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Quilts and Color Event Lecture Ebook Version By Robert Guaraldi & Gerald Roy
eBook (ePub): $24.99
In the spring of 2014 the Boston Museum of Fine Arts opened an exhibit called "Quilts and Color". The core elements of the exhibit were antique quilts from the Pilgrim/Roy collection... More > chosen for their vibrant color and strikingly “modern” patterns by the exhibit curators and the collection owner, Gerald Roy. To provide context Gerald presented scheduled lectures during the exhibition. The exhibition drew record numbers - approx. 150,000 visitors. To create this presentation on Basic Color Theory exemplified by the exhibit Gerald called on the talents of his friend and collaborator, Robert Guaraldi who provided photography and presentation building skills. All of the quilts and paintings used in the lecture are from the Pilgrim/Roy collection and original works by Gerald. What follows is a written version of the lecture including core material w/accompanying artwork, and material we could not fit into the original lecture. This book contains over 75 Illustrations/quilts.< Less
The Silver Chronicles: Psychic Slaughters - eBook Version By Crystal Brewton
eBook (PDF): $0.00
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ATTENTION BELOVED READERS: EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 2013 - ALL OF MY BOOKS ARE NOW "DONATIONWARE"! You take them. You read them. YOU decide what, if anything, they are worth from your hard... More > earned cash! Times are hard enough without giving up the joys of the written word. I have long said that I write for the love of writing (and to keep the Muses happy). Time for me to live up to my own words! Enjoy ... and if (or even when .. take as long as you need to pay) you think its worth a little of your hard earned cash ... go to URL¤cy_code=USD&bn=PP%2dDonationsBF%3abtn_donateCC_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted and donate what YOU believe is right! Pax vobiscum! Crystal Brewton Some human beings have evolved, while others remain the same. They can use their minds to manipulate the elements of earth, air, fire and water.< Less
Chinese Medicine - healthy tips for acupuncture, meditation, qigong, massage (eBook How) By eBook 4u Chinese Medicine acupuncture meditation qigong massage yoga
eBook (PDF): $2.99
The beginning of this book included 12 prescriptions through herbs that were used with a combination of twenty-eight different ingredients. Table of Contents include: The Beginnings of Traditional... More > Chinese Medicine - The Five Elements of Oriental Medicine - Tying Together the Cycle - Back to the Plants - Being Active With Your Health – Connecting the Dots - Connecting To Your Breath - Developing a Connection - Find the Cure - Finding the Right Method for Healing - Getting the Body Back to Work - Health beyond the Physical - How Do They Know What I Need? - Is Acupuncture For You? - Learning to Balance< Less
The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book: eBook Edition By Mark Ball
eBook (ePub): $1.57
Over 750 science fiction quiz questions in 7 different categories, each with its own multiple choice section. Challenge your friends to a geek-off to the death, or test your own sci-fi knowledge in a... More > battle of wits against this awesome tome of useless geek trivia. From Star Trek to Sliders, from H.G Wells to Philip K. Dick, from Fifth Element to Flight of the Navigator, this quiz book has something for every breed of geek.< Less
Die germanischen Elemente im Isonzofriaulischen und grammatische Bearbeitung derselben By Hugo Pellis
Paperback: $24.73
Prints in 3-5 business days
Originally published in 1911. This volume is produced from digital images from the University and Regional Library of Tyrol holdings in cooperation with the eBooks on Demand (EOD) network.
