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Saudi Arabia: Islamic Threat, Political Reform, And The Global War On Terror By Sherifa Zuhur & Strategic Studies Institute
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U.S. foreign policy and the domestic concerns of Middle Eastern states are influencing the pursuit of the global war on terror in the Middle East. A close view of Saudi Arabia reveals the complex... More > interaction of these forces. The U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia and the global war on terror are important challenges to the U.S. administration that have region-wide ramifications. Saudi Arabia has been facing down Islamist insurgency along with other challenges since September 11, 2001, and with even more urgency since May 2003. The Kingdom clearly remains a major political and economic force in the region. The income from its vast oil resources primarily has funded its strong influence, and the Kingdom has, in turn, sponsored poorer developing Arab nations. Furthermore, its Islamic influence has been apparent in the broader Muslim world, and the United States has maintained a strong relationship with the Kingdom for many decades.< Less
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Water is of paramount importance for sustaining life, development and the environment. The availability of water is the key determinant of economic growth and social prosperity. The emerging scarcity... More > of water has also raised a host of issues such as sustainable water supply, equity and social justice, water financing, pricing, governance and efficient water management. Water means solid, liquid and gas, a water molecule is made up of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom (H2O). Pure water is tasteless, odorless and nearly colorless. There is a fixed amount of water on earth, but only about 3% of it is fresh and available for drinking by human, plants and animals. The other 97% of water, which is mostly stored in the world’s seas and oceans, is salty and undrinkable.< Less
Strategic Consequences Of The Iraq War: U.S. Security Interests In Central Asia Reassessed By Elizabeth Wishnick & Strategic Studies Institute
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Central Asia is a key theater in the war on terrorism where fragile new states are attempting to consolidate political power, build legitimacy, and stoke economic development at the same time that... More > they face a range of threats with security forces badly in need of reform. While the United States has recognized the pivotal role of Central Asia and greatly expanded its activities there, this is a new venue for America. U.S. policymakers are learning in stride as they seek ways to both strengthen the Central Asian states and to encourage them to undertake badly needed political reforms. In this monograph, Elizabeth Wishnick builds on the analysis in her important 2002 SSI study, Growing U.S. Security Interests in Central Asia. She contends that by highlighting antiterrorism, the United States addresses a symptom rather than the causes of instability in Central Asia; thus it is contributing to the radicalization of political opposition movements and discrediting both democratization and the U.S. commitment to it.< Less
Basic Math: An Introduction to Calculus By Alix Fuentes
eBook (PDF): $29.99
"BASIC MATH. An Introduction to Calculus” is an easy way to learn to learn mathematics with four main chapters. The first chapter is based on set theory, the numerical system and the real... More > straight with the Cartesian system from the plane and space. The second chapter shows applications of the theory of sets, permutations, combinations, relations and functions. The third chapter illustrates translations and functional models with the types of functions: real, polynomial, constant, linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and inverse function. The fourth chapter develops equations and inequalities, along with linear or nonlinear systems of equations and inequalities. The fifth chapter concludes with solved recapitulation exercises. This work is aimed at university students in traditional academic programs or distance education in economic, administrative, social and humanistic sciences.< Less
Regional Threats And Security Strategy: The Troubling Case Of Today’s Middle East By Strategic Studies Institute & James A. Russell
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Nearly 5 years after the United States invaded Iraq, the tremors from this cataclysmic event are still reverberating in the region and around the world. A new generation of jihadist extremists is... More > gaining experience on the battlefields of Iraq, and what passes for political authority seems increasingly wielded by nonstate groups via the point of a gun. All the surrounding states view developments in Iraq with varying levels of disquiet. Many commentators believe that the invasion has become the most important regional event framing political and military affairs since the 1967 Six-Day War. The war has dramatically altered internal political dynamics throughout the region, placing the regimes and their historically close relations with the United States under new pressures. All these forces are converging to frame a new strategic challenge to the United States and the international community, which has vital economic and political interests in ensuring regional stability and security.< Less
Iron Troikas: The New Threat From The East By Richard J. Krickus & Strategic Studies Institute
