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The MC Part 10 - Record Label, Music Ministry, or Both?: Combing Both for Greater Impact on the Hip-Hop Culture By Ricardo Butler
eBook (PDF): $11.97
This is a new hip-hop ministry and business eBook called Record Label, Music Ministry, or Both? It is designed for Holy-Hip Hop Artists who wrestle with making a decision to function as a music... More > ministry (free services) or a music business (paid services). I teach these music ministers how to actually combine both by deciding from the beginning to either to function as a ministry first with a business element second or to function as a business first with a ministry element second. I explain that combining both will bring even greater glory to God, fulfillment to the artist as part of their calling, blessing to their family, financial support to the Body of Christ and impact on the hip-hop ministry, industry, and culture.< Less
A Rookie's Guide to Installing Beds and Borders By Ralph Heiden
eBook (ePub): $6.95
Landscape design is both an "Art" and a "Science". The Art part deals with factors that influence how the human eye will perceive the elements in your garden. It is the subjective... More > side of the design process based on how "most people" will respond to the way you arrange the softscape (living things, primarily plants) and hardscape (non-living elements) in your beds and borders. This process was discussed in detail in the first eBook in this series, "A Rookie's Guide to Designing Beds and Borders" For purposes of this eBook we will assume that you have gone through a planning process and have either designed or have had someone else design your new beds and borders. You should have either meticulous drawings or at least a rough sketch of your new landscape on hand. This should, of course, include a detailed list of plants and hardscape features that will be included in your new or revised landscape.< Less
Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealism By John O'Loughlin
eBook (ePub): $16.77
In this project, largely composed of loosely aphoristic 'supernotes' dating from 1989-91, the Element-based quadruplicities, or fourfold structures, of earlier books, including 'Elemental Spectra',... More > have been further developed and even expanded upon, to include T-like diagrams whose intention is to facilitate a sense of the respective positions, vis-a-vis the Elements, of each component in the overall hierarchy of any given quadruplicity. In that respect, this eBook also anticipates the next one in what is an ongoing process spiralling towards a more comprehensively exacting summit, the end-product of all such formative essays into truth. The cover shows one of John O'Loughlin's more pronouncedly absolute abstract paintings suitable, we believe, to the idealistic bias of this self-styled 'critique'.< Less
Best Adventures Down Under By Daryl Hall
eBook (ePub): $1.86
With boundless areas of wilderness and a perfect climate, Australia is one of the world’s top adventure destinations. If you are planning a trip to Australia and you are adventurous, but have... More > very little or no experience in adventure sports, this eBook is for you. All the adventures included in this book are achievable by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness and an adventurous spirit. What constitutes an adventure? What essential elements must there be in an adventure? I decided that, to be included in this eBook, the adventure must take place where it is considered to be one of the better locations for that particular activity or sport in the world. It must take place in the Australian wilderness and should be environmentally friendly. It should require a reasonable level of fitness. And above all, it should be fun and exciting.< Less
Cost Accounting Standards - In a Nutshell - Part I By CMA. John D. Nevin
eBook (PDF): $3.99
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This eBook provides a snapshot of the 22 Cost Accounting Standards issued by the Cost Accounting Standards Board of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India and will be useful for all, especially... More > to students pursuing the CMA Final – Group IV course for learning the Cost Accounting Standards, which is part of – Paper 19 – Cost and Management Audit. The uniqueness about this eBook is that it provides a mapping by identifying the common elements in each of the Cost Accounting Standards, which makes reading and learning about Cost Accounting Standards interesting, aids in understanding and revising all the aspects of the Cost Accounting Standards easily and helps in achieving exceptional conceptual clarity.< Less
Russia Under Vladimir Putin: A Democracy? By Rzazr
eBook (PDF): $3.75
This e-book argues that Russia under Vladimir Putin is not a democracy. It is, however, a partial democracy in that there are elements of proceduralism in Russia’s political processes (such as... More > elections, a presidency, a written Constitution, and a parliament that consists of an upper and lower chamber.) This e-book will indicate the areas where Russia under Putin fail to sufficiently met the criteria for a substantive (thereby full) democracy. The researcher believes that the subject matter is important because it deals with the issue of Russian integration into the EU (European Union). If Russia hopes to be seen positively by their European counterparts, then democratization should be high on its agenda. Moreover, based on the “Democratic Peace” thesis, a democratized Russia will provide a more secure geopolitical reality in the European region.< Less
6 Important Things You Must Know About Daily Horoscopes By John Sirois
eBook (ePub): $3.99
Astrology is one of the earliest sciences known to human history. There are astrological records that originated in Babylon in 1645 BCE. Other cultures, such as Egyptian and Greek developed... More > timekeeping and calendar methodologies. From the time man began to observe and track the world around him, he’s also contemplated his own relationship to the earth, stars, planets and elements around him. Astrology may have one way that earliest civilizations helped define their place in the cosmos. They perceived it as being greater than themselves; not something to be conquered, but to be understood. Read this ebook to discover everything you need to know. Grab a copy of the ebook today< Less
Unravel Your Destiny - Secrets Revealed! By Alvin Yap
eBook (PDF): $9.90
The ancient Chinese art of fortune telling is over 3,000 years old and it is still being used till this day to chart the course of a person’s destiny with amazingly accurate results. This... More > E-book serves as a useful guide to show you how to decode your destiny based on the Chinese Astrology known as Four Pillars of Destiny. It is also a reference book which gives a comprehensive break down of all elemental factors used in the analysis of a person’s destiny’s chart. Download this E-book now and learn the secrets to decoding your destiny and discover your true potentials in terms of career, wealth, health, love and relationship.< Less
Feng Shui Fortunes By Zahid Ameer
eBook (PDF): $2.25
Who Else Wants To Achieve Financial Freedom By Changing The Way You Design Your Office And House?! - In This eBook, You Will Learn: + Feng Shui Your Wallet for Financial Freedom + Feng Shui Tips To... More > Help You Advance Your Career and Make More Money + What the Color of Your Wallet Says About Your Wealth + Use the Feng Shui Five-Element Color Cycle to Change your Life + Meaning Of Symbols + And so much more!< Less
Nomad X By Drew Minh
eBook (ePub): $0.99
2003. Paris, Berlin, Barcelona & London. Neocon hysteria is pushing us to the brink of war. Unrest spreads across Europe. A mysterious guerrilla artist is subverting the masses. Nomad X is a... More > satirical political thriller with suspense and dark comedy elements. It centers around an American expat’s investigation into a postmodern terrorist, with scenes taking place in across Europe. Ebook adapted from the forthcoming print edition on Atropos Press.< Less

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