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10 Steps To Ebook Authoring By Glen Dietzel
eBook (PDF): $3.00
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There are 10 steps involved in your ebook authoring journey. These are the steps my co-authoring partner Paul Jackson and I cover with our eBook eCourse material,how to become a published eBook... More > author.< Less
30 Writing Tips For eBook Author By JUI MING CHANG
eBook (PDF): $7.33
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Introducing....30 Writing Tips For eBook Author ..... This ebook will show you the 30 writing tips how to write and compile an ebook.
30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors By Jimmy D. Brown’s
eBook (PDF): $18.90
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How Anyone Can Become a Better Writer By Following Time Tested Writing Strategies
The CIA Guide for Discrediting Ebook Authors By Richard Lighthouse
eBook (PDF): $38,900.00
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This short ebook describes a method concocted by the CIA PsyOps group for discrediting ebook authors that they don’t like, or are problematic. Basically, it involves posting ebooks on... More > websites, such as amazon, smashwords, and lulu, and when the time is right to target the victim, they post the stolen work and a “history” of revisions onto the hacked website. This makes it appear that the bogus author posted the material before the original author. It is truly amazing that a group of people can be so crooked and incompetent at the same time. This document is an excellent example of a free press publication. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press should never be hindered.< Less
Your Authority in Christ Jesus (eBook) By Sandy Warner
eBook (PDF): $5.00
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First Steps To Authority - We Have A Choice ~ Visions On Learning Authority ~ Parable On Practicing Our Authority ~ Corporate Authority ~ He Can’t Work Through Fear ~ The Fruit Of Deliverance ~... More > Word Study On Authority ~ Following Our Conscience ~ Equipped And Trained To War ~ Finding Your Metron ~ Authority Over The Elements ~ Unauthorized Authority ~ Dont Bind The Free Will Of Men ~ City Prayer And Warfare ~ How To Battle Safely ~ Is Our Authority Based On Character? ~ Signs Of The Fierce Wind Storm ~ Keeping Our Children With ~ Prayer And Obedience ~ Take Back Your Inheritance ~ Generations To Follow ~ Spiritual Parents ~ To Prophesy And Pray ~ Authority Over The Wind ~ Not By Might ~ Plunder What Was Stolen ~ A Canopy From Judgment ~ Heavenly Places ~ The Armor ~ Protected In War ~ Maintain Your Ground ~ The Vote Of One ~ Stay In Your Calling ~ Walk In Dominion ~ What Will You Decree? ~ Our Spirit Man Grows ~ Weapons Of War ~ Rock Hard Faith ~ New Levels With Unity ~ The Doorkeeper ~< Less
Ebook By Herb Leisure
Paperback: $89.50
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A Scholarly Bible-Based Expose Revealing the Defiled Spiritual Condition of Every Organized Church and the Inherently Sinful Nature of the Authorities Who Run Them
The Amateur Author By Sharon Slater
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thinking of self publishing your own book?, if not, you should because everyone is at it, ebooks, print on demand platforms, kindle books and even audio books, everyone seems to be writing about... More > their story in some way or another, whether it be sharing their knowledge or experience on a subject, or whether it be voicing their opinions, but what about marketing that book, it's tough online and the truth is that many authors are finding that their books are simply disappearing into cyberspace, they are left desperately finding ways of getting their book noticed online. How can you be sure your book will get found, yet alone read?.. The trick is to write about a niche subject, something I failed to understand as a blogger. If you fail to identify your niche and position yourself online then you too could become the next frustrated author. In this book I share my story and my opinions. Why? because I can and so can you. Start publishing your book today.< Less
Without Authority By Barry Worrall
eBook (PDF): $10.74
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Synopsis : Fathers 4 Justice has made known some of the failings of family law. This book takes the next step, by exposing the entire degenerate system. In a novel way, you learn what is going on,... More > how this came about, and who has been responsible. The book explores ethics and remedies. It has been said that there would be history books written, in the future, about this theme. This is the first such book. If you have had a negative experience of the UK's family law regime, or want to understand why Father 4 Justice (F4J) exists, or are concerned for the family and men's rights, this is essential reading. But more than simply a book : further online supportive reading is provided, and this is directly online from the ebook editions. From the foreword by Dr John Campion : “Barry’s account is unique … a very sound historical account of family law reform … and blends this with events in his own life - the normal events of a young man.” ISBN-13 : 978-1-900080-08-8< Less
The New Age Marketing eBook By Various Authors
eBook (PDF): $1.00
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The New Age Marketing eBook is the ebook based on the New Age Marketing Blog on It covers topics related to the latest trends in marketing. It features topics like Sensory Marketing,... More > Marketing the Dead, Naked Marketing, Mystery Products, Green Marketing, among others. It spans verticals like FMCG, Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, Media, Technology, Logistics, among others. The book brings into perspective, the diverse cultural and real world experiences of its various author. You can read the blog at You can also become a fan of the blog on Facebook The New Age Marketing Blog Team are Aditi, Deepesh, Farah, Ghaayathri, Ikshu, Jane, Linus, Pooja, Renu, Sathyadheep, Siddhartha, Sujay, Sumeet, Surendra, Sushant, Tajan, Tariq, Vidyavati, Vikas and Vyas. All proceeds from this book will go to charity.< Less
Stories by English Authors in Africa By Stories Hub
eBook (ePub): $2.99
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This wonderful ebook contain stories by English Authors in Africa. It includes stories such as the mystery of sasassa valley, and many more. Enjoy!