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There has been widespread discussion of Russia’s efforts to exploit its energy assets to influence developments in Ukraine; specifically, to put pressure on the leaders of the Orange Revolution... More > who have adopted a Western orientation, rather than one toward the East— Russia. Less attention has been devoted to similar efforts undertaken by Russia to advance Moscow’s security objectives in the East Baltic Sea Region (EBSR). Through what the author of this monograph, Dr. Richard Krickus, calls Iron Troikas, he demonstrates how the Russian leadership has exploited its energy assets to advance its security interests in the vital EBSR—with emphasis on Poland and the Baltic countries. This triad of power is comprised of former members of the military and security service—the siloviki; economic warlords, members of organized crime, and rogue military personnel; and “local elites” in Poland and the Baltic countries who have advanced Russia’s security interests in the region.< Less
U.S.-UK Relations At The Start Of The 21st Century By Jeffrey D. McCausland & Douglas T. Stuart
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With the end of the Cold War, a popular parlor game in foreign ministries, think tanks, and academia has been to develop a theory of international relations that best explains the new international... More > order. Although there is widespread agreement that the United States is the world’s most powerful country in military, economic, and diplomatic terms, and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, there is little agreement as to how the rest of the world will react to America’s lead. Concepts such as “balancing,” “bandwagoning,” “buck-passing,” and “free riding,” to name just a few, have been advanced and debated. And although none presents a unified field theory, each explains some aspect of international relations. Theory has an even more difficult time explaining the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom (UK), especially its remarkable endurance over the past 6 decades. The U.S.-UK partnership flourished during World War II, deepened during the long twilight struggle...< Less
Why critical pedagogy and popular education matter today By Joyce Canaan
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Few today doubt that English Higher Education (HE), like the wider world in which it is located, is in crisis. This is, in part, an economic crisis, as the government response to the current... More > recession seems to be that of introducing the kind of neoliberal ‘shock doctrine’ (Klein 2007) or ‘shock therapy’ (Harvey 2005) that previously resulted in swingeing cuts in public services in Southern nations. Our aim in producing this volume is that these contributions help develop a collective response to the seeming limits of these conditions. We view the strength of these contributions in part as providing palpable evidence of how we and our colleagues are acting with critical hope under current conditions so that we might encourage others to work with us to build, together, more progressive formal and informal education systems that address and seek to redress multiple injustices of the world today.< Less
Schools Like Ours Realizing Our STEM Future By Dennis D. Lundgren, Ronald C. Laugen, Cheryl A. Lindeman, Martin J. Shapiro, Jerald (Jay) Thomas
Paperback: $49.99
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Schools Like Ours Realizing Our STEM Future (color print & photos) is a publication of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology (NCSSSMST).... More > This book is intended to guide educators in creating quality specialized STEM high schools to realize our STEM future. "This book was written for all who want to change the current paradigm of mathematics, science, and technology education in our Nation by understanding what it takes to create schools like ours. It is not a recipe; rather, it provides a map for wisely navigating the political, economic, and programmatic terrains essential for creating exemplary and sustainable institutions that enable motivated students to develop the knowledge, imagination, and critical and creative thinking skills required for advanced study and careers in STEM." - Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D., President Emerita, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Founding President, NCSSSMST< Less
Effectiveness of Organisation Management Theories In Singapore's Public Schools By Khoon Song Goh
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The education policies in Singapore are always pegged to practical considerations of the nation’s future economic development. The paradigmatic shift in global economy leads to changing demands... More > for Singapore’s education. Singapore need to produce not only highly skilled professionals, but also people equipped with effective communication skills and innovative thoughts who will “define the economy” (Minister Teo Chee Hean, 1999). The two A’s – autonomy and accountability are the centrepiece of the recent education reforms. Schools can now enjoy greater autonomy but are increasingly held accountable to the public. To achieve greater school accountability, quality models and management theories from private sectors are employed in school management. In light of recent unceasing education reforms, this book seeks to investigate the problems in school management and the effectiveness of applying management theories in schools.< Less

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