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"Zigeunerfiguren" in der deutschsprachigen Literatur By Stefanie Sabine Bach
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In this PhD thesis, the representation of “Gypsies” in German language prose and dramatic texts is analysed through the investigation of the development of common themes through time. In... More > the figure of the “Gypsy”, obsolete elements of the convention for fictionalising women were able to survive. It is also shown that the elements characteristic of the fictional portrayal of “Gypsies” are subject to change and contain the potential to be transcended towards a more complex representation which gives Romanies themselves a voice, while recognising the imaginary “Gypsy” to be a construct. Allowing Romanies to take ownership of the discourse about them appears to be a first crucial step towards an improvement of the socio-economical as well as political situation of Romanies in Europe today.< Less
Interaction technics in educational services By Julia Malakhova
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In the monography interactive ways and methods of the modern educa-tional space organization are analyzing and examined and mechanisms of the innovating interaction of the subjects of the educational... More > service also. Educa-tion and the problems connected with it are examined within the context of the information society realities. Interaction as a sociocultural phenomen is conceded as the basic of the meditation process which emphasizes the social nature of education; it is the basic components of any translational interpersonal activity. The sociocultural interaction model of the educational space subjects activity is the basis of the humanities education beyond traditional methodic. Innovating interactive technologies and technics brig real economic effect and create new philosophy of educational services; their necessity is dictated of the information society realities.< Less
The Most Important Words Used In Levantine Arabic By Khaled Nassra
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Designed for easy use by language students, this convenient reference book lists key vocabulary in the areas of media, law and economics, in addition to providing a comprehensive introduction to... More > essential nouns, verbs, and adverbs. Set out in clear and concise tables,allows learners of different levels to increase their range of specialist language step-by-step, at a steady and undemanding pace. Comprising over [5000] words and phrases commonly found in print media, as well as television and radio, this is an indispensable guide to students wishing to expand and strengthen their Modern Standard Arabic vocabulary.< Less
Abney Review: Green Solutions, Triple-Furnace Steam Boilers and Multi-Fuel Fired Steam Boilers By Timmy Jensen
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TabUp - Walia Boilers has so many cards up the sleeves when it comes to innovations in boiler technology. It first introduced the triple-furnace steam boiler to the world. With this type of boiler,... More > coupled with the ability to use multiple types of fuel (solid, liquid or gas), the limitations present in less versatile boilers are eliminated. That is, the user can use as many as three furnaces simultaneously while using whatever kind of fuel that is available, providing the freedom and versatility that is so important in the fast-paced and turbulent economic and geo-political realities of the modern world.< Less
The main directions and mechanisms to improve the institutional environment of Russian entrepreneurship By A. M. CHERNOPYATOV
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A monograph is devoted theoretical, methodological and practical problems and their decisions in area of perfection of institucional'noy environment of the Russian enterprise. The retrospective... More > theoretical, methodological review of concepts is conducted enterprise, privatization, state-private partnership, competition, tax institute. It is needed to mark that the constituents of these concepts are rotined in the period of becoming of market economy in Russian Federation from the beginning of 90th of the past century. Conducted analysis of evolutional making category allowed to define a «enterprise», that for achievement of the put purpose of research it is necessary to follow the concept of competitiveness of enterprise in the conditions of market. For scientists, practical workers, and also for the use in an educational process at teaching of economic and financial disciplines.< Less
The import substitution policy in the modern Russian economy By Natalia Gavrilina et al.
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This monograph research policy of import substitution in Russia at the current stage, formed by group of authors. The actuality and the practical significance of this study lies in the fact that the... More > Russian economy exists in the sanction regime by the West at present time. As an right response Russia chose the police of restricting imports from Europe and the policy of import substitution. In the modern Russian economic system is long overdue need to build its own production in different areas, modernization and intensification of the national industry, the promotion of nation agricultural products. The policy of import substitution would allow the economies of Russia to reach a higher level, to intensify production, to become independent of imports and improve the welfare of the people.< Less
Otras voces. Nuevas identidades en la frontera sur de California (Testimonios) By Marisol Montaño et al.
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The configuration of new identities on the southern Californian border is urgent and relevant due to its many social conflicts . These conflicts are exacerbated because of the sharp economic crisis... More > throughout the region. Perhaps one can find some explanation for the ruining of large swaths of the social life on the Californian southern border in these "Other Voices." On the other hand, in the unfolding of these "Other Voices" we hear and visualize the life experiences of identities that enter into conflict with the delineated models promoted by the culture industry and advertising. To read their accounts is to perceive the echo of the voices that profoundly make up our social and border identities; those that the omnipresent mass media blurs and distorts. -Alejandro Solomianski< Less
Pràctiques per a una assignatura de Principis d'Economia impartida en un grau de Turisme By Ricardo Flores Fillol
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Aquesta col·lecció de problemes constitueix un material de suport per a una assignatura de Principis d’Economia, en el marc d’un grau de Turisme, destinada a apropar als... More > estudiants els principals conceptes utilitzats en economia. Aquesta assignatura pretén proporcionar als alumnes mecanismes que permetin la comprensió dels conceptes i fenòmens econòmics més habituals del món contemporani, de manera que puguin entendre millor la realitat econòmica que els envolta. En definitiva, persegueix fer l’economia més propera.< Less
Transformers for the electric industry - theory and practice By Emanuel Eduardo Pires Vaz
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The author of this book has contemplated the contribution and benefits from the shared experiences concerning research and development activities in his university and in conferences over the... More > world. Chapters 3 to 6 in transformer theory are based on the lessons from the professor Dr. Carlos de Carvalho who taught electrical engineering in several universities over the world. This book offers a fertile ground between providers and users, buyers and sellers, academics and industrialists. Author’s practical calculations for coils and small transformers are inserted in the written text, for technicians and engineering students in technical schools and universities. A distinguished specialist wrote about economics of transformer design and applications in appendix -3.< Less
Il potere marittimo in età moderna. Da Lepanto a Trafalgar By Francesco Frasca
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This book looks at naval power as a key component policy and national life. It aims to analyse to what extent, and how, naval power shaped the development of Europe, both in war and peace. The book... More > examines the contribution of sea power as an instrument of defence and conquest, its direct effects on the economy and its indirect effects as a protector of foreign trade. It also studies the Navy as a society in miniature, and as a part of society at large. This book cover not only the history of naval operations, but important aspects of national political, social, economic, technical and medical history, among others. 2nd edition.< Less