E-Book Maquillage Energétique By Denis TRAN & Florence FOUERE
eBook (PDF): $19.24
Version E-Book téléchargeable. Les clés de votre Destin se lisent sur votre visage. Depuis des siècles, des peuples utilisent le grimage et le tatouage comme des rituels... More > sacrés. Le maquillage énergétique renoue avec ces traditions et permet aux hommes ainsi qu'aux femmes de découvrir le Yin-Yang, l’Énergie (le Ki) et les "5 éléments" qui anime leur visage. Prenez donc ce livre comme un guide-beauté qui vous indiquera clairement comment traiter vos sourcils, vos lèvres, vos yeux, votre visage etc. en fonction de votre Nature et de vos objectifs. Que ce soit dans un but professionnel (offre d'emploi, entretien ,réunion, promotion) ou personnel (amour, amitié, enfants), vous influencerez de manière subliminale vos interlocuteurs. Le maquillage ne sera plus un geste machinal mais fera partie désormais de votre stratégie de séduction en accord avec qui vous êtes véritablement, « sans fard ». Ne s'agit-il pas finalement de mieux-vivre sa vie et de « Mieux-Être » au quotidien?< Less
Linky Tools Guide – Writing, Designing, Publishing, Marketing, and Automating a World-Class eBook By Brent Riggs
Paperback: $14.91
Prints in 3-5 business days
The Internet opens up the entire world and removes constraints traditionally dictated by well-entrenched industries. A global audience and market is just on the other side of your keyboard. In the... More > guide, I teach you about writing an eBook then publishing it, marketing it and selling it in multiple formats. This is not theory... I’ve done it more than a dozen times. In this guide you will learn: Standing Out In A Crowd, Should You Publish Multiple Formats?, Creating Content, Mistakes To Avoid, Standard Organization And Parts, Design, Format, Layout, Cover, My Best Tricks, On-Demand Printing, Kindle (Or Nook), Automating Sales, Product Ad Or Landing Sales Page , Paypal Or Merchant Account, Order Fulfillment – Delivery, The Basic Elements, Guarantee, Lead Them To An Action, Things To Avoid On Your Sales Page, Split Testing, Marketing Your ebook, Free Marketing , Paid Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Affiliate Sales Of Your Ebook… and lots more!< Less
Guía de estudio Química I :Element City: Un entretenimiento didáctico para conocer la Tabla Periódica By Daniel Aníbal Galatro
eBook (PDF): $9.99
Desde hace muchos años, al explicar la Tabla Periódica de Mendeleiev con los elementos organizados en períodos, grupos y demás, vengo relacionando los comportamientos de... More > los átomos con las formas de comportarse los individuos en una sociedad como la nuestra.Y resultó así que los alumnos comprendían más fácilmente ciertas propiedades de los átomos de un elemento químico al compararla con individuos de cierta clase social. Así que te invito a ir leyendo estas consignas teniendo a mano esa maravillosa Tabla Periódica que permitió transformar una Alquimia desorganizada en una Química organizada.< Less
The Nebuly Coat The By John Meade Falkner
eBook (ePub): $2.50
The Nebuly Coat (1903), by J. Meade Falkner, is a novel which tells of the experiences of a young architect, Edward Westray, who is sent to the remote Dorset town of Cullerne to supervise restoration... More > work on Cullerne Minster. He finds himself caught up in Cullerne life, and hears rumours about a mystery surrounding the claim to the title of Lord Blandamer, whose coat of arms in the Minster's great transept window is the nebuly coat of the title. When the new Lord Blandamer arrives, promising to pay all the costs of the restoration, Westray suspects that the new lord is not what he seems. The Nebuly Coat includes elements that were central interests in Falkner's life, church architecture and heraldry. The massive Romanesque arches of Cullerne Minster recall those of Durham Cathedral which Falkner was familiar with through his work as Honorary Librarian to the Dean and Chapter as well as viewing it from his ho< Less
Improve Your Brain Power with Phosphorus: Eat Plenty of Phosphorus and Become Sharper and Smarter By Christopher Teller
eBook (ePub): $6.99
Are Short on Phosphorus or Do You Have an Excess? Phosphorus is the second most abundant mineral in your body. Do you want to be short on this mineral? It is used in thousands of chemical... More > reactions in your body every day. If you are short on this mineral you can’t get your A’s in school. If you are short on this mineral, you will get osteoporosis. Does Your Thinking Get Fuzzy at Times? Does your mind tend to wander and start thinking about what psychic can tell you about your future? What about at work. Do you keep focused on your work or does your mind wander and keep you on negative attitudes? Are you restless or do you frequently get depressed? Or, are you an over active person? This all relates to your phosphorus levels in your body. What You Will Discover in This e-Book In this e-book, you will discover why you need to be concerned about your phosphorus levels. You will get some idea about whether you a low or high in phosphorus.< Less

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My Wars My Wars By Richard Bushong
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Vein Book Vein Book By Eric Dohner
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