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Education By Traumear
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The education of children with regard to growth takes account of growth as necessary and unavoidable. We either cooperate with it creatively and thrive or we ignore and resist it and suffer dire... More > consequences. A true teacher remains aware of this necessity in his pupils and he introduces them to their own ability to cooperate with it once they mature. This essay is therefore for those who believe they are able to be true teachers, and of course also for those who are unhappy with what they are presently offering their pupils.< Less
An Education! By Bridgitte Lesley
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David didn’t really know what he was getting himself into. The children in the neighborhood needed a school and he had offered to have it built on his property. He ran with the project but... More > had to arrange for someone to run the school. It took a lot of negotiating when he did find the right person. That was the easy bit! Amanda took a while to make her decision to run the school. It took quite a bit of persuasion. She had a fantastic job in the city but with everything that she had been through she thought it was time that she gave everything up and started again. Her focus was to educate the children but at the same time it would be a brand new start. Everything was perfect! Amanda took over and schooling began. Her whole life changed. The children adored her. The parents respected her. She blended in as if she belonged. She realized that David was jealous of the school. Things turned ugly and nasty and after a heated argument with him she left. Her life would change again!< Less
An Education By Kev Pickering
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For Jenny and Cassie Craig, it started with a question that came to their minds after watching a Scooby Doo movie - what was it really like to be a damsel in distress, unable to move or speak?... More > Their efforts to answer that question would prove invaluable as they faced robbers and home invaders, as well as the most frightening thing a child can face - making new friends and confronting their enemies. Despite their youth, both Cassie and Jenny discover more about themselves, what they like, and their family as over a year they learn new games, new techniques, and have new experiences - all part of their education of life and what it can bring. In this book, the events are seen through the eyes of innocents, who bring their own perspective to bear on what to some could be terrifying, and to others different experiences.< Less
On Education By Immanuel Kant
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Kant's political teaching may be summarized in a phrase: republican government and international organization. In more characteristically Kantian terms, it is doctrine of the state based upon the law... More > (Rechtsstaat) and of eternal peace. Indeed, in each of these formulations, both terms express the same idea: that of legal constitution or of "peace through law." ... Taken simply by itself, Kant's political philosophy, being essentially a legal doctrine, rejects by definition the opposition between moral education and the play of passions as alternate foundations for social life. The state is defined as the union of men under law. The state rightly so called is constituted by laws which are necessary a priori because they flow from the very concept of law. A regime can be judged by no other criteria nor be assigned any other functions, than those proper to the lawful order as such. -History of Political Philosophy, edited by Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey, The University of Chicago Press< Less
Education By Irnia Chen
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Have you heard about the newest beauty enhancement procedure for eyebrows called microblading?  Whether you have heard about this cutting-edge field or not you should consider learning this... More > exciting new skill if you are interested in a career in the beauty industry.  Microblading is an exciting new technique of eyebrow enhancement.< Less
Education By Mike Marty
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Sustainable, necessary rejuvenation is correlated to living escaping nothing.
Education for Educators By Kai Kafferly
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This is a collection of essays written by the author from his personal experience as an educator, a corporate trainer, a teacher, and instructor, and from his personal studies and research in... More > education courses from Ashford University. The selections include a background on education, history of education, sample lesson planning, classroom management, adult learners, philosophies of education, brain-based learning, teaching scenarios, assessments, administration, orientations to learning, and so much more. This book is a practical guide, with insights, for all current teachers, career school instructors, college instructors, aspiring teachers, students, corporate trainers, coaches, and anyone who finds themselves in a position of imparting knowledge to others. This is a valuable guide and most informative for all types of educators.< Less
Seo Training In Chennai By Zuan Education By zuan education
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Offers complete digital marketing and web design training with 100% placement
New English for Modern Education, Online Courses, Study All Your Life By Educational Writer
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New English for Modern Education, Online Courses, Study All Your Life may truly test every reader's English; this winning and superb ebook may in fact be used for English tests for examinations at... More > schools, colleges, and universities; the ebook may also be used for speaking about modern robots as well as the English language for exams, English vocabulary, the newest robots, a father, a mother, children, relationships, dream of being able to travel, city, friends, appreciation, smiles, roles, beauty; the ebook may really be used for state and entrance examinations, classes, courses for a good preparation for advanced or proficiency exams, language for life, work. Students, readers, and learners ought to study the modern English language and be better at online learning – e-learning. Our world's phenomenon is that readers and learners ought to be well-prepared for a very modern life when very modern robots. This is as if not a big English grammar and a dictionary which will really help you.< Less
Physical Science Student Workbook By Lucid Education
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Student Workbook to accompany the lecture videos for the Physical Science course by Lucid Education.

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