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Eco-legacy, a millennium woman’s heritage By Sylvia Hoehns Wright
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Through memoir style writing, author Sylvia Hoehns Wright demonstrates on the pages of Eco-legacy – a millennium woman’s heritage the importance of a woman pondering her life in all its... More > phases, from the beginning experienced to the future desired. Inviting readers to walk on a path worn smooth by generational expectation, Wright savors nostalgia for places that are near and dear to heart, recalls family traditions; and perhaps more importantly, enables renewal of experience. Challenging all to celebrate heritage because heritage is more than a possession, it is a gift: the birthright of our children. The present-day caretaker for her family’s 7th generational property, Wright credits the legacy of a rural Virginia childhood and Quaker lifestyle belief - view self as caretaker, not owner of property: a perspective of providing for present without sacrificing future – as the source for her eco commitment. Bonus section: Strategies/Tips – research & publish personal, family and/or community stories< Less
The Legacy of Carpocrates By Osman Khareef
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In the style of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown's 'DaVinci Code' and Eco's 'Name of the Rose', this is a novel of a thrilling hunt for esoteric mysterious artifacts of immeasureable value against a backdrop... More > of the age of Terrorism and European and American politics. Carpocrates was an Alexandrian philosopher who lived in the first century (c.AD130-150). He founded, along with his son Epiphanes, a notoriously licentious Christian Hellenistic sect related to Gnosticism. The Legacy? What is it and where is it? Through the centuries there have been rumours that the Carpocratians had ‘something’ of fabulous value which has been used as a guarantor of survival in times of intense persecution.< Less
Warming! By William Espinosa
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It’s 2028. The human race is divided on how to deal with the threatening eco-legacy of the twentieth century. Calls for a strong, centralized response mount, but skeptics of institutional power... More > seek another way. A prominent Brazilian healer is poisoned by toxic flower-essence. The leader of the Palestinian peace movement is shot, in bed with a Shin Bet operative. A Peruvian community organizer falls 600 meters to his death. The deaths entangle a rainforest ecologist, a New Age dreamer, a Palestinian peace activist, and a U.S. Senator’s aide. The four find themselves suspects in a high-stakes game. Seductions, searches, surveillance and renditions unfold as part of a plot with planetary aims. Themes of power, self-discovery, spirit, and nature are explored in a likely near-future as the protagonists crisscross the globe. Warming! is an inspired new title in the emerging cli-fi tradition.< Less