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Voyage en éléments By Arnaud Pastoret
Paperback: $14.40
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Recueil de Poésie. Egalement disponible en livre numérique EBOOK PDF - 2.98 euros - à l'adresse :... More > " ... Son écriture est libre, je la dirai très moderne, très contemporaine: Ne vous attendez pas à une écriture académique, vous n’y retrouverez pas une construction classique de poésie. On peut  être déstabilisé un instant. Les associations d’idées sont surprenantes, osées. Mais le rêve est au bout. Laissez-vous aller et entrez dans le monde poétique qu’il vous propose : ce poète, pour moi est personnage lunaire, on dirait que ses pieds sont posés comme par hasard sur terre, obligés de s’y ancrer puisqu’il y vit mais il semble toujours être aspiré vers le ciel. Il me fait penser à ce vers de Lamartine : « l’homme est un ange déchu qui se souvient des cieux ..."< Less
NOD 17 E-Book By John Stater
eBook (PDF): $2.75
NOD 17 rolls in just in time for Halloween, with a bag full of treats - Ixum, a fantasy African city; 18 skeletons to challenge characters of all levels, the queens of elemental air, bar fights, four... More > monstrous classes, random dinosaurs, 36 monsters of distinction, a macabre new race and a guide to using Mystery Men! as a heroic fantasy game! 50 pages.< Less
Cidae's Rise - The Ties That Bind (Ebook) By Robb Pratt & Jesse Heindl
eBook (ePub): $0.00
Gravenhurst is a dangerous place: Cultists. Undead. Paladins. Muggers. Necromancers. Demons. Devils. Civil Servants. But the Cidae siblings call it home, and all they really want to do is to settle... More > in, build a life for themselves and find out what really happened to Count Cidae, their murdered father. But even the simplest plans have a way of getting disrupted, and as elements of their respective pasts continue to seek them out – for good and for ill – they each have to come to terms with some universal truths: All actions have consequences. All power has a cost. Some grievances are never really wiped away – not even by death. And in the end, all trouble is relative…< Less
Your Authority in Christ Jesus (eBook) By Sandy Warner
eBook (PDF): $5.00
First Steps To Authority - We Have A Choice ~ Visions On Learning Authority ~ Parable On Practicing Our Authority ~ Corporate Authority ~ He Can’t Work Through Fear ~ The Fruit Of Deliverance ~... More > Word Study On Authority ~ Following Our Conscience ~ Equipped And Trained To War ~ Finding Your Metron ~ Authority Over The Elements ~ Unauthorized Authority ~ Dont Bind The Free Will Of Men ~ City Prayer And Warfare ~ How To Battle Safely ~ Is Our Authority Based On Character? ~ Signs Of The Fierce Wind Storm ~ Keeping Our Children With ~ Prayer And Obedience ~ Take Back Your Inheritance ~ Generations To Follow ~ Spiritual Parents ~ To Prophesy And Pray ~ Authority Over The Wind ~ Not By Might ~ Plunder What Was Stolen ~ A Canopy From Judgment ~ Heavenly Places ~ The Armor ~ Protected In War ~ Maintain Your Ground ~ The Vote Of One ~ Stay In Your Calling ~ Walk In Dominion ~ What Will You Decree? ~ Our Spirit Man Grows ~ Weapons Of War ~ Rock Hard Faith ~ New Levels With Unity ~ The Doorkeeper ~< Less
STRISCIA (ebook) By Kobayashi
eBook (PDF): $5.61
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STRISCIA vous propose d'incarner, dans un XVIIe siècle imaginaire, des spadassins, des soldats de fortune et autres traîne-savates contraint de se salir les mains pour remplir leurs... More > bourses. Leurs aventures se déroulent dans des villes qui rappellent Venise, Vienne ou Prague. Les affaires se décident dans les coulisses du pouvoir et se règlent dans les ruelles sombres. Les aspects fantastiques du jeu se résument à quelques sorts et créatures dans un univers où on les croise rarement, voire jamais et ces éléments peuvent même être totalement ignorés. Fans des aventures du Capitaine Alatriste ou du roman Gagner la guerre ? STRISCIA devrait vous plaire !< Less
Key to 36 Potent Foods to Lose Weight & Live Healthy (eBook Shelf) By eBook How to lose weight and live healthy
eBook (PDF): $5.99
You can never get rid of fat cells, but – unfortunately – you can add to them. Depending upon what you eat, your body will manufacture new far cells. And like those you were born with,... More > they never go away. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to be fat once you put on extra pounds. It is possible to shrink fat cells. That’s what happens when you lose weight. You burn up the fat stored in those big fat cells. Think of them as balloons. Burning off the fat inside them has the save effect as letting the air out of a balloon. A good weight loss program requires a certain amount of intake restriction – the consumption of fewer calories. You burn off the fat by eating less fat and becoming more active. To guarantee a lifetime of weight-control success, you have to change the type of foods you eat, so that you ingest less fat and still get the vitamins, minerals, trace elements, protein, fat and carbohydrates your body needs to thrive.< Less
Hey You, Victim! (E-book) By Dr. Gerald Nicklen
eBook (PDF): $12.50
Everyday, we hear on the news and read in the paper that crime rates are up and they keep going up. There seems to be no logical, technical or rational reason why crime exists. We, as learned... More > individuals, must understand two things. The first thing is we help create the reality of crime and the second thing is there is no stopping the criminal element.< Less
Apocrypha with (Pirket Avot Ethics of the Fathers) ebook By Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen
eBook (PDF): $19.99
Read the fifteen books of the Apocrypha to get an understanding of the events both of the exile and of Israel’s early history. Read Ethics of the Fathers to understand rabbinic wisdom and some... More > important elements of the story of Genesis. The tests, the trials and the miracles of the Temples. Without these books the story in the bible is incomplete and has gaps which these books will fill up and give you a more complete understanding.< Less
Permission to Speak: an anthology of new fiction (pdf ebook) By Truhlar & Daurio, Editors
eBook (PDF): $12.99
Crossing all genres, this collection of works by twelve authors provides a transliterary snapshot of various trends and practices in North American fictioneering. What is a ‘story’, and... More > how can it be told? These concerns are reflected in pieces both unexpected and traditional. From photo-collage homolinguistic translation to speculative dystopian narrative to historical remembrance, here are works that use haunting and poetic language, humour, irony, gothic elements and documentary style to take the reader on unexpected voyages. Contributors: Melody Sumner Carnahan, Beverley Daurio, Michael Dean, Brian Dedora, Karl Jirgens, Lesley McAllister, Opal Louis Nations, Misha Nogha, Lance Olsen/Andi Olsen/Davis Schneiderman, John Riddell, John Shirley, Richard Truhlar< Less
All Saint's Day Worship Experience eBook By Steve Baney, M. Div.
eBook (ePub): $8.98
All Saints Day is traditionally celebrated on November 1 or the following Sunday to remember and honor those who have died and gone to heaven. This worship experience is designed as a large group... More > gathering or as an open-house. Worshippers progress individually through seven stations, each designed to engage with an additional aspect of death and heaven. Station topics include ~ A video sharing the story of a friend's death (optional) ~ God's presence in tragedy ~ Return from death ~ Burdens and wounds ~ Our limited perspective ~ The valley of the shadow of death ~ Burial as a beginning ~ Remembering those who have died Included in this text are the complete instructions for setting up each station, as well as a list of additional supplies you will need (such as a piece of foil, etc.). You'll also find instructions to be copied and placed at each station, explaining to worshippers how to experience each element of worship.< Less

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