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Americans are becoming increasingly tribalistic. It’s not just Republicans vs. Democrats, it’s brown vs. white, college educated vs. blue collar folks, the coasts vs. the midwest, gay vs.... More > straight, rich vs. poor, Trumpists vs. never Trumpers. Why? Some factors that are outside of us as human beings, but others reside within us. We not only passively inhale one-sided information, we actively seek out news which is consistent with what we believe and interact with people who agree with us, whether in real life or on social media. But here’s the wrinkle…in general, how often do we change our minds about…anything? We hold beliefs that are extremely resistant to change, be they related to politics and religion, devotion to a sports team or musical genre, or even favorite cuisine or style of dress. The way we humans are wired, comprised of a nexus of beliefs or constructs, self-interest honed by evolution, and logical thinking, serve to make each of us our own unique one-off echo chamber.< Less
Helping Your Child Handle Life By Steve Bachmann
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A self-help guide for talking with your child about making the most of their life Steven discusses sex, drugs and alcohol, bullying, cheating, music, and money. There are sections about... More > relationships with parents and siblings, as well as, politics, and religion. And there's more! Steven has been described as the Dr. Phil for kids. He is candid, open, direct and shares his own personal experiences with you along the way. You can use the book as a guide for talking with your kids. You can print out the sections and let your kids read it and ask them what they think. The idea is to get them talking about the things they have questions about. Or, give them the complete book and ask them to tell you what they think. What sections interested them the most? Again, the point is to get your kids talking about the things that interest them and they have questions about. About the author: Steven Bachmann is an educator and councilor. He has spent the last twenty years working with parents and kids.< Less
Jeremy's Secrets to a Happy and Fulfilled Life By Philip Ledlin
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Jeremy's Secrets is a creative and lively work from an experienced School Principal who's learned some great insights into human possibility.” (Steve Biddulph) - The main character, Jeremy... More > Cohen, has a sustainable epiphany given to him by, none other than, country music singer, Kenny Rogers. Jeremy quickly discovers that all humans need three things to lead a fulfilled and happy life. If one of these three things is missing in our life, depression, jealousy or anger commonly fills the void. NB: Kenny Rogers really is the person credited with the discovery of ‘The Three Things’ all humans need! - Also, our children will ‘succeed’ in more ways than we can imagine at school – And, yes, they’ll enjoy improved learning outcomes too! VISIT: to find out so much more about this book that is endorsed by seven prominent leaders in Education, Leadership and Psychology ... ALL PROFIT FROM SALES GO DIRECTLY TO 'THE HORNSBY HOMELESS TASKFORCE'.< Less
Easy Writing Across the Curriculum or Anywhere Else By Herb Williams
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This manual contains a complete, sequential program of lessons and examples that can be used to facilitate the writing process in a non-threatening way. This process approach, through a procedure of... More > shaping ideas and working with words, promotes individual growth while allowing for group work, develops confidence, acknowledges accomplishments, and makes writing more satisfying and less painful. At Montebello High School; near Los Angeles, I was hired as a writing consultant to provide MHS teachers with a process to instill writing across the curriculum. Through two faculty professional development sessions, 210 hours of in-class student writing sessions, in which 1,020 participants went through a four-step writing process of pre-writing, revising, editing and sharing in subjects including art, language, mathematics, music, and special education. I taught English for 32 years at MHS, and for over fifteen years, I wrote a humor/satire column published in three different local newspapers.< Less
What is Math? Answer: Math is Everything By Howard Zolty
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The book "What is Math?" helps children of all ages understand that math is more than a subject we learn in school, math is all around us. From the moment we awaken in the morning, to the... More > time we fall asleep at night, math is at the core of everything we do. The original text was awarded first place in the "What is Math?" writing contest. This second edition adds beautiful pictures to help illustrate the words contained in the book. Also, the second edition is now easier for both parents and teachers to help children learn the importance of math by seeing that math is all around us. The words are child friendly, and have been revised to closely match the state educational standards. Children will also learn that math can help you achieve your dreams. Everything from music, art, sports, business, cooking, shopping, bridges, airplanes, holidays, sunrise, gardens, love, happiness, pizza, sharing, computers, weather, birthdays, communication, health, and everything all around us is about math.< Less
I Love My World - The Playful, Hands-on Nature Connection and Forest School Guidebook By Chris Holland
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The best selling playful, practical hands-on guide to nature connection and forest school now with colour photos! - The original b&w paper version sold over 4000 copies in the first 4 years by... More > world of mouth! This book inspires people to get outdoors & connect with themselves, others and nature though games, skills and activities. It is a forest school and anti-nature deficit disorder manual. It's a holistic outdoor education guidebook that will nurture greater self-esteem, self-reliance and a love & gratitude for the natural community we are part of. There are loads of activities inside, in a ready, get set, go! format that encourage people to learn basic survival skills, make maps, make music, learn how to use a knife safely and creatively, make environmental and land art, have community celebrations, go foraging, do some tracking, play team games, make up and tell stories around a fire. Have a peek at the preview for the introduction and a free activity to help widen your perception!< Less
El gusano verde, Guia de Actividades By Karla Florez Albor
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Danza, coreografía, musica, escritura musical a través del desarrollo del cuento en el libro de EL GUSANO VERDE.
Duermevela By Marta Lozano Molano
eBook (PDF): $9.16
Duermevela is a piece for young pianists of Music Medium Education: It blends atonal and minimalist styles (section A) with urban and popular ones (section B and C). Duermevela’s pedagogical... More > contribution is the use of the whole register of the instrument with their own characteristics and timbre. Duermevela, music for piano solo. Duermevela is an allegory of a light sleep between vigil and dreaming, with appearing and disappearing images. This descriptive pieces pursue to let the imagination of the performer and audience fly.< Less
La musica culina y la educación informal (CCP N° 10) By Patsy Adams
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Este libro contiene unas observaciones sobre la música culina y la educación informal. (Escaneado de los archivos del ILV y algunas páginas no son nítidas.) This book... More > contains some observation regarding the place of music in informal education among the Culina people. (This is a scanned copy of the archives of ILV. Some pages are misaligned and print is not consistent.) Comunidades y Culturas Peruanas -CCP N° 10< Less
Collection of chorale preludes By Johann Balthasar Kehl
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Johann Balthasar Kehl (1725 – 1778) was a German organist, cellist and composer. Kehl's claim to fame are the chorale preludes he published during his time in Erlangen, in four different... More > volumes (Erste bis Vierte Sammlung einiger variierender Choräle, 1764). Each of those volumes contains 14 chorale preludes, preceded by a Präludium. Kehl's preludes are relatively simple, with no or a modest pedal part. Striking in Kehl's chorale preludes is the great variety in texture, tempo, style and atmosphere. The pieces of this collection are ideally suited for smaller organs and for use in organ playing education.< Less

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