tinned goods and seal packages to be printed on the outside of packages meets the full requirements of the case.< Less
Animal Vegetable By Charles Levenstein
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In retirement, Charles Levenstein has sought a more contemplative existence. He has tried to look at nature, for instance, as more than something to eat. The poems in this small volume are evidence... More > of the effort to transcend urban anthropocentrism. He hopes you enjoy them.< Less
No More Vegetables By Debi Brown
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No More Vegetables by Debi Brown When the rolls with butter were left out of Dusty's breakfast; he vows that he will never eat vegetables again. His desire for the rolls takes over logic and he... More > sets out on a quest to find them. He faces the dangers of the farm that includes a huge tractor that almost hits him, and a ferocious cat with deadly claws and a reputation to match them. Dusty considers the cat's multiple personalities because this rascal could rip out his heart or play "dead cat on the porch." Could the cat be a mafia boss? Or maybe instead of mice on the porch could he leave dead politicians! Dusty wasn't sure. After learning all about the farm animals and what they ate, Dusty had to admit that he could not just eat rolls and be healthy, he needed vegetables too! While searching for the stash of rolls, he found the friendship of the farm animals and the love of his family. Grades 2-5 (depending on reading skills)< Less
Vegetable Anatomy By Wei Hong
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The project includes an interactive App, a laser-cut 3D poster series, a website that allows people to play with anatomical images of vegetables, a video that shows the interior structures of... More > vegetables, and a variety of 3D product designs. I hope my project will encourage people to explore the beauty and benefits of vegetables. Interactive technology invites people to enjoy and appreciate data. There are few Apps about vegetables and healthy eating, and those that exist have poor design and functionality. Working as a visual designer, I have had a lot of personal experience with experimental form-making. People rarely consider the complex interior life and structure of vegetables; I hope I have expended the beauty of vegetables to a new visual world.< Less
"Eat More Vegetables Honey!" let tuce indulge By Kaye Marconi-Gillespie
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"Eat More Vegetables Honey!"(lettuce indulge) by KMarconi-Gillespie is a cook book with a delicious premise that says that as long as you eat more vegetables you can indulge in just about... More > anything! Recipes from pizza, burgers, steak tartar, prawns; chili, filet mignon: and fried green tomatoes you can dive into and keep your figure svelt or trim your figure. All recipes include cocktails, wines and beers. And, honey, don't forget to bring home dessert(s)! "Eat More Vegetables Honey!" by KMarconiGillespie let's you indulge! Photos Courtesy of Google Images.< Less
Vaughan's Vegetable Cook Book By Anonymous
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This informative, yet crazy collection of vegetable recipes is something that you will find useful and amusing. You will find recipes for such things as Pumpkin Soup, Cabbage Pudding, and Cucumber... More > Catsup. It is interesting to read through and see some of our favorite dishes and also some of the "unusal" recipes that were popular in 1919.< Less
The Girl Who Wouldn't Eat Her Vegetables By Linda Warner
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A little girl learns a valuable lesson.
Pamma Lamma Eats Fruits and Vegetables and She Exercises. So Can You! By Pamela Thomas-Roots
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This is an activity,coloring,story book for children of all ages. The child is introduced to and reads about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and exercising. It can be used by the... More > child alone or with an adult for time together. This book has activities, pictures to color and a fun story. It is great given as a gift. It is a smart gift to give.< Less

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Left to Die Left to Die By Wes Rand
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