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Generational Gifts: The Legacy Of Evelyn Marie By Laura Lea White
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My grandmother left a legacy when she passed from this life. In a folder containing hundreds of her unpublished poems I discovered a treasure. Her poems told of her dreams and disappointments, her... More > love and loss, and her resilience in an era of economic depression and world war. Deeply impacting, emotionally challenging, humorous, soulful, and honest her poetry was a creative expression of her life and a healing balm for her grief. It is a wonderful gift to all future generations. This story peeks into a young girl’s life filled with challenges. She overcame these challenges and developed into a beautiful young woman. It tells of a young love affair that collapses into a tail of abuse and alcoholism. It is my hope that this book will encourage others to write about their own family memories and share their gifts with generations of readers all around the world.< Less
TAKEN UP By TJ Thurmond Morris
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Taken Up by TJ Thurmond Morris is about birth-life-death extraordinary experiences including contact with extraterrestrials by TJ a UFO Contactee. TJ is a paranormal writer and shares her experiences... More > and insights in a series of books called "Taken Up" in which TJ will share her truth. This is First in a Series of a continuing story with characters that are developed with a historical event TJ calls the Ascension Age 12-21-12. Theresa is the founder of the Ascension,, and TJ is a known Spiritual Teacher and to many a Psychic Oracle. TJ shares her view of life about her contact with extraterrestrials and her many extraordinary experiences which allowed her to grow into a spiritual teacher to be in service to others while still here on earth. Ascension Age and Alien Tectonic Economics is the way of the future!< Less
ANNA HAZARE: The ‘Gandhi’ of 21st Century By Pradeep Thakur
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He calls himself a "fakir" a man who has no family, no property no bank balance, and wears only khadi. Anna Hazare starts an agitation; every leader from Mumbai to Delhi sits up and takes... More > notice. His small frail body has taken several blows from the countless agitations, tours and hunger strikes he has undertaken since he came in public life in 1975. Today, Anna Hazare is the face of India's fight against corruption, and regarded as "The Gandhi of 21st centry', because countrymen feels that he is fighting for to realize Gandhijee's drem of SWARAJ and sustainable economic development based on MODEL VILLAGE. Anna Hazare has soldiered on relentless, from one battle to another in his war against corruption. He fought from the front to have Right to Information (RTI) implemented. He is now fighting for the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill.< Less
Alone with destiny By Stella Enachii
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In order to escape from the disaster of the economic crisis in the country, Moldovans leave to go abroad. Today, hundreds of thousands of citizens have abandoned Moldova in order to find a way to... More > survive. On the background of mass migration a very negative phenomenon has developed and Deceived by fairy tales about Western life and by the promises to have a well-paid job, they accept the offers from the traffickers and become slaves in brothels. Moldova has become one of the main sources of prostitutes in Europe. The women have their documents and money taken from them, they are beaten, raped, forced to become prostitutes, and in cases where they do not obey, even killed. The women have no medical assistance and no way to contact their relatives. These criminal bodies have become aligned with the local legal bodies and so victims of trafficking are absolutely defenseless. "Alone with destiny" tells the story of two real people, who were victims of trafficking. Naturally, the names have been changed.< Less
Two Steps to Modernity By Hanno Scholtz
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In the 2020s and the 1940s, two global crises see their climax and solution. This conclusion results from analysing a current dejàvu: Terror started a war in 2001 as it did in 1914. Likewise... More > are economic crises, globalizations and democratizations, increasing inequalities and shifts in the global resource distribution recent phenomena with parallels a century ago. This book shows: this is no coincidence. It is a key for understanding world history from the 19th to the 21st century, and shaping it to the better. Between 2025 and 2035, institutional innovations bring a climax of crises as long as innovations in organizations are not yet matched on the macro level, and their solution when they finally do. In the current second transition of modernity, modern interaction principles have been introduced within organizations since 1968, but the general acceptance of individualized responsible linkages in democracy and career development as base for regained stability and prosperity still stands out.< Less
An Opinion is Mandatory By George Wells
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This book is a business survival guide. It is not enough to be technically competent in today’s fiercely competitive world. Being successful in business requires a well-honed set of business... More > skills, knowledge, continuing education and an insatiable appetite for success. The home and commercial building inspection industry is still in its infancy. The recent economic recession has spurred its growth. Buyers are no longer willing to buy foreclosed and vacant properties without having them inspected. The risk of not getting an inspection is too great. As many as 80% of all new businesses fail. The good news is that it is not too hard to be one of the survivors. Small business owners and operators mistakenly believe that their technical capabilities will see them through. They need more. Developing good business skills and habits will enable you not only to survive but to prosper and flourish. “An Opinion is Mandatory” is one step on your path to success!< Less
Donation Tax and Estate Planning in Belgium By Farrukh Khan
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The Kingdom of Belgium which has a coast line with the North Sea is located to the North of France, South of the Netherlands as well as to the West of Luxemburg and the Federal Republic of Germany.... More > This prosperous country, which is a member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, or the OECD, has a long and interesting history which has resulted in people of the French, Dutch and German speaking communities making this country their home. The country has been divided into three administrative regions, the Flanders Region, the Walloon Region and the Brussels – Capital Region. There are a total of ten provinces, three regions, three communities and 589 municipalities in the Kingdom. This research paper has attempted to investigate if the reduced rate of donation taxes in the Flemish Region of Belgium has had an impact on estate planning in Belgium.< Less
Journal of Business Cases and Applications By Volume 12 October 2014
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The Journal of Business Cases and Applications is dedicated to publishing quality applied business cases and classroom applications/exercises designed to assist business academics in the classroom.... More > The goal is to share cases and exercises developed for classroom use in any area of business education. Possible areas of application include, but are not limited to: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Law, E-Commerce, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Decision Sciences, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Management, Marketing, Real Estate, Teaching and Business Education, and Others. Teaching notes, if included, are published with the case manuscript. If you do not want open access to teaching notes please do not include them with your submission. You may include a footnote with an email address where interested faculty can contact you to request the teaching notes if desired.< Less
7 Powerful Ways To Boost Retail Profits By Nancy Georges
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'7 Powerful Ways To Boost Retail Profits, in any economic climate” identifies 7 areas of attention for a successful retail store. It will help retailers identify the foundation they need to... More > ensure a profitable retail store and business in today’s climate. Retailers need the information and support so that they can adapt and navigate the new retail climate. Nancy, The Retail Miss Fix-it, is a Retail Strategist and owner of Magnolia Solutions, offering retail marketing consulting, strategy and solutions. She has over 20 years industry experience; in-store management, customer service, product development, manufacturing, wholesaling and marketing. Evolving from wholesaling business, Paper Magnolia, moved to marketing support & consulting. Connect with Nancy @< Less
Pricing - The New Frontier By Gábor Rekettye & Jonathan Liu
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PRICING - The New Frontier by Gábor REKETTYE and Jonathan LIU underlines the importance of pricing and price management is growing all over the world, primarily due to the turbulent economic... More > situation, accelerating technological development, the saturation of markets and the globalization of competition. All these trends affect the achievement of company objectives, place prices, pricing and price management in a context that differs greatly from what has been known before. "At a time when almost continuous change is disrupting nearly all industries and the internet is putting ever more power in the hands of the customer, a book that treats pricing with substance and foresight is a welcome addition to the market" said John R. Schermerhorn, Jr., O'Bleness Professor Emeritus, Ohio University, United States.< Less